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iGenics for eye sight

Backed by Research from Yale, Johns Hopkins,
University of London and more – Discover the
Science Backed Biblical Secret t...
20/20 Vision.
When Susan came to, all she could feel was pain.
Biblical Herb Reverses Vision Loss
“Somebody, please help m...
The sound of a monitor beeped as she heard voices
“If the car hadn’t swerved out of the way, your mother
might ...
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iGenics for eye sight

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How To Go From Blurry Eyes To 20/20 Vision Using God’s "Tree of Life" Herb…
So You NEVER End up in a Nursing Home…
No Surgery. No Prescriptions. No Doctors. Research From Yale University Proves It Works in Just 7 Days!

How To Go From Blurry Eyes To 20/20 Vision Using God’s "Tree of Life" Herb…
So You NEVER End up in a Nursing Home…
No Surgery. No Prescriptions. No Doctors. Research From Yale University Proves It Works in Just 7 Days!


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iGenics for eye sight

  1. 1. Backed by Research from Yale, Johns Hopkins, University of London and more – Discover the Science Backed Biblical Secret to maintaining 20/20 Vision. No Surgery. No Prescriptions. No Doctors. Research From Yale University Proves It Works in Just 7 Days! How To Go From Blurry Eyes To 20/20 Vision Using God’s "Tree of Life" Herb… So You NEVER End up in a Nursing Home… SECURE ORDER >>click here for instant access<<
  2. 2. 20/20 Vision. When Susan came to, all she could feel was pain. Biblical Herb Reverses Vision Loss “Somebody, please help me – I just crashed my car...I’m bleeding, I don’t know what happened!” “Ma’am is anyone else hurt?” “I don’t know...I-I- feel so dizzy...” “Ma’am stay with me...ma’am...” “I...I...” “Ma’am if you can hear me, help is on the way...” Her eyes shuttered open, panic filling her veins as she struggled to make out the two strange, shadowy figures hovering over her. 2023 © Digistore24 Inc. (United States) Inc. and/or its licensors. Review legal terms of use here and privacy policy here. Contact us here. >>click here for instant access<<
  3. 3. The sound of a monitor beeped as she heard voices murmuring: “If the car hadn’t swerved out of the way, your mother might not be here with us right now...” “Women her age shouldn’t be driving at night – she’s lucky to walk away with only a concussion, this could’ve turned out much worse...”, said the Doctor. “Maybe it’s time she moved into an assisted living facility, so it’s less stressful on you...” “There’s not much anyone can do now; it’s just how it is when you get older.” She’ll have to deal with her declining vision and more as time goes on. I’m sorry to put it so bluntly, but it’s only going to get worse from here...” Horror stories like Susan’s occur daily...and nearly 40% of these nighttime accidents end in tragedy. The problem is, even if you have contacts, prescription lenses, or you’ve invested in costly laser eye surgery... >>click here for instant access<<
  4. 4. None of those things actually fix the real cause of your declining vision... And until you do, you risk losing your vision more and more each day... And along with it, your independence, your confidence, and maybe even your life. Thankfully there’s an amazing new discovery backed by researchers that could finally solve this terrible problem... Hi, my name is Dr. Charles Williams, And if you're like millions of Americans who suffer from age-related vision decline... Making it difficult to see details clearly, especially at night... And you’re tired of relying on contacts, prescription lenses and want to avoid costly surgeries... >>click here for instant access<<
  5. 5. Then what I have to share might absolutely change your life. That’s because inside this highly controversial presentation... I’m Going to Reveal a 12-Second Morning Ritual That Naturally Sharpens Eyesight in as little as 7 Days... WITHOUT surgery, lenses, or prescription meds... So you can see more clearly and in more detail, even at night. This solution works no matter if you’re 41 or 81... Whether you’re a man or woman... And no matter how long you’ve suffered with poor eye health. That’s because unlike those costly prescription lenses and optometrist visits... This 12-Second Vision Support is Powered By One of God's Oldest Plants... It’s an ancient vision-restoring plant with health benefits that are so powerful... That some people credit it as the original “Tree of Life” God spoke of in the Bible...
  6. 6. Because it can help improve your immune health, your memory, and of course your vision too... And when you see the evidence from respected Medical Journals from around the globe... Including Yale, Johns Hopkins, University of London and more... Which support just how incredible this plant is for restoring your vision... You too will believe that this “vision-improving plant” is a true Godsend. I’d also like to mention that this solution is completely natural and has no side effects... And it begins working on Day One to start improving your eye health from the inside out. Even more remarkably... On This Page I'll Also Reveal A little- known Plant that helps support healthy vision as we age... >>click here for instant access<<
  7. 7. known Plant that helps support healthy vision as we age... Along with why most vision supplements you see on the market don’t work (even if they have good ingredients)... And why the cells in your eyes SHOULD be able to restore or heal themselves every 7 days... Even though right now that’s probably not what’s happening... It all has to do with your eyes’ damaged DNA (I’ll explain this in more detail in just a minute). i Before We Get To All Of That Though... I Must Warn You... There are some angry people who don’t want you to see the information inside this presentation. That’s because they have a stronghold on the eye-care market... And they stand to lose millions if you have access to this breakthrough I’ll be sharing today. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were corporations >>click here for instant access<<
  8. 8. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were corporations already trying to get this taken off the web... So that they can ROB you of the chance at improved vision... Which means if your health matters to you... Drop Whatever You’re Doing And Read This Letter Right To The Very End... Because if you’re sick and tired of squinting and straining to see... If you’re fed up with replacing your glasses or losing your contact lenses... Or you’re too embarrassed to wear those ridiculous magnified bifocals that make you look old and weak.... And you'd do anything just to see clearly again... >>click here for instant access<<
  9. 9. Then I’m absolutely confident that this vision support solution I have for you today will make all the difference in your life. So Like I Mentioned Before, My Name Is Dr. Charles Williams... I’m a 15-year practicing physician originally from South Carolina... I proudly served in the United States Military... And I’ve held leadership positions in some of the country’s most distinguished non-profit medical associations. From the beginning of my career... I’ve always been focused on making life better for every patient I treat... And while I’ve long been a big supporter of natural health... Especially when it’s combined with more traditional medications... I have to admit...
