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OpenAthens - Charleston Premiers

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OpenAthens Wayfinder: helping users access your content.

Presentation which took part at Charleston Conference 2018