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Top sustainable living bloggers you must follow

  1. Top sustainable living bloggers you must follow
  2. Eartheasy is the brainchild of Greg Seaman, who focuses on green living, growingproducts and gardening. Greg is an environmental activist who started a sustainable lifestyle in the 1970s with no electricity or services to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. After living continuously for 3 decades, he started this blog in 2000. Eartheasy is subdivided based on your interests, which allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. The articles sections include Health and Wellness, Science and Technology and Off-Grid and Preparedness. He divides many guides into Eat, Play, Wear, Live Grow, Move and Give. Eartheasy
  3. TheGood Trade The good trade that started in Los Angeles in 2014 is about a sustainable lifestyle that makes your street simpler. Most of the articles on this website focus on beauty, health and glamor, which recommend giving you eco-friendly perfumes, clothes, makeup, shampoos and more. Although the heart and soul of The Good Trade is about living a sustainable life, this blog has not lost its entertainment. They talk about a variety of fun and important things, including love and self-care, which can help make their website more balanced and neat.
  4. ZeroWaste Home Zero Waste Home is about simplifying your life in a sustainable way. The book-based blog has been translated into 25 languages and is a major hub for sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts around the world. The book & curator of this blog, B. Johnson, was born in France before moving to California for promoting his zero-sum lifestyle and helping with exciting discussions. The blog is full of interesting guides and articles about sustainability and you can also buy a wide range of sustainable products here. From natural soaps to kitchen towels and water-soluble crayons, there is something for everyone.
  5. SMALL footpRINT FAMILY GLOBAL GREEN Global Green Blog, an American subsidiary of Green Cross International, has been running for 20 years. The American blog has a lot of green stuff about reducing your waste, finding greener ways to travel and creating an eco-friendly office. As you can imagine, this blog is about reducing your carbon footprint through your lifestyle choices. Launched by author and small business owner Dawn, this small footprint family includes blogs dedicated to natural remedies, non-toxic household items, nutrition, recipes, growing products and more. There are so many niche things to dive into.
  6. Ecowarrior princess Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini. She is an activist and well certified organic farm owner.On the website, she talks about environmentalism and feminism in a blunt, no- bullcrap way. The whole website is very professional and his dry style writing makes boring ethical life blogs even more entertaining! In addition to sustainable living, Jennifer is dedicated to equality and social justice, helping to raise other women with sustainability blogs and organizations.
  7. Green Living Ideas Green Living Ideas was founded by Scott Connie, five-time founder and CEO of Pono Homes, a energy efficiency company. In fact, there is a complete Green Living Ideas book that talks about reducing energy bills and a healthier lifestyle. Reflecting the book, there blogs generally revolve around topics such as energy efficiency, home remodeling, and air quality improvement systems. Basically, it is to live a happy, healthy life that is as green as possible.
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