  10. 10. This New Discovery Definitely Took Me By Surprise. 100% Natural with no side effects Shown to be effective with clinical evidence That doesn’t require the use of glasses, contacts, or corrective eye surgery. It comes from one of the world’s oldest and most sacred plants. And can literally resurrect your fading vision from the dead That’s because in all my years of practicing and researching medicine... I had never come across a vision support solution that was: All I Knew Was That Hundreds Of My Patients Were Complaining Of Poor Vision, More Than Ever Before.... And I wasn’t the only doctor noticing this trend. In fact, in the past twenty years... People have been suffering from increasingly worse vision... Earlier and earlier in their lives. >>click here for instant access<<
  11. 11. Why? Well one of the reasons is that many Americans are ADDICTED to their phones, computers, and TVs... And all of this screen time puts a HUGE strain on our eyes. Plus on top of this... The rates of type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diseases keep going up... And it’s no secret that these diseases also affect vision... And can ultimately lead to BLINDNESS if we don’t do something about them. >>click here for instant access<<
  12. 12. Here’s The Problem Though: If You Follow Most Traditional Medical Advice, You’ll Spend Tons of Money on Temporary Fixes. What I mean is... While eyecare has improved dramatically over the last few decades... Many of the most popular vision-correcting treatments are both expensive and invasive. Take Lasik surgery as an example... It can cost $1,000 or more...
  13. 13. Procedures Like Lasik May Only Provide Temporary Relief From Vision Problems... You risk blindness if the doctor doing the procedure messes up... And it doesn’t do a darned thing to address the underlying cause of your vision loss. In fact, the truth is... Because while they initially boost your ability to see... Over time you may need multiple touch ups... Which can add up to thousands of additional dollars you have to spend. That’s a lot of pain and money to go through... Especially for something that may not even address the root cause of your poor vision. >>click here for instant access<<
  14. 14. Then There’s Prescription Lenses and Contacts... root cause of your poor vision. Which do work as a Band Aid for your vision... But don’t get to the root cause of your poor eyesight... Plus considering you need to update your glasses yearly... And order more contact lenses on a monthly basis... Many people find themselves stuck in a horrible dilemma... Where they’re forced to choose between new prescription lenses... And being able to afford groceries, or to pay for their monthly power bill. I don’t think I’m crazy for saying this... But no one should have to live this way... Which Is Why I Set Out to Understand the REAL Cause of Failing Or Declining Vision.
  15. 15. And what I quickly realized through my extensive research... Is that all these vision issues we suffer from... No matter if they are age-related... Or they’re caused by genetics, or an illness like type 2 diabetes... All stem from the same INTERNAL problem... It All Comes Down To 3 Simple Letters: CPE And before I tell you what those three letters mean... Let me tell you why your vision shouldn't be getting worse, even as you age...
  16. 16. Believe It Or Not, Your Eyes Are Very Smart! Your eyes are connected directly to your brain...Via something called “the optic nerve.” Your optic nerve is an advanced network of cells, neurons and veins that help your brain process the images your eyes capture. It uses billions of tiny little nerves and cells to make this happen... And they work around the clock to stay healthy and function at optimal performance. DNA Replication is a process by which each cell in your eye is “replicated” or copied... To replace old cells that have died or malfunctioned.
  17. 17. If I Have “New” Eyes Every 7 days... Then Shouldn’t My Vision Be Getting Better, Not Worse? I know that’s a lot of science, but if all this sounds confusing, just think of it like this... To replace old cells that have died or malfunctioned. This process goes on non-stop in your eyes... 24/7... And every 7 days or so your body actually creates a brand-new set of eyes! Now I know what you’re thinking... And that’s where CPE comes into play. You see: CPE stands for: Chronic Proinflammatory Environment It’s a BIG scientific term experts use to describe the real reason behind your fading vision... ii
  18. 18. Imagine a pristine, crystal clear river that gets contaminated with toxic waste... This toxic waste creates a hazardous and potentially deadly environment for every living thing in and around the river. The fish swimming up the river, the trees and plant life growing from the soil... And even animals and humans who drink from the river to sustain themselves... All become sick from it and possibly die. And the same thing happens to your vision when CPE takes root. Inflammation damages the cells in your eyes, filling them with toxic free radicals. These free radicals cause further damage, triggering a vicious environment that destroys the cells in your eyes, attacks your optic nerve... And the biggest problem is...
  19. 19. So How Do You Stop CPE From Damaging Your Eyes? When I found the answer... It wasn’t in any medical journal... It wasn’t in any scientific text... And it wasn’t on the back of any pharmaceutical label... I found the answer to supporting healthy vision in the LAST PLACE anyone would expect (including me!) It was in the very last chapter of the very last book of The Bible. CPE Damages the DNA of Your Eyes... Making It Impossible For Them To Self- Heal This might sound like a lot of science... But I promise it’s actually pretty easy to understand: If your eyes rebuild themselves with damaged DNA.... Your perfect 20/20 vision... Starts to get blurrier and blurrier... Until you can’t even see your hand in front of you.
