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PRDA SMC sample quote 2012

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PRDA's social media cooperative provides a comprehensive suite of professional services essential for successful social media. Additionally it includes the cross promotion on other members SNS profiles as appropriate to greatly increase your marketing reach.

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PRDA SMC sample quote 2012

  1. 1. January 2012Social Media CooperativeUnderstanding:Businesses that are eligible to participate in this limited offer must have a business in HongKong. The demographic customer target must be in Hong Kong. The business must requireno more than one profile page on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo. They do not derive theirprimary revenue from the sale of advertising or marketing services or products. They must alsohave fewer than 5000 fans on any profile. Exceeding 5000 fans may affect costs.Deliverables: ● Content creation - using the creative input from the team at Client and additional editorial and event colateral PRDA will repurpose this content for maximum effectiveness on social media channels ○ 3 messages per day for Facebook. Twitter and Sina Weibo. ○ Messages created by PRDA under the direction of the client ○ Editorial calendar created weekly for client review ● Update and monitor Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo Monday through Sunday ○ Copywrite in English and Traditional Chinese ○ Reformat images ○ Daily updates ○ Community building ■ Fan and influencer finding ○ PRDA will also use its social media network to amplify Client messages and direct fans to the agreed “call to action”. ● Community management ○ Respond to generic comments from fans ○ Flag and pass on all negative or “non generic” comments from fans ● SEO/SEM/SMO ○ All content is optimised using PRDA’s proven method to increase views ● Blogs ○ PRDA will write two blogs per week on a topic of Client’s suggestion. Blogs do not exceed 300 words are are formatted with two pictures. All links are added ○ Posted to PRDA’s network of 38 blogs in 3 languages (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese) ● Reporting ○ Daily tracking of key KPI’s E-mail: info@PRDA.Asia
  2. 2. ○ Month end summary of activityHK$6,888 per month based on a 6 month retainer. The sample quote is for discussion only. It isnot to be considered an offer for service or an implied contract._____________________________ _________________________________Date September 19, 2011 ClientDouglas White ClientFounder and CEOPRDA Asia E-mail: info@PRDA.Asia