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Strategic Corporate Citizenship and Impact Analysis

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Short overview of Impact and strategic corporate citizenship.

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Strategic Corporate Citizenship and Impact Analysis

  1. 1. Introduction to Impact Analysis and Strategic Corporate Citizenship
  2. 2. Content Page 2 PHINEO-Analyse May 2014 About Impact About strategic Corporate Citizenship About PHINEO
  3. 3. Impact is causal change Impact refers to change that can be traced back to a certain intervention. Causality (lat. causa – “cause”) refers to the relationship between the cause (intervention) and the impact. Page 3 About Impact Problemsituation Intervention Impact Causal link May 2014
  4. 4. Impact Analysis can help to prove and improve the impact of projects Page 4 About Impact IMPACTANALYSIS PROVE INTERNAL EXTERNAL PROJECT-RELATED PORTFOLIO • Motivate • Legitimize • Get assistance • Manage • Decide IMPROVE Executive Board, shareholders, employees, … Customers, NGOs, media, public, … Understanding and increasing the impact of individual CC projects Aligning and comparing projects May 2014
  5. 5. Page 5 May 2014 About Impact Collecting anecdotes Monitoring of participant numbers, demands, etc. Survey regarding satisfaction Longitudinal studies with control groups Informative value Effort (time, costs, expertise) Surveys regarding subjective perception of changes Multiple methods can be used for an Impact Analysis (Examples)
  6. 6. Content Page 6 PHINEO-Analyse May 2014 About Impact About strategic Corporate Citizenship About PHINEO
  7. 7. Corporate Citizenship is… “Corporate Citizenship is voluntary Social Engagement of companies beyond their core business. The aim is to solve societal and business challenges in a way that generates a win-win situation for both sides.” Page 7 About strategic Corporate Citizenship May 2014 Source: cf. Simone Paar 2005
  8. 8. Effective Corporate Citizenship benefits companies (Business Case) and society (Social Case) Page 9 About strategic Corporate Citizenship May 2014 Corporate citizenship with impact is based on a corporate strategy that…  ... strengthens the company’s competitiveness...  ... and contributes to the social, ecological and economic objectives of society.  Companies have the capacity to apply market-based approaches to solve social challenges effectively and efficiently.  A prospering, functioning society is essential for corporate success. Long-term synergies between business and social objectives
  9. 9. The Strategy House for Corporate Citizenship Page 9 Vision and mission, strategic objectives and target groups Organizational development (Structures, processes, team and resources) A D focus areas, strategic approach, USP, portfolio B Dialogueandpartnership E Impact-oriented managementC Source: PHINEOMay 2014 About strategic Corporate Citizenship
  10. 10. The Corporate Citizenship cycle is a tool to manage projects and portfolios with impact Page 10 Improving quality and scaling impact Internal and external reporting PROVE AND IMPROVE Understanding challenges and needs for company and society Developing strategic approach, concept, theory of change, strategic objectives, target groups, indicators STRATEGY AND PLANNING Analyzing results and impacts Interpreting results and comparing impact with strategic objectives IMPACT ANALYSIS Implementation of activities Efficient and effective use of resources Monitoring and data collection IMPLEMENTATION 4 1 3 May 2014 About strategic Corporate Citizenship 2
  11. 11. Content Page 11 PHINEO-Analyse May 2014 About Impact About strategic Corporate Citizenship About PHINEO
  12. 12. PHINEO enables effective social engagement Page 12 About PHINEO Creating and sharing knowledge Showing best-practice NPOs and projects Supporting Social InvestorsAgenda setting Vision and strategy Partnership and dialogueImpact orientation May 2014
  13. 13. PHINEO is working with strong partners across sectors Page 13 About PHINEO May 2014 analysed Non-Profit-Organisations PHINEOs shareholders (Examples)Social Investors (Examples) Non-Profit-Organisations (Examples)
  14. 14. Page 14 Contact About PHINEO May 2014 Cornelius Schaub (Head of consulting) PHINEO gAG Phone: +49 30 520065-322 Email: cornelius.schaub@phineo.org Web: www.phineo.org/english Follow us online on facebook und twitter