  20. 20. It was in the very last chapter of the very last book of The Bible. “And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the Tree of Life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” You’re probably familiar with this scripture from The Bible... But what does this scripture have to do with supporting healthy vision? Well, it was all kind of miraculous, I must say. Remember Susan, from earlier... REVELATIONS 22, VERSE 1 AND 2
  21. 21. The woman who suffered a terrible car accident due to her poor vision at night? The reason why I know her story is because she reached out to me after her incident. She called dozens and dozens of doctors, all of whom told her there was nothing they could do about her failing eyesight. She came to me as a last dash of hope, praying that I could be the one to help her naturally support her eyesight. After hearing her story, I felt compelled to do my best to find something to help her. So I studied every journal, book and database I could to study anything that could naturally support healthy vision... I came back to her with evidence on some herbs and nutrients I found in scientific journals... But it wasn’t anything new to her. She had heard changing her diet could help, and she had tried some supplements
  22. 22. Because this God Given plant plant had these miraculous powers from supporting healthy blood pressure to helping promote cognitive health and memory. her diet could help, and she had tried some supplements already. But it wasn’t enough. Dismayed, Susan told me to stop looking. “Thank you Dr. Williams, but I think I just need to leave it in God’s hands at this point.” That’s when it struck me. God’s hands...hadn’t I just seen something about “The Tree of Life.” That’s when I remembered in my notes uncovering a plant that its native people called, “The Tree of LIfe” Maybe this same plant could be the key to helping Susan restore her vision? Well there would only be one way to find out. I went back to my studies and learned more about this mysterious Tree of Life plant... To see if it had any properties that could stop CPE and support vision.
  23. 23. What I discovered really shocked me... This “Tree of Life” plant is considered to be a living fossil... That’s because the genetic makeup of the tree hasn’t changed in all its years of existence. Some historians say that it is over 200 million years old! And some archeologists even believe that dinosaurs used to eat them to stay healthy! Now of course, only God can know if that’s true or not... But, what is undeniably true... Is the fact that this mysterious tree of life plant does amazing things for your eye health. Because according to dozens of scientific studies... This “Tree of Life” plant has the power to support vision naturally...
  24. 24. According to a 2020 research study at Yale University ... iii Scientists proposed that this holy herb could help improve vision in glaucoma patients, due to its powerful anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When tested, researchers discovered that their theory was right. They found that after supplementing with this herb, “Visual Field indices were statistically improved” in all glaucoma patients — meaning it helped them see more clearly. And from their findings, Yale scientists concluded that this Tree of Life Plant: “may prevent or slow down retinal ganglion cell death,” in glaucoma patients.” That’s really exciting, because glaucoma is one of the top 3 most common eye diseases after age 45 – and yet there is no cure. (other than surgery, and even that isn’t permanent).
  25. 25. In a study conducted by the Journal of Optic Herbs... permanent). But was this herb a fluke, was there proof it could work as a long term solution to support healthy eyes and vision? Scientists proposed that this plant could, “be effective in fighting the oxidative stress related to aging”... By slowing or interrupting the release of “superoxide” free radicals that attack your DNA chain . You know how bad CPE is for your eyes – and this study proves that it can fight the inflammation and oxidation that causes CPE. It was also shown that this plant, “protects your brain”... Along with the nerves and neurotransmitters that are connected to the eyes to help you see. This is very important... Because remember, your brain and eyes are connected... So anything that helps your brain... xv
  26. 26. I was feeling really excited once I started finding evidence that this tree of life plant could possibly work to support healthy vision... But that wasn’t my greatest discovery. While researching more evidence on this Tree of Life Plant, I discovered a study published in The Journal of Medicinal Food.. Which involved 322 patients who had Normal Tension Glaucoma... When scientists gave people a combination of the Tree of Life plant and a second powerful vision-restoring plant (I’ll share what they both are in a moment)... They found that vision “for all eyes improved”... Leading the researchers to conclude that the two plants “may be helpful in improving visual function in some individuals with NTG (Normal Tension Glaucoma). Plus in that same study... Scientists also discovered that these plants “have strong antioxidant properties...” And is effective in the: “Prevention of the release and synthesis of proinflammatory compounds such as histamine, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes ... xii xiii” So anything that helps your brain... Could also help boost your eye health!
  27. 27. Which is just a fancy way of saying that this plant can help fight inflammation and oxidation... Which are two of the main causes of CPE and poor vision! This was super important because it made me realize... That when it came to supporting healthy vision, maybe one plant wasn’t the answer. Maybe the key was to use a number of vision-restoring plants all at once... To make the perfect combination of antioxidant fighting power.. That could support healthy vision as we age. So I kept digging, in search of more natural vision boosters that might synergize with this “Tree of Life” plant for maximum eye-restoring power. As a result, I went on to discover a total of 12 ingredients to support healthy vision...
  28. 28. All of them science-backed and proven to work on their own... But how they worked together had never before been tested. I was the only person who had this unique set of nutrients that I believed were the key to boosting vision. The only thing left to do was to try this combination out to see if it truly worked. You can bet that Susan was the first person I asked. Once I shared the evidence with her, she didn’t hesitate at all to give it a try. I designed the solution to be as simple as possible, and it became a 12-second ritual Susan practiced every day for 90 days. In the first few days she didn’t notice anything... But by a week into it, she realized that details were becoming easier to see... She didn’t need to squint to see her phone or read her book. A month in, she had stopped using her reading glasses except for at night...
  29. 29. And by 90 days – Susan was so confident in her vision again, she took her first night drive – and had absolutely no issues. It was like watching a miracle unfold right before your very eyes. How was it that I was able to find these 12 nutrients and they worked so well together? Even though I’m a well respected doctor, there have been dozens of dedicated eye doctors before me who certainly must have tried to do something similar? Or maybe it truly was an act of God that we were experiencing this miracle. Either way – Susan and I knew we couldn’t keep our vision- restoring solution to ourselves... We had to tell the whole world about it. Here are the 12 Nutrients that Can Help Promote Eye Health
  30. 30. That way your eyes can begin regenerating themselves, giving you sharper vision in as little Here are the 12 Nutrients that Can Help Promote Eye Health These 12 nutrients, just like the 12 fruits of the Tree of Life, are the scientific breakthrough your eyes need to help support healthy vision for years to come! This combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals is carefully balanced at clinically relevant dosages. It stops CPE in its tracks... Eliminates free radicals Supports the health of your optic nerve, retina and more And protects the cells, nerves, and even the DNA in your eyes from further damage!
