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  1. 1. Curriculum-Vitae PratikshaManoharTawade Bld No.79/2164, Kannamwar Nagar - 2, Vikhroli (East),Mumbai-400083. Cell: 9167239407 e-mail id : pratiksha.tawade@yahoo.com Career Objective Aim to be associated with a progressive organization that gives me scope and update my knowledge to utilize the best in me, for the benefit of the organization and thereby to achieve mutual development. Organizational Work Experience ICICI Bank Ltd, Mumbai. Tenure: September 2010 till date Designation:Assistant Manager Current Job Title:Assistant Manager – Repayment Management (RAOG – Retail Assets Operations Group) Key Roles & Responsibilities:  Handling Retail Assets Operation FCRM (Finacle Customer Relationship Management) with a team, whereby prime job analysis of banking related query and clarification of principle outstanding amount in Retail Loans and Home Loans PAN India.  Authorized the SAP entry in SAP application for payment to vendor.  Monthly provision of vendor bill payment.  Working on analysis of Technical bounces in ECS mode of repayment for loans and reduction technical bounce project.  Resolution of end to end Customer Escalations Senior Management Escalations pertaining to post disbursal retails loans and system migration issues, which are routed through mails and FCRM application from respective Business Units.  Analysis the Loan Statement and Disbursal Memo for passing of accounting entry for reversalof Pre-EMI and Admin & Processing Fee in Finnone system.  Working on NACH mandate registration with NPCI.  Monitoring unapplied credit transactions.  Based on customer request execute the EMI and Part-payment amount of Auto Debit customer.  Supervising the MIS’s and various other business reports apprise top management of the routine business operations and assist in critical decision-making.  Training the team on new products and processes. Operational Risk, SOX Testing & SOX Audit  Letter file preparation & quality checking of sample letters to be sent to customer.  EMI cheque is bounced in Statement of Account but cleared from customer A/c then update the clearance receipt based on proof of payment by following Ops Risk process.  Experience in handling ECS (Electronic Clearing Services) & NACH banking & bounce related customer queries which are routed through mails from respective Business Units.  Coordinating with Technology Team for development of Montran System for in-house of NACH mandate registration.
  2. 2. ICICI HOMEFINANCE CO.LTD Tenure:September 2007 to August 2010 Designation : Executive Job Title :Transaction Processing Unit (RAOG – Retail Assets Operations Group) Key Roles &Responsibilities :  Handling branch queries related to RC,Invoice & Insurance of loan files received from local branches all over India.  Updation of PDDs in MS Access Database.  Making PDD Dump according to Productwise data  Check & Rectified Customer details & address with the help of scan image & updated in Ms- Access. Achievements at ICICI Bank :  Project was done on ‘Loan rebook cases’ in which analysis the loan statement for calculation of overdue charges which are not applicable to the customer and accordingly waive off the overdue charges based on Senior’s approval.  Received Customer Service Award in recognition for successfully curing the Standing Instruction cases.  Successfully developed waiver upload functionality in Finnone System. Educational Qualification :  Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University - April 2007 – 58.28%  Bachelor of Computer Application from Pune University - May 2008. - 63%  G.D.C & A from Maharashtra Board – May 2011. Personal Details : Date of Birth : 5th Feb.1987 Marital Status : Single Languages Known : English, Marathi, Hindi (PratikshaManoharTawade)