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Mindfulness Roadmap - 12 Illuminating Guideposts

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So what the heck is a Mindfulness Roadmap anyways? Simple, it’s a series of tips or guideposts worth (I think) knowing as you journey from point A to point x,y and z.

There are no miraculous finds within this list of steps, yet I think the twelve tips are illuminating if you remember them as you practice. It’s easy to forget the basics as you spend more hours and months practicing mindfulness. Remember the basics and the rest of the work will take care of itself.

It’s easy to forget to keep your foot flat to the ground when you’re pedaling a bicycle, but if you do keep each foot flat you’ll go further and faster then if your technique is sloppy. It’s the same with practicing mindfulness, don’t get sloppy

Read More: at MindfulnessCreates.com

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Mindfulness Roadmap - 12 Illuminating Guideposts

  1. 1. MindfulnessCreates.Com Mindfulness Roadmap 12 Guideposts To Illuminate Your Journey
  2. 2. MindfulnessCreates.Com Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it. Sharon Salzberg
  3. 3. MindfulnessCreates.Com Start Small Waring with yourself over time is a sure way to sabotage your mindfulness practice. Start with 3, 5 or 10 minutes and add 1, 2 or 3 minutes every couple of days or weeks till you reach 20 minutes.
  4. 4. MindfulnessCreates.Com Watch Your Breath In the beginning count each breath as you exhale. Silently count 1 as you exhale and repeat on each exhale until you reach 10, then start again. If you lose track, Gently (no judgement) start again, at 1. In and Out Up and Down
  5. 5. MindfulnessCreates.Com Sit And Repeat It's as easy as sitting down and watching your breath.The hard part appears when repeating those simple steps. It's about sitting and repeating,sitting and repeating. Nothing else. Add nothing and grasp nothing. Sit, Breathe and Repeat.
  6. 6. MindfulnessCreates.Com Thoughts Come And Go 60,000 thoughts stream in and out of our minds each day. We can be thankful most are below the surface. When you sit thoughts will flow in, acknowledge them and Gently ( no judgement ) bring your attention back to your breath
  7. 7. MindfulnessCreates.Com The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it. Thich Nhat Hanh
  8. 8. MindfulnessCreates.Com Stay With It Emotions will arise, fall and collide into each other during practice, stay with the underlying feelings and let the noise do it’s thing. Don't grasp at the emotions and label them.Experience them. Let the energy flow, it will run its course. If we grab the noise, emotions or the thoughts we miss what needs to be expressed and experienced.
  9. 9. MindfulnessCreates.Com Tune Into Posture After each exhale there's a short moment before your next inhale, use that moment to check your posture. Is your back straight? Are your shoulders and neck relaxed? Do this check at the end of each exhale, without adding thoughts. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Check Posture - 1,2,3
  10. 10. MindfulnessCreates.Com Join With Others The power of practicing with a group is in shared experience. Many things you experience on the mindfulness path have been experienced by others. A group is a great place to ask questions and share experiences.
  11. 11. MindfulnessCreates.Com Is That You? Many disparate thoughts and emotions will stream through your mind as you sit in meditation. Those thoughts and emotions are not you, not your core, not your essence, Those thoughts and emotions are remnants of a busy mind, they don’t define who or what you are unless you choose to latch onto them. We all have dark and light thoughts. Ask yourself. Am I My Thoughts? Am I My Feelings?
  12. 12. MindfulnessCreates.Com Wherever you go, there you are Jon Kabat-Zinn
  13. 13. MindfulnessCreates.Com Savor The Moment We stand in a stream of infinite moments, each one appearing, then disappearing. And while they come and go so fast we are unable to recognize an individual moment, we can with practice become aware of our presence within the stream of moments. Savor being aware of the here and now, of being part of the stream.
  14. 14. MindfulnessCreates.Com Don’t Get Caught What a heavy weight we place upon ourselves when our mind is snagged on the barbed-wire of how. And yes, having an overview or a plan before you embark up the side of a cliff is important. But to move forward requires one hand over the other each existing within the present moment. There is little “HOW” when walking along the path of awareness. In the how
  15. 15. MindfulnessCreates.Com Do It Anywhere Practice is not dependent on time or place. Sitting works great on the beach, a park bench, in your car before work, on the bus or in nature. It can be for 5 minutes in the back of a Taxi or 60 minutes at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Sit somewhere or anywhere each day.
  16. 16. MindfulnessCreates.Com Cluttered Mind Don’t Worry So much to do and so little time, Right? At times our mind seems like the enemy, it’s not. Our thoughts and emotions become trouble when we attach to them, when we believe our own judgements and assumptions to be true we create conflict and not just in our own heads and bodies. What’s the answer? Sit, Breathe and Repeat It’s That Simple
  17. 17. MindfulnessCreates.Com What would it be like if I could accept life – accept this moment – exactly as it is? Tara Brach
  18. 18. MindfulnessCreates.Com suffering can expire remember to breathe craig daniels a presentation by 2018