  31. 31. That way your eyes can begin regenerating themselves, giving you sharper vision in as little as 7 days! Just 12 Simple Ingredients #1 The Tree of Life aka Ginkgo Biloba No invasive surgeries... No costly prescription lenses... No side effects like nausea, dizziness, mood swings, or liver and kidney damage from lab-made pills... I’ve already shared the amazing studies supporting Ginkgo Biloba as powerful vision booster. Studies show that ginkgo biloba could be used to support healthy eyes in aging adults due to its antioxidant effects. It’s called the Tree of life for its many health benefits! And as you already know, dozens of studies preach its
  32. 32. #2 Bilberry And as you already know, dozens of studies preach its efficacy in supporting stronger vision This is why Ginkgo Biloba is the first and most powerful ingredient in our solution. But Ginkgo is just the start... Next we included a nutrient that has decades of research supporting its ability to support healthy vision.
  33. 33. Bilberry is the cousin of the blueberry and cranberry fruit... And it has long been recognized to be a powerful vision supporter. In fact, during WWII, fighter pilots would eat bilberry jam right before a big battle... So they could have sharper vision in the night!iv In recent years... Science has finally proven what many folks have long suspected... Which is that Bilberry really is an incredibly powerful vision supporter. That’s because we now know that Bilberry contains several POWERFUL antioxidants... That it helps fight inflammation and oxidation...
  34. 34. And that it can feed the delicate nerves in your eyes that help you see. For example... In a large randomized, double-blind, and placebo- controlled study involving 281 office workers... It was found that supplementing the diet with Bilberry improved vision and eye fatigue after just 8 weeks... While the placebo showed no noticeable improvement. x And these results are further supported by numerous additional studies in animals and humans... Including one recent study that found taking 160 mg of Bilberry twice a day... “Led to a decrease in the oxidative stress in the lens tissues and DNA damage”... Which makes a lot of sense... Since as you now know, it’s DNA damage from CPE that negatively affects our vision. xi
  35. 35. #3 Saffron negatively affects our vision. This is why we use 480 mg of Bilberry per serving – that’s more than what most supplements offer. xi Ginkgo Biloba and Bilberry form a powerful vision supporting duo But we didn’t stop there. Next we added... Saffron is an expensive spice that has recently been discovered to carry powerful fighting power against AMD. It’s because of its super-powered antioxidants which fight free radicals that cause aging and degeneration in the eye. Saffron has been shown to have other positive effects on health, including: v
  36. 36. #4 - 10 AREDS-2 Ingredients Elevating mood Decreasing PMS symptoms Boosting Memory & Brain Function Supporting heart health Improving Weight Loss Stimulating Libido Saffron is chocked full of positive health benefits, but because it’s such a pricey spice (costing anywhere from $73 - $100 per ounce), it can get quite expensive to keep up. But if you want to see good results, you need Saffron. So we recommend at least 20 mg of high quality Saffron per serving. The next ingredients are the most researched and scientifically backed nutrients for support healthy vision...
  37. 37. #4 - 10 AREDS-2 Ingredients AREDs stands for “Age-Related Eye Disease Studies,” A study of over 2,000 men and women aged 50+... That was funded by the federal government’s National Eye Institute and Johns Hopkins Medicine In these studies, researchers have found a specific set of nutrients that have been proven effective in preventing age-related vision decline. Our herb combination features all 6 of these ingredients including Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Vitamins E & C, plus Copper and Zinc. We also added Vitamin A for an extra nutritional boost to support overall eye health. It is designed specifically to help fight against the CPE that weakens our eyes as we age... The dosages for Vitamins C, A, E... Along with the Zinc, and Copper inside... Are all based on recommendations from the landmark Age Related Eye Disease Study... 6, xvi [i]
  38. 38. You Also Need Lutein and Zeaxanthin... Which Are The ONLY Two Antioxidants Found Naturally In Your Eyes. In fact, your body produces them specifically to fight off CPE in your optic nerve & retina... Which is important... Because this CPE can be detrimental to maintaining healthy vision as we age. Lutein and Zeaxanthin also protect your eyes from blue- light radiation... vii
  39. 39. light radiation... By acting as a filter between a “screen” and your retina... Which can help curb any chronic nerve damage. The problem is... So it’s vital that you increase your dietary intake of these two antioxidants... Because according to a major study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association... Which involved 5 Ophthalmology Centers in the U.S. and included 356 case patients.... When the test subjects supplemented their diets with additional Lutein and Zeaxanthin... These two antioxidants “were most strongly associated with reduced risk for AMD.” As You Get Older.... Your Body Simply Doesn’t Produce Enough Lutein or Zeaxanthin To Support Healthy Eyes. viii
  40. 40. “Among patients with early AMD, supplementation with lutein and zeaxanthin improved macular pigment, which played a causative role in boosting visual function and might prevent the progression for AMD.” This is why we include 20 mg of Lutein and 10 mg of Zeaxathin in every serving of iGenics! Ginkgo, Bilberry, and Saffron... Plus A-Reds ingredients, Vitman A, C, and E Minerals Copper and Zinc, And eye specialist antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxathin All included at clinically relevant doses You are probably beginning to realize the vision resurrecting power that’s available to you with these ingredients. But it only gets better from here... These results are further supported by another randomized, double-masked, and placebo controlled trial... That was published in the journal Ophthalmology... WHICH FOUND THAT: ix
  41. 41. But it only gets better from here... #11 Turmeric Turmeric extract is one of the most popular anti inflammatory spices known to man. When you’re trying to stop CPE caused by excess inflammation, you want something powerful like Turmeric extract. Turmeric has a compound called curcumin that has been shown to support healthier vision and support the health of the optic nerve. In a recent study performed at The University College London and Imperial College London vii Researchers discovered that curcumin acted as a neuroprotectant in the eyes and brain... And helped in, “preventing retinal ganglion cell loss in the initial stages of glaucoma onset.” This means Turmeric might be able to help support the health of retinal nerves as we age! Plus, Turmeric does so much more for your health than just
  42. 42. #12 Black Pepper Extract aka BioPerine Plus, Turmeric does so much more for your health than just boost your vision. The benefits of Turmeric are absolutely amazing: Oxidation Destroyer Immune Booster Powerful Detoxifier Protects joint, skin, hair, nail, and muscle health This is why we include 350 mg of Turmeric extract in each serving. The final ingredient was the key to unlocking the full vision restoring power of each ingredient.
