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60 PDUs for PMP® Renewal - Agile for Practitioners

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This course is ideal for those who are keen on learning Agile best practices and implementation of Agile principles in their daily schedule.
The convenience of studying anywhere at any time, at your own pace is an advantage.

Course: Agile for Practitioners (2.5 PDUs).

All PMPs, PgMPs, PMI-ACPs earn 2.5 PDUs of Technical Project Management after taking this course!

Reference: https://online.imt-pm.com/course/agile-for-practitioners-46

IMT-PM - Global PMI R.E.P. #4760 offers various courses for PMP® Exam Preparation and PMP®/PgMP®/PMI-ACP®/PMI-RMP® Renewal.
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60 PDUs for PMP® Renewal - Agile for Practitioners

  1. 1. Agile for Practitioners PRESENTED BY IMT -PM
  2. 2. WHY ENROLL THIS COURSE This course is ideal for those who are keen on learning Agile best practices, and implementation of Agile principles. imt-pm.com
  3. 3. All PMPs, PgMPs, PMI-ACPs earn 2.5 PDUs of Technical Project Management. WHY ENROLL THIS COURSE? imt-pm.com
  4. 4. Understand Agile mindsets, 4 Values, 12 Principles and strategies. When taking in this course, you will: Know all kinds of project life cycle and how to apply SHU-HA-RI. Effectively create an Agile environment. Completely implement all Agile common practices. Explore techniques for scaling Agile. imt-pm.com
  5. 5. Equip with tools, situational guidelines, and an understanding of the available agile techniques. LECTURES AN INTRODUCTION TO AGILE PRACTICE GUIDE LIFE CYCLE SELECTIONAN INTRODUCTION TO AGILE Know the history of Agile. Know the importance of awareness of the characteristics and options. imt-pm.com
  6. 6. Discuss about creating an Agile environment. LECTURES IMPLEMENTING AGILE: CREATING AN AGILE ORGANIZATIONAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR PROJECT AGILITY IMPLEMENTING AGILE: DELIVERING IN AN AGILE Discuss about delivering in an Agile environment. Know many of factors in an organization which can challenge project leaders. imt-pm.com
  7. 7. What we offer? 2.41 hours Audio duration 365 days access Receive userID immediately Study at anytime and from anywhere Certificate of Completion Presentations, audio, and transcripts imt-pm.com
  8. 8. Contact Info LET'S CONNECT! WEBSITE imt-pm.com EMAIL contact@imt-pm.com imt-pm.com