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Task1 photography research

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Task1 photography research

  1. 1. Task 1. Different Applications of Photography Paige Ward
  2. 2. Advertising Industry The Advertising industry use images to sell the product which they’re promoting. They use Graphic Communication which sends a message to a specific target audience. Some of the famous photographers from this industry are: • Jonathan Knowles, • Michael Molloy, J • ustin Windle, • Williams Moy • James Broome. Justin Windle
  3. 3. Fashion Industry The Fashion Industry use a lot of advertising photography within the industry, they use these this type of photography to sell products and to highlight new trends. They use some images to pull people in. For example; some companies which are big for using this type of photography are vogue and Elle. Also a retail shops use it within the manikins in their window displays. Fashion includes clothing and accessories. Some famous fashion photographers are; Sebasian Kim Alice Hawkins Richard Avedon Andrew G Hobbs Steven Meisel Some of Sebasian Kims work is used for vogue magazines for example the two colourful photographs on the top right are work which was used in vogue magazine. I think the photographs are a really good example of the fashion industry because of the colours and textures used in the photograph. Sebasian Kim Andrew G Hobbs
  4. 4. Music Industry The music industry have a variety of ways to sell their products using music photography for example; music videos, album covers, posters, gigs, festivals, magazines and the internet. Fashion can also come into the music industry as music artist could help promote certain clothing lines which also helps promote them. Some famous music photographers are; Deneka Peninson Lindsay Best Mike Learner Rukes Neil Favila Ami Barwell Mike Learner Lindsay Best Lindsay Best Mike Learner
  5. 5. Sports Industry Sport industries use a variety of different ways to promote themselves using photography for example in news papers, magazines, DVD Covers, Sports shops (JD) and the internet. The images can include a variety of different sports for example; Boxing, skiing, football, netball, basketball etc… Some famous sport photographers are; Bob Martin Mark Pain Nigel Farrow Tim Clayton Max Rossi Bob Martin Mark Pain Nigel Farrow Tim Clayton
  6. 6. Photo journalism This is a certain type of journalism which creates images to tell a news story. It is usually understood to refer only to still images, but video can also be used in broadcast journalism. Photojournalists create pictures that contribute to the news media. The images are usually the following; • Timeliness, • Objectivity, • Narrative. Some famous photojournalists are David Burnett Donald McCullin Phillip Jones Griffiths Dorethea Lange David Seymore David Burnett Donald McCullin Phillip Jones Griffiths Dorethea Lange David Seymore
  7. 7. Fine Art Photography Fine art photography is created in the vision of the artist as a photographer, it stands in contrast to ‘representational photography’ which is photojournalism. It can provide a documentary visual of certain subjects and events which have happened. Name some famous photographers Ansel Adams Paul Biddle Scott Nead Joel Robinson Ian Bramham This can be a really interesting type of photography and by some of the photographs you can see a lot of work has gone into them for example the photography with the small man and magnifying glass and the small man walking up the balls. Ansel Adams