  43. 43. These 12 ingredients are PROVEN to help support healthy vision... Black pepper extract increases the bioavailability of ALL of these vision boosting ingredients. That means it helps the nutrients get into your bloodstream faster and start working more quickly. With Black Pepper Extract, you can experience the benefits even sooner. This is why we include 20 mg of Black pepper extract per serving. And to be beneficial for many people wanting to support the health of their eyes as they age. Plus, these ingredients are so powerful, the can start working in as little as 7 days to help support healthy inflammation levels and the health of your eyes. Okay so I know what you’re probably thinking right now... “This Research Is Incredible... But I’ve Tried Taking
  44. 44. “This Research Is Incredible... But I’ve Tried Taking Many Of These Ingredients In The Past... And Haven’t Gotten Any Major Improvements to My Vision. What Gives???” After discovering all of these supposed “vision-supporting ingredients”... I was thinking the same thing. I mean you’ve got some really impressive evidence that proves these ingredients can help with vision... And yet I’ve had plenty of patients who have taken vision-supplements... Or taken other supplements that had Ginkgo or Bilberry Extract... Yet they didn’t see any improvements to their vision. How could this be?
  45. 45. Well as I started looking more closely at the most popular vision-support supplements on the market... I Realized Something Disturbing... Most Of These Supplements Don’t Have Anything CLOSE to Clinically Relevant Dosages! This may or may not sound like a big deal to you... But the truth is it’s HUGELY important. You see, what I realized is that way too many supplement marketers out there don’t really care about your health... What they care about is making a bunch of money... So they can keep paying the mortgage on their multi- million dollar homes... And afford the lease on their $250,000 Italian Sportscars. Think I’m being too hard on these guys? Let’s play a game...
  46. 46. Can You Spot The Problem WithThis Popular Vision Supplement? It’s got both Lutein and Zeaxanthin... So what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that the maker of this supplement is trying to be crafty... By putting the dosage of Zeaxanthin as 1000 mcg... Which sounds like a lot. Here’s the thing though...
  47. 47. Here’s the thing though... 1,000 mcg only equals 1 mg... And yet in virtually EVERY SINGLE STUDY showing Zeaxanthin and Lutein to help with vision... The amount of Zeaxanthin used was 10 mg. So in other words – this supplement needs 10x as much Zeaxanthin to contain a clinically relevant dosage!!!
  48. 48. When all of the biggest studies on Zeaxanthin and vision show that it should be 10 mg!! Here’s Another Vision Supplement That’s A “Best Seller” on Amazon... Again, look at how much Zeaxanthin is included – only 2 mg... And It’s Not Just Zeaxanthin... Look At This Best- Selling Supplement!
  49. 49. I could go on all day... But I think you get the point... Not only does this supplement not have any Zeaxanthin AT ALL... But it also only contains 80 mg of Bilberry... While one of the biggest studies ever on the effects of Bilberry and Vision... Found that 480 mg of Bilberry Extract was required for the best results!
  50. 50. After Reviewing All the Top Vision Supplements – Something Disturbing Became Very Obvious To me... None of these companies were willing to include all 12 eye-supporting ingredients... And even if they did put them on their label... There wasn’t nearly enough in the formula to make an impact on your vision. I realized that if I was going to help people like Susan who were interested in supporting the health of their eyes as they age... Who had tried everything else and were at the end of their rope... I had to do something myself. And even though I had zero experience in making a supplement, I was determined to figure it out... And do whatever it took to get my vision-restoring solution to people who needed it the most. YOU SIMPLY CAN’T TRUST MOST VISION SUPPLEMENTS ON THE MARKET! What Happened Next Was Nothing Short of Divine Intervention
  51. 51. I searched around for a company who could bring my vision-saving supplement to light! The first people I worked with were nice, but they wanted to use fillers in the supplement...which was absolutely a BIG NO for me... I wanted something that was non-toxic, cruelty free, and contained absolutely NO FILLERS. So I had to find something different. The next company I tried was a bit shiesty and I didn’t trust the purity of the ingredients... Because they didn’t have a system for testing the product to ensure everything that was on the label was in the bottle. So I had to move on, and continue looking. This search went on for so long... I thought I would give up. But just when I was ready to throw in the towel...
  52. 52. Susan called me. Her vision was better than it had been in years, but she was running low on the formula I had made for her... And she was calling to see how my search was going. You can imagine my disappointment when I had to tell her that I hadn’t had any luck... And that I wasn’t sure we’d ever be able to create more of this formula... For her and for all the people we wanted to help. That’s when Susan reminded me of an important scripture: “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”
  53. 53. Matthew 7:7 At that moment, I thanked God for bringing Susan into my life. She shared the exact words I needed to hear to keep the faith that everything was going to work out... Even better than I had imagined. So I promised her that I would keep knocking until the right door opened! And this is what I love about God... Because the very next day... I found a company who had everything I was looking for: They believe in providing people with the best whole ingredients from natural sources They value their customers and always puts them first They know that better vision comes from better nutrition!
