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Alter Ego - Def.Camp 2016

Your data is your data and it's supposed to stay this way.

Our lives are fully exposed on the Internet, with just a few clicks, anybody can find out where you live, when were you last in a holiday, what you ate, or even the conversations you had over lunch.

But what about your personal email and passwords? Aren’t they secured by the internet giants?

Sometimes they are, but if you use the same email and password for multiple sites, if one of them is hacked then all your other accounts are compromised.

Of course, you have nothing to hide, but knowing that a complete stranger is browsing through your data or uses your identity can be traumatizing.

ALTER EGO's mission is to protect your privacy with just a push of a button, so you can browse safely.

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Alter Ego - Def.Camp 2016

  1. 1. the story of a button
  2. 2. it all started with
  3. 3. and it was fueled by this
  4. 4. and by this
  5. 5. and this…
  6. 6. eureka! moment: why fully expose?
  7. 7. how about not sharing The Full Monty?
  8. 8. ok, let’s do this!
  9. 9. 1st task: find someone a little different,
  10. 10. but yet so similar.
  11. 11. now that we have a team, how about an office?
  12. 12. first meeting, first result
  13. 13. started sketching our website
  14. 14. initially, there was this uber-cool rock band called CYBER ALTER EGO
  15. 15. then, we reduced it to the keyboard metaphor
  16. 16. now, it’s ”slightly” better
  17. 17. how we’ve developed the button
  18. 18. Ovi: “dude, we got this!”
  19. 19. Cip: “Kewl… How about we just make a button?”
  20. 20. and that’s what we did.
  21. 21. alpha 1
  22. 22. alpha 3 alpha 5
  23. 23. alpha 7 beta
  24. 24. so, what is this button good for?
  25. 25. good for something #1 posting things on the interwebz that may affect you in the future
  26. 26. good for something #2
  27. 27. good for something #3 writing a review without generating thousands of comments
  28. 28. privacy is freedom
  29. 29. that’s all folks, for now...
  30. 30. try the button opera firefox chrome
  31. 31. let’s keep in touch @cyber_alterego www.cyberalterego.com cyberalterego hello@cyberalterego.com
  32. 32. be safe