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Final major project evaluation

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Final major project evaluation

  1. 1. Paige Ward IG4 Evaluation Horror Alice In Wonderland Photography. The first task I was given by my tutor (Iain) was to produce a mind map which included different media products such as music video, short film, radio, advert and photography. From each media product I thought of different ideas which I could produce for my final major project. Then I chose which media product I was going to produce for my final major project which was Horror Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot. I did some research on my idea and looked at other photographers photographs. For my research I produced a Power Point which included setting, the characters, costumes, props and etc… I also made a pinterest account to ‘pin’ photographs I liked and wanted to relate my photographs to once I produced them. I also looked at clips of the films off Youtube to see what scenes I liked best and which scenes I wanted to relate my photographs to most, for example ‘The Mad Hatters tea party.’ Once I had an exact idea of what I was going to do and what techniques I was going to use I had to produce a detailed proposal for my tutor to see, the proposal included what media product I planning on producing, synopsis of idea, target audience, target audience needs, How will I meet their needs and what techniques I’m going to use. Then I had to write a script on celtx which was no longer 3 minutes. The script included everything off my proposal but in less detail, it was only allowed to include the information needed, once I finished completing my script I had to pitch it to my tutor (Iain), next lesson he told me the grade I achieved pitching my idea and also if he approved which he did. When I finished all the above tasks I knew exactly what I was going to produce for my final major project, so I started to complete detailed primary and secondary research. I produced the research using PowerPoint, Mind genius and Prezi. I also analysed the book, film, photographers and previous photographers work. Once I completed this I created a survey on survey monkey to see what other people and my target audience thought of my ideas, creating this survey gave me an insight of what my target audience would want to see in my photographs and also how they’d like to see them presented. I finished all of my research and planning so I had to start my pre-production. This included risk assessments and location recognisance. Time management and problem solving: I made a table which included exactly where and when my Photoshoots are, I had to think about when my models will be free and when I can book a camera out. Before going on the day I also had to check the weather and other things to make sure I could stick to my plans. I didn’t completely stick to this table because I moved my Photoshoots around due to weather, models not being free. Also while I was producing all of my work I had to keep up to date with my production diary, so I had to manage my time correctly and remember to complete it after each task I completed. My first Photoshoot was planned well and I managed my time correctly, the only problem I had was the weather. Instead of sticking to the original time of the Photoshoot I told my models we’d go around 2 hours later if the rain stopped, which it did. I took around 100 photographs during my first Photoshoot, I put a contact sheet of them into word and circled and analysed which photographs I was edit and why. I
  2. 2. Paige Ward IG4 Evaluation Horror Alice In Wonderland Photography. didn’t use all of my chosen photographs but I did use majority of them, I startedediting my photographs using different techniques, I also shown my step-by-step editing on the PowerPoint I produced. Production skills I have newly acquired and existing skills I have further developed: During editing I developed on my Photoshop skills and I also looked at step-by-step edits online to follow which helped me learn new skills. I also tried some new techniques while taking my photographs for example ‘Depth of Field’, I think I achieved this and have taken some of my Photographs at professional standards while using this Photography technique. The second Photoshoot I produced didn’t go aswell as my first because I didn’t stick to my plan. I did get some photographs at professional standards though. The longest I could book the photography studio for was 40 minutes, but because both of my models were 10/15 minutes late I only had around 20 minutes in the studio. I took around 60/70 photographs but I didn’t like majority of them. I also tried retaking certain Photographs I’d taken in my first Photograph, for some of my photographs this worked well and it also helped me see what setting the Photograph looked better in. I did plan to do a third Photoshoot but I didn’t go forward and do it because I didn’t think I needed to, I had around 200 Photographs at professional standards. Technical quality of final product: I used a variety of camera angles on both of my final Photoshoots, and I think I achieved some of them such as depth of field. I used this photography technique because I think it make photographs look professional and it also makes your eye focus on a certain part of the photograph, my photographs are eye catching. I edited my photographs on Photoshop and tried editing them to make them to look more fantasy, this didn’t work on some photographs but I did succeed on some of my chosen ones, such as the photograph below where Alice is being chased by the Rabbit. From my edited Photographs I chose 7 Photographs for my Final Photographs, I edited each Photographs in 2/3 different ways to see how I liked them edited best. This helped me choose from certain photographs because it was hard narrowing it down from 200 to 7 photographs. I also looked at which Photographs told the story best and also shown that I kept to my original intentions for my Photoshoots. I made sure each photograph was at professional standards and also made sure the photographs had good composition, I had to crop some of the chosen photographs down to do this. The editing on all of my chosen photographs wasn’t too complicated but I did try different things on each such as black and white edits, making my own filters and slightly changing the colours for certain photographs, I had to make sure none of them were over edited.