  54. 54. They are a passionate group of hardworking scientists who believe in the healing power of God’s Green Earth... Who believe in bringing the best of science and nature to create powerfully healing supplements. When I met the team, I knew that God had sent me the right people for the mission. And we got to work right away, developing our formula on a larger scale. With all the work we needed to do in product development, manufacturing, marketing, and handling all the legalities... It took us nearly 2 years to get up and running. But when we finally finished, we knew that we had created the most powerful vision support supplement available in the world. We call it... They know that better vision comes from better nutrition! They provide a filler-free solution for my proprietary blend...something that makes our supplement 10X more valuable (and healthier) than anything out there And they follow a triple step quality control process on all ingredients – meaning they triple checked to make sure my ingredients were legit! THIS AMAZING COMPANY IS NAMED SCIENCE GENICS...
  55. 55. iGenics iGenics is the first and only supplement to include the most researched ingredients for supporting eye health - while promoting a healthy inflammation response -using all 12 supernutrients to begin supporting eye health in just 7 days... It’s Really About the Rare, Powerful Nutrients Sourced Straight from God’s Green Earth REAL INGREDIENTS HIGHLY ABSORBABLE ZERO FILLERS
  56. 56. Ingredients like: Plus – iGenics is made with absolutely ZERO FILLERS Most companies add filler ingredients to their products to make manufacturing easier... Gingko Biloba, the 200 Million Year Old “Tree of Life”, that can support everything from cognition and memory to healthy vision... Bilberry, The WWII Fighter Pilots’ secret for crystal clear vision at night Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world that’s packed with nature’s most powerful antioxidants Turmeric, the golden spice which has been suggested to help support the health of the eyes and promote a healthy inflammation response throughout the body And the world’s most rigorously studied eye boosting nutrients – AREDS-2, Lutein and Zeaxanthin! BUT WE DON’T CUT CORNERS AT SCIENCE GENICS. What most companies don’t know is that Turmeric also works as a flow agent to help the manufacturing process.
  57. 57. So instead of filling iGenics with junk “other” ingredients that you can’t pronounce and have unknown side effects... We load it up with 350 mg of Turmeric in each serving... And not only does it make it easier for us to produce iGenics... But it packs another powerful punch to support a healthy inflammation response in the eye and promote healthy vision. Our ingredients are top of the class... The dosages are clinically relevant... And our formula is completely filler free...
  58. 58. Which makes iGenics the cutting edge of natural eye care. iGenics makes Lasik and Lenses Obsolete Unlike conventional methods such as eye glasses and Lasik... iGenics doesn’t just help your vision temporarily... It supports healthy vision at the source by promoting a healthy inflammation response in the body and supporting detoxifcation. It Stops The Vicious Cycle Of Oxidative Damage And Inflammation It Protects Sensitive Tissue Like Your Optic Nerve, Retina, And Even Your Dna
  59. 59. “I just love it. It makes me feel good everyday and I love knowing that it’s supporting my vision. My eyes aren’t as tired at the end of the day, and I can see details more clearly. I swear by it to all my friends and family.” “Incredible. I’ve been in tailoring for 33 years and my So that your eyes can start to rebuild themselves as God planned. iGenics is Revolutionizing How We Protect Our Vision Since our launch, we’ve helped over 22,000 people worldwide experience the benefits of iGenics! People who once were unsure where to turn in their fight to support healthy vision... But now feel empowered and confident in their sight again, thanks to iGenics. Folks like... Sara V from Connecticut, who wrote to us: Or Andrew M from Washington, who messaged us:
  60. 60. “Incredible. I’ve been in tailoring for 33 years and my job depends on how well I can see. I used to wear two pairs of reading glasses at a time just so I could get my seams straight. I’ve tried other supplements and drops before, but I could never tell if they were working. But iGenics is really different. Taking it everyday,I can tell something is working. It helps me feel focused. I feel like I can see better, and go longer before my eyes start to get tired. Now I don’t feel like I’m losing my edge. So I’m glad I found this.” “It feels like my eyes are AWAKE. I don’t know how else to describe it. I don’t strain to see. My eyes aren’t as fatigued. I really am shocked at how well this works for me.” And Yozy B from Beunos Aires, Argentina, who said to us: Finally, with iGenics, people everywhere are reclaiming their health... And gaining more confidence in their vision, knowing that iGenics is protecting them from vision damaging CPE... And getting to the root nutritional causes that can help support healthy eyes. Now you can work to maintain your perfect vion as you age... Nor do you have to worry about your vision getting any worse. Instead, with iGenics, you can support your eyesight for
  61. 61. Instead, with iGenics, you can support your eyesight for many many years to come. So You’re Probably Wondering: “How Soon Will I Start To See Results From iGenics?” Each bottle of iGenics comes with 60 easy-to-swallow capsules. All you need to do is take two capsules per day... And take iGenics for at least 30 days... That’s It! If you’re like many of our customers... You’ll start noticing “little things” fairly quickly... You might find that it takes less time for your vision to adjust in the dark... Or that you don’t have to strain quite so hard to read text
  62. 62. Or that you don’t have to strain quite so hard to read text messages on your phone. Some people experience these benefits in as soon as 7 days... For others, it takes a little longer to start to see a real difference. But, as you continue to use iGenics every single day... These effects you’re experiencing will only continue to improve... Especially if you keep using iGenics for the next 6, or even 12 months. Here’s why... The ingredients inside iGenics start helping on Day 1...
  63. 63. The ingredients inside iGenics start helping on Day 1... And the special blend of vision-boosting nutrients start fighting CPE and purifying your toxic eye environment... Allowing your eyes to renew themselves just as God designed them to... While supporting the healthy of your Retina, and Optic Nerve and promoting a healthy inflammation response in the body. But the longer you take iGenics, the more powerful it becomes. Virtually every study on the vision-supporting ingredients found inside iGenics agrees: The longer you use these ingredients, the more your vision will improve. This is true for Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, and pretty much every other ingredient... Which is why it’s best to think of iGenics as part of your daily routine... Something you take every single morning, just like you would a multivitamin. But you should also know that...
