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The Lazy (EFFICIENT) Approach to Content Marketing

Content marketing is easier and faster when you approach it like a habit you'll practice — which you'll get better at the more you do. Discover how to make content marketing faster, easier, and more fun with the tips in this presentation from the author of Master Content Marketing.

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The Lazy (EFFICIENT) Approach to Content Marketing

  1. 1. MasterContentMarketing.com The Lazy (EFFICIENT) Approach to 
  2. 2. Content Marketing can feel like a never-ending slog …
  3. 3. Gotta record that podcast Gotta writethat blog post Gotta post that Facebook update Gotta makethat video Gotta get the video uploaded
  4. 4. What if you could find a way to make content marketing faster, easier, and more fun?
  5. 5. Presenting The Lazy (EFFICIENT) Approach to 
 Marketing MasterContentMarketing.com
  6. 6. Content marketing is a creative act, so approach it like an artist, a musician, or a dancer.
  7. 7. Make it a practice … you’ll get 
 better at the more you often you do it.
  8. 8. AndgetLAZY
  9. 9. The most creative people are also lazy — EFFICIENT — in their approach to their art.
  10. 10. Lazy people find the fastest, easiest way to do something and they stick to it. WhyLAZY?
  11. 11. Lazy people know how long it takes to do things and they give them the time they need … no more. WhyLAZY?
  12. 12. Lazy people rely on rituals and habits — not willpower. WhyLAZY?
  13. 13. Let’s build your content marketing habit theLAZYway
  14. 14. Will you stand or sit? Write your content where and how you’re most comfortable Where
  15. 15. What kind of lighting do you prefer? Natural light or a dark room with a single lamp? Where
  16. 16. Is your content creation station convenient? 
 Find a spot you can 
 get to easily. Where
  17. 17. Are all your tools within reach? Things like a thesaurus, 
 dictionary, your 
 favorite beverage … 
 what else? Where
  18. 18. What sounds do you want around you when you write? Total silence? Music? White noise? Where
  19. 19. Can you eliminate distractions? Content is easier to 
 create when you aren’t 
 getting interrupted. Where
  20. 20. What time of day are you most creative? When
  21. 21. Can you block out 
 this time several days 
 a week to devote to content creation? When
  22. 22. Start your content creation time by 
 warming up your 
 writing brain. Warm up
  23. 23. Don’t think. 
 Don’t judge. 
 Just write. Warm up
  24. 24. Content marketing is a creative act.
  25. 25. Approach it with lazy efficiency.
  26. 26. Set up your environment to support your work.
  27. 27. Make content marketing a creative act by approaching it 
 as a habit you look forward to practicing regularly. That’s the way to master 
 content marketing!
  28. 28. Get more from Master Content Marketing MasterContentMarketing.com