  3. 3. Paige Ward IG4 Evaluation Horror Alice In Wonderland Photography. Reaching your target audience: Once I chose one of each edit from my final chosen Photographs and analysed them I uploaded them onto a separate blog for when I’m sending out my next survey for my target audience to give me feedback on my final photographs. This is my link to the blog I produced which only included my final photographs http://finalmajorprojectproduction.blogspot.co.uk/. I produced a questionnaire on surveymonkey.com to get my target audiences feedback here is the link to my questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Y2RXZLK. The first question I asked was ‘My target audience is teens and young adults who like Photography, after looking at my blog do you think I’ve met the needs of my target audiences?’ 14 people completed my questionnaire in total and all 14 of them said I did meet my target audience’s needs. I also asked if they thought all of my Photographs are at professional standards, I thought I achieved my Photographs at professional standards and all 14 of them also agreed. Even though for some of my Photographs I used simple editing techniques 14 people out of my target audience said I used good editing techniques. The fourth question I asked was ‘Do you think my Photographs tell a story?’ all 14 said my Photographs did tell a story, I also added a comment box which asking which Photographs they thought told a story, the main Photograph people have chosen is the one where the Rabbit is Chasing Alice over the field. Two people also said that all of my Photographs tell a story. This print screen shows some of their chosen Photographs. The last question I asked was if I could have presented my photograph in a better way, this was the main question I was going to take the feedback off because I wasn’t sure I liked how I presented the Photographs and did think I could have done it in a better way. 11 people said there wasn’t a better way to present my Photographs and the other 3 said I there is a better way and also commented their opinions in the comment box. This print screen shows all 3 comments. Creating this survey helped me get feedback on my photographs and also shown me that I achieved my target audience’s needs. The questions also gave me an insight on which photograph they preferred and also how they would like my Photographs to be presented. The only reason I didn’t change how they’re presented is because majority of the people who completed my questionnaire said it couldn’t be presented in a different way but the 3 comments did make me think about different ways to present it.
  4. 4. Paige Ward IG4 Evaluation Horror Alice In Wonderland Photography. How closely your final product matches your original intentions: I didn’t completely stick to the same idea I originally had on my final major project proposal, I stuck to it as much as I could. Even though I was 100% sure on my idea and knew exactly what I wanted I change some of my ideas from the feedback I got on my questionnaires and also the feedback from the tutor and other students in my class. I am pleased with my overall result of photographs and I am glad I didn’t completely stick to my original ideas. Summary conclusion: If I were to do this assignment again I would stick to the same idea’s but I’d think more about my time management because all three planned Photoshoots didn’t go to plan because the first was 2/3 hours later than planned, the second was around 1/2 weeks later than planned and the last didn’t even go ahead. I spent majority of my time editing which was good but I think I should have spent some more time taking Photographs. Also if I were to do it again I would do some surrealism editing, I did put it into my techniques on my proposal but I didn’t edit any of my Photographs this way because it didn’t work with the ones I tried. I like my final collection of Photographs and I think I completed this assignment at professional standards and met all of my target audience’s needs.