  64. 64. This webpage is the only place you can get iGenics... You don’t have to bother looking for us on Amazon or Target... We’re not affiliated with any Billion Dollar Corporations... Or mass produce distribution centers where it’s easy to turn a blind eye on quality. We’re a homegrown family who wants to help others find a natural way to see better... People like you who are ready to make a change. We know that the majority of people make it this far, quit and go back to what they know... Even though they’ve seen the remarkable evidence, heard the success stories, and know that there’s literally nothing like iGenics on the market...
  65. 65. 1) iGenics Is In High Demand. They fear that it’s too good to be true. So out of fear of being disappointed or wasting their time, They turn away and miss out on God’s blessings. But for those of you who really see the miracle in this message, you know that you should never pass up an opportunity like this... You can tell that iGenics is the real deal... And Something this Good Won’t Be Around For Long For several reasons... The first is... iGenics is the only product on the market containing
  66. 66. 2) The 12 Natural ingredients in iGenics are difficult to Source iGenics is the only product on the market containing our proprietary blend of the 12 eye supernutrients at clinically relevant dosages... Most of our customers pick up 6 bottles at a time, and then come back for 6 more, just to make sure they have enough supply on hand to get the maximum vision-supporting power... Which makes it incredibly hard to keep iGenics in stock, especially when you consider... Gingko, the "Tree of Life" which some call a living fossil, which is native only to rural parts of China. Or Saffron, the most expensive plant in the world which grows in unpopulated parts of the Mediterranean and India... We made a vow to use only the very best organically grown ingredients in iGenics to maximize it's vision- restoring power. Some of the ingredients are incredibly hard to get, since they only grow in specific, remote locations across the globe, like: And that’s just a couple of the rare natural ingredients we use to create iGenics, which means our supply could dry up at any time. But that's not all - After we source the best ingredients from around the world...
  67. 67. 3) Every Batch of iGenics Goes Through a Rigorous Production Process 4) The Eye Industry Threatens To Shut Us Down Each bottle of iGenics is produced at a GMP certified and FDA Approved facility right here in the United States... That way we can ensure that each and every pill is filled with clean, safe ingredients. PLUS, we hire a third-party laboratory to analyze every single batch of iGenics and certify that every ingredient we put on the label is included in every pill you take. While this process keeps you safe, it can take up to 2 months to produce a new batch of iGenics. And if the constant high-demand, tough to source ingredients, and rigorous production and review process weren't enough... Eye industry billionaires have gotten rich off prescription lenses and invasive surgeries for decades... Even though science has proven there are natural ways to actually support your eyesight! In order to protect their riches and keep filling their greedy pockets, they will stop at nothing to shut down operations like Science Genics who seek to give the power back to honest, hard working Americans like you and me.
  68. 68. These four reasons make it impossible to ensure that iGenics will continue to be available to the public tomorrow, let alone 6 months from now! Which is probably why most iGenics customers stock up on our 6 month supply – so they never have to worry about out of stocks! But right now I’m going to show you how you can try iGenics for 6 months, 100% risk-free As a result, our operations, including the very website you are on right now, are under threat of being attacked and shut down due to their enormous economic and political influence. Here’s how it works: Right now, if we still have any bottles of iGenics left in stock... Then you’ll see a button below to place your order. Then once you get your bottles in a few short days from now... Start your 12 second morning ritual of taking your 2 capsules every morning and see how you feel. You should start to see the vision-restoring effects of iGenics within 30 days...
  69. 69. But remember - the longer you supply your body with The 12 vision restoring supernutrients in iGenics... The more powerful they become at Supports healthy cells and DNA Supports healthy vision And if for any reason your eyesight hasn’t improved within 60 days... Or if you change your mind about iGenics for ANY reason at all... Just call or email iGenics’ U.S. based customer service team... And you’ll receive a full refund immediately.
  70. 70. No questions. No hassles. Plus you don’t even need to return your bottles of iGenics... They’re yours to keep as our way of saying “thank you for trying our product out.” All of this means there is NO downside here at all... It’s a 100% risk free investment in your vision and your health. You simply order iGenics today... And you have a full 60 days (2 full months) to see if iGenics is right for you. iGenics makes it easier than ever to support your vision naturally. I Bet You’d Give Anything to See Better, Right? But thanks to the team at Science Genics, you won’t have to! Normally a single bottle of iGenics retails for $149... Which might sound like a lot of money for a “supplement”... But when you consider the fact that:
  71. 71. You’re probably paying over $300 per year on vision care products already iGenics is the only product on the market that contains this exact proprietary blend of vision-supporting supernutrients We have ZERO FILLERS iGenics supports healthy vision at the source by promoting a healthy inflammation response in the body... I’m sure you’d agree that $149 for iGenics is a really fair deal... Yet despite all of that... I’m going to make it even easier for you to experience the vision-supporting power if iGenics today. My Personal Mission Is To Help People Improve Their Health...
  72. 72. So that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.. And the fine folks at Science Genics couldn’t agree more... Which is why, on this website only... They’ve agreed to share their “friends and family pricing” with a limited number of people... And why if you order right now... You can get your very own bottle of iGenics for a one-time investment of just $59. And That’s Still Just the Beginning. You already know that the longer you take iGenics, the better it works... And you’re aware that we frequently run out of stock due to high demand. That’s why iGenics has created a special multi-bottle package...
