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Personal Branding Keynote Presentation

Keynote presentation delivered to the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates on topic of personal branding. The audience / attendees were brand new to social media so the content is geared toward an entry level digital marketing audience.

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Personal Branding Keynote Presentation

  1. Zoom Your Personal Brand Pam Moore CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz Social Zoom Factor Social Zoom Factor #GetRealChat #SocialZoomFactor @PamMktgNut
  2. Download Personal Branding Zoom Kit: http://www.themarketingnutz.com/personalbrandzoom 10 Reasons You Need Personal Brand http://www.socialzoomfactor.com/personalbrand
  3. Pam Moore CEO /Founder http://www.pamslinkedin.com @PamMktgNut Marke&ng  Nutz  Founders   Josh Moore CCO /Founder http://linkedin.com/in/joshroinut @JoshROINut
  4. “Experience helping brands of all size bridge complex gap to social success.” why  Marke&ng  Nutz?   Founders have 30+ years combined experience in B2B & B2C digital marketing, corporate brand, startups & platforms. “PHD in acronyms not required. We help you fit social business in a nut shell so you can focus on what you do best, your business!” “CEO, best selling author recognized by Forbes as Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer + Top 10 Social Media Women Influencers!
  5. Marke&ng  Nutz  
  6. Embrace   the   JOURNEY!
  7. news     no  longer   breaks!   It     tweets!    
  8. YOU are the media
  9. People don’t just buy things, they join things
  10. These  brands  differen-ate   based  on  their  brand.       They  use  simplicity,  value,   trust,  emo-on  and  human   connec-on.    
  11. But  they  are  brands,  not   people,  right?    
  12. Digital  and   social  body   language.       Your  ac&ons   speak  louder   than  your   words    
  13. My  Brand  is…   •  What I say •  What I do •  What I think •  What I tweet •  What I post on Facebook •  What I Instagram •  What I write in email •  What I share •  How I respond •  How I interact on & offline! •  How I drive! • ME!
  14. Got Personal Branding Strategy?
  15. YOU are your brand
  16. People don’t buy what you do, but WHY you do it!
  17. It’s in our DNA to find people with the same beliefs.
  18. Embrace  OPCs     Other  people’s  community  &  content  
  19. Personal branding goals •  Thought leadership •  Establish brand •  Grow and enhance brand •  Support employer brand •  Enhance career •  Future employment opportunities •  Ignite OPCs
  20. Who are YOU? •  Who are you? •  What do you stand for? •  What value do you offer? •  Who do you offer value for? •  What is your differentiator? •  What do you need to learn? •  What are your strengths? •  What are your weaknesses? •  What’s your OPCs?
  21. Stop the excuses •  You are not too busy •  You don’t have to be a: – Writer – Programmer – Brand or social guru – Rock star
  22. Tell  Your  Story     •  It’s not only about you •  Engage others •  Share your journey •  Be patient
  23. •  WHO are you talking to? •  WHAT do they need? •  WHEN will they engage with you? •  HOW can you help? •  WHERE do they want to talk? •  WHY should they care? Why should you invest?
  24. Maslow’s  hierarchy  of  needs   Morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts Self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others Friendship, family, sexual intimacy Security of body, employment, resources, morality, family, health, property Breathing, food, water, sleep, homostasis, excretion physiological safety belonging esteem self-actualization
  25. Hierarchy  of  social  community   inspira&on   self- actualization esteem belonging safety physiological achieve connect inspire
  26. Where to start 1.  Plan: Goals + Objectives 2.  Vision/ Mission 3.  Persona 4.  Name (consistent, easy to remember) 5.  Social Profiles 6.  Domain 7.  Message House (bio, description, vision) 8.  Technology (hosting, measure etc.) 9.  Content Strategy
  27. You must… •  Pick a name (consistent, easy & memorable) •  Build your persona (create once, use many) •  Secure top networks – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Google+ – YouTube – Instagram – Tumblr – Flickr – Domain
  28. Blog •  Home base •  Stays with you always •  Tell stories •  Thought leadership •  Integrated platform for social presence •  Ignite OPCs via syndication & guest blogging
  29. LinkedIn •  More than job seeking / recruiting •  Build your brand •  Build your network •  Establish community •  Publish content •  Grow blog readership •  Thought leadership •  Achieve business goals •  OPC baby!
  30. Facebook most active -70% engage on site daily -45% several times a day Instagram – 49% Twitter 36% Pinterest 17% LinkedIn 13% Facebook is home base for many people
  31. Facebook •  Build your brand •  Storytelling •  Build your network •  Establish community •  Embrace evangelists •  Share content •  Grow blog readership •  Thought leadership •  OPC
  32. Twitter •  Ignite your network •  Find relevant content •  Become a curation machine •  Leverage & setup tribes •  Thought leadership •  Blog readership •  Use tools to grow following (Manage Flitter)
  33. Instagram •  Tell stories •  Humanize your brand •  Connect dots with corporate / employer •  Connect with other humans •  Integrate with other networks
  34. Video Live Streaming & Mobile Broadcasting •  Periscope •  Meerkat •  Ustream •  Behind the scenes •  Exclusive content •  Q&A •  Up close and persona •  Broadcast events, launches, news
  35. Blogging: Tell your story •  Medium •  Tumblr •  Wordpress self hosted •  Hosting: Hostgator •  Themes: StudioPress, ThemeForest •  KISS
  36. Communities Create Markets Opportunity Harvest Free     member   Paid     member   Loyal     evangelist   Community Zone Customer Zone $$
  37. Meaningful   Journey     •  Don’t focus on follower counts… focus on heart counts •  Look at metrics that help you understand if people are believing you and if they believe the same. •  Leadership is a choice, not a rank. •  Leaders go first so they can protect those who join their journey.
  38.   The  RIGHT   people  will   find  you  if   you  are   authen&c   in  what   you   believe.  
  39. Questions? Pam Moore CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz @pammktgnut Blog: www.pammarketingnut.com Agency: www.themarketingnutz.com Podcast: www.socialzoomfactor.com