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2013 Oseon Credentials english

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Oseon is a consultancy for PR and online communications based in Frankfurt, Germany. We support international companies and institutions that seek to sustainably change the way we live and work – with sharp ideas, cutting-edge products and smart services. Oseon is your partner in developing and executing exactly the kind of communication that is needed to drive this change. Our geographical scope covers Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach that serves audiences across all media types and channels. We combine traditional public relations, online PR, social media and marketing tools to create campaigns that leave an impression. For more information go to www.oseon.com.

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2013 Oseon Credentials english

  1. 1. W areOseon e Meet us >>
  2. 2. About us Communication with impact. Clear analysis and counsel. Passion for ideas. We are Oseon. 2
  3. 3. W careabout e Candour. Creative leeway. Cultivating talent. Courage to walk off the beaten track. 3
  4. 4. W believe e that good communication speaks from the heart and mind, doesn‘t care about media channels and happens where people meet: at work, at home, in the pub, on the street, online. 4
  5. 5. W connect e 5
  6. 6. W provide e a network of specialists orchestrated to tackle your communication challenge. Long-standing experience in social media, technology, B2B and consumer PR, combined with the skills of web designers, digital specialists, AV production artists and even a media lawyer. International reach through proven partners. 6
  7. 7. W design e and drive multidisciplinary campaigns based on insight and strategy. Our services include • Audits & Analysis • Strategy & Concept • Campaigning for PR & Marketing • Editorial Work & Visual Design • Monitoring & Evaluation • Seminars & Workshops 7
  8. 8. W talk e 8
  9. 9. Who trusts us 9
  10. 10. Fee model Clients get full pricing and time transparency, with minimal admin overhead. • Simple hourly rates model (3 levels) • Annual budget & services framework • Monthly planners & budget tracker • Time-based billing • Flat fee for social media & press monitoring, Pressebox & OTS distribution and feature calendars 10
  11. 11. Let‘s talk Foto: Tapio Liller, Oseon “ Elvis said it best: We can‘t go on together with suspicious minds. The Cluetrain Manifesto, Thesis 29 Tapio Liller & Manuela Moore Managing Partners hello@oseon.com +49-69-25 73 80 22-11 | -13 << Call us