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Neonatal couplet care

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Neonatal couplet care

  1. 1. Nicole Pendenza, RNC-NIC,BSNTanya DiGeorge, RN, BSNCatholic Medical CenterManchester, NH
  2. 2. Catholic Medical Center is a 330 bedcommunity hospital in Manchester, NHIn affiliation with Children’s Hospital atDartmouth, Catholic Medical Centeropened the Special Care Nurseryin April 2010
  3. 3. The Mom’s Placeat CMC•1200 Deliveries per year•14 bed LDRP, including 2 operating rooms•Maternal Fetal Medicine Service•12 bed Level IIB Special Care Nursery•2 Methadone clinics within the city
  4. 4. Our mission is to provideindividualized, high quality, tendercare to each infant and their family.This is achieved by providing anoptimal environment formother/baby attachment using theneonatal couplet care model. Thismodel of care assists parents inbecoming primary caretakers fortheir infants with the support ofour healthcare team.Mission Statement
  5. 5. Neonatal Couplet Care is the nextstep in Family Centered Care
  6. 6. Open Bay Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  7. 7. “Pod” Style NICU’s
  8. 8. Single Family Rooms
  9. 9. Neonatal Couplet Care at Catholic Medical Center (CMC)Family Care SuitesPostpartum Bed and NICU Bed in the same room
  10. 10. Neonatal Couplet Care at CMCFamily Care Suite
  11. 11. Special Care Nursery at CMCPatient Population in the Special Care Nursery 32 weeks or greater Short term ventilation (< 24 hours) CPAP, High Flow Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Hood Infants requiring “special care” (i.e. NAS, long termantibiotics, etc.) Retro transfers from tertiary care facilities
  12. 12. What is Neonatal Couplet Care?Care provided toa postpartummother in thesame room asNeonatalIntensive Care isprovided to theinfant.
  13. 13. What is Neonatal Couplet Care? Families stay together from admission to discharge Minimized separation Early skin-to-skin contact Early parental involvement Parents feel confident to become primary caregivers-comfortable at discharge Parent’s presence enables more promptresponses/tuning in on the signals of the infant
  14. 14. How does it “really” work??1. Infant born on The Mom’s Place (LDRP)2. Stabilized in delivery room3. Infant placed on mom or dad’s chest and transferred to theSpecial Care Nursery into a Family Care Suite (FCS)4. SCN nurse assumes care for the Couplet (post partum careand neonatal care)5. Couplet remains in FCS until mom is discharged6. Infant transferred to SCN room until ready to go home
  15. 15. 32 week infant stabilized in delivery room and skin-to-skin within ½hour
  16. 16. 33 week twins born by c-section and placedskin-to-skin in the OR
  17. 17. Transferred to FCS for recovery/care
  18. 18. Labs drawn andPIV started on 33weeker whilebreastfeeding
  19. 19. •Parents are encouraged to stay withtheir babies 24/7 (when possible)•Our philosophy is to have nurses actas “coaches” to parents•Parents feel confident to becomeprimary caregivers so they arecomfortable at discharge
  20. 20. Benefits of Neonatal Couplet Care•Increases exclusive breastfeeding•Increased amounts and durations of kangaroo care•Parents are more prepared at discharge•High job satisfaction ratings (NDNQI survey)•Decreased staff turn over•Decreased Length of Stay for NAS babies