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The 3 Keys of Customized Lighting

The right lighting design can have a major impact on the atmosphere of your home. With these 3 key tips, OPPLE can help you create a home environment that you look forward to coming home to every day.

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The 3 Keys of Customized Lighting

  2. 2. opple.com 2 2015is the time to create the cozy, comfortable, and inviting home environment you desire. This month, we present to you three aspects of lighting that are important for altering the glow, and therefore the mood or function, of any room.
  3. 3. opple.com 3 Pay close attention to the height and angle of your lighting. Lights above the dining room table are meant to enhance the colors and textures of food, and therefore the spread of light above should not exceed the table’s width. Avoid having the light hit peoples’ faces and cast unflattering shadows, or reflect off of the table and into the eyesight of people sitting at the table. FIRST - PLACEMENT
  4. 4. opple.com 4 FIRST - PLACEMENT When highlighting a piece of artwork hanging on the wall, make sure the light shines at a 60 degree angle from the wall so that it will not reflect off of the artwork and into the eyesight of viewers.
  5. 5. opple.com 5 Fixtures redistribute the light to hit target areas and give off the desired intensity of glow. Pendants, chandeliers, and scones project wide beam angles, and are thus used in dining and living rooms to create a soft glow and relaxed atmosphere. SECOND - LIGHT FIXTURES
  6. 6. opple.com 6 THIRD - LIGHT BULBS SHAPE Below are the types of bulbs you should seek for the fixtures that are typically placed in dining or living rooms: Lamp: A-line bulb Pendant: Globe bulb Chandelier and Scone: Candle bulb To draw the eye to a new piece of artwork or centerpiece, use down lights or spot lights for narrower angles.
  7. 7. opple.com 7 THIRD - LIGHT BULBS BRIGHTNESS Contrary to popular belief, the brightness of light emitted is determined by a bulb’s lumens, not wattage. For chopping and cooking activities in the kitchen, choose bulbs with high lumens for under- the-cabinet lighting, and for pendant lights above task areas and the kitchen sink.
  8. 8. opple.com 8 THIRD - LIGHT BULBS BRIGHTNESS Bright lights are also useful for an office or studio where attention to small details and textures is key, and can similarly be used to draw attention to standout pieces of furniture.
  9. 9. opple.com 9 THIRD - LIGHT BULBS COLOR AND WARMTH Warmer lights are lower on the Kelvin spectrum (0-2700K) and are typically used in bedrooms and living rooms for a softer, relaxing glow. Cooler lights are higher on the Kelvin spectrum (3000-4100K) and are used more often in bathrooms and kitchens for a bright, clean feel.
  10. 10. opple.com 10 We hope this guide will be helpful for you to choose the perfect light bulbs, fixtures, and placement of lights for the atmosphere you desire in each room of your home. Stay tuned for more lighting tips from OPPLE next month!
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