  73. 73. Where you can get 6 bottles of iGenics... For just $39 per bottle... That’s a total savings of $660! Plus – when you order 6 bottles of iGenics right now, we’ll give you free shipping on your entire order – that’s another $9.99 in savings! This special discount is only being offered to the first 50 customers through this website... So if you want to get iGenics and save BIG, you need to act FAST! Take Advantage of our “Friends and Family” Pricing By Ordering iGenics
  74. 74. Take Advantage of our “Friends and Family” Pricing By Ordering iGenics Below... And Secure Yours While There Are Still Bottles In Stock! This special pricing is only Available to the FIRST 50 customers while supplies last! BEST VALUE Total Price : $234 6-MONTH SUPPLY 39 $ /each
  75. 75. ADD TO CART MOST POPULAR Total Price : $147 3 MONTH SUPPLY 49 $ /each ADD TO CART
  76. 76. SAMPLER PACKAGE Total Price : $59 1 MONTH SUPPLY 59 $ /each ADD TO CART
  77. 77. After you choose your package, you’ll be taken to our 256 bit encrypted checkout page... Which is the same encryption used by Google, Apple and Amazon to protect their customers. You’ll simply enter your information and complete your order. Once your order is submitted, Our team will immediately begin working on it fast... So in just 4-5 business days, you’ll have your package of iGenics delivered right to your front door. It’s that easy!
  78. 78. Remember, iGenics is the World’s First and Only Product of it’s kind to feature all 12 vision restoring ingredients, at clinically relevant dosages! We have Zero Fillers... Our ingredients are highly absorbable... And we have the highest amounts of nutrients packed into our product. There’s no comparison to us! We strive to be the best and there’s a reason why we’ve already helped 22, 436 people and counting restore their confidence in their vision with iGenics. DON’T FORGET – IGENICS IS MADE IN A GMP CERTIFIED AND FDA APPROVED FACILITY...
  79. 79. Right here in the United States. Plus every single batch of iGenics is reviewed by an independent, third-party laboratory... And then given a Certificate of Analysis verifying that the ingredients inside the product match the label. All of this means that iGenics is a brand whose safety and quality you can trust... Because vision support supplements should be: iGenics Is All Three... When you look at the facts... Rigorously researched Carefully formulated And contain powerful, proven ingredients at clinically relevant dosages.
  80. 80. This is one of the smallest, yet most vital investments you will ever make in your entire life. A single bottle of iGenics could begin to immediately help enhance your eye health and vision quality... Three bottles could do the same thing while further boosting your cellular regeneration... And with 6 bottles of iGenics... You could be enjoying giving yourself total vision support for a full six months. So Go Ahead And Choose Your Package of iGenics Now And Secure Yours While There Are Still Bottles In Stock! BEST VALUE 6-MONTH SUPPLY
  81. 81. Total Price : $234 39 $ /each ADD TO CART MOST POPULAR 3 MONTH SUPPLY
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  83. 83. Total Price : $59 59 $ /each ADD TO CART *Special Discounted Pricing Available For The First 50 Customers Only! It’s Ultimately Your Choice.
  84. 84. You know the truth about supporting eyesight as we age, that we don't have to just let time take it's toll... You’ve learned that your eyes would be able to self-heal if it weren’t for CPE... And how CPE pollutes the eye environment and causes damage to your DNA, and therefore your vision. You’ve discovered that glasses, laser surgeries, and contacts are basically Band AID fixes that can’t correct the real problem with your eyes... And why healing your vision through better nutrition is ultimately the KEY to protecting your eyesight. I’ve shown you all the evidence supporting my 12 vision boosting ingredients and why they work at eliminating CPE and supporting vision...
  85. 85. These are studies that come from some of the most prestigious names in medicine, like Yale, Johns Hopkins and the University of London... Plus wasn’t it incredible to discover that God may have hinted at these ingredients in the Holy Bible? I’m sure you’d agree that all of this seems pretty divine, right? So go ahead and make the decision you know you need to make. Don’t ignore everything you’ve just learned out of fear that it’s too good to be true... Step in faith and claim this blessing that God has waiting for you. This is the end of my letter... So you know what you need to do now. Thank you so much for your time and God Bless, Dr. Charles Williams iGenics and the Science Genics Team
  86. 86. YES! I Want to support my Vision Naturally with iGenics BEST VALUE Total Price : $234 6-MONTH SUPPLY 39 $ /each ADD TO CART
  87. 87. MOST POPULAR Total Price : $147 3 MONTH SUPPLY 49 $ /each ADD TO CART
  88. 88. SAMPLER PACKAGE Total Price : $59 1 MONTH SUPPLY 59 $ /each ADD TO CART
  89. 89. *Special Discounted Pricing Available For The First 50 Customers Only! Frequently Asked Questions Your Investment Today Is Also Covered By A 60 Day, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE
  90. 90. iGenics is for anyone who wants to protect their eyes from age-related vision decline. The earlier you start, the better. You especially want to start using iGenics if you notice any of these signs of vision decline: - Blurred Vision - Problems seeing far distances or up close - Worsening night vision - Headaches when trying to read - Straining to see images on cellphones and television - Blind spots or “fisheye” vision Typically, our customers are 40+ when the effects of vision decline become more apparent. But no matter your age, if you want to support your vision naturally, iGenics may be right for you. Who is iGenics for? 1 Does iGenics stop AMD or Blindness? 2 What makes iGenics different than other vision supplements I’ve tried? 3 What is Bilberry good for and why is it the main ingredient in iGenics? 4 Is Saffron really good for the eyes? 5
  91. 91. What is Ginkgo Biloba good for? Is it safe to take it every day? 6 What other natural sources help boost vision? 7 What does AREDs-2 stand for and why is it important for eye health? 8 I noticed there’s Black Pepper Extract in iGenics. What does that do? 9 How often do I need to take iGenics to see results? 10 Can I take iGenics if I’m Vegan or Vegetarian? 11 What is ScienceGenics doing to support COVID- 19 safety initiatives? 12 What is your Refund Policy? 13 How soon do your products ship? 14 Okay great, how do I get started again? 15 *[Disclaimer] [CB1] This product has not been reviewed by the FDA and is not intended to treat any illness or disease. [i] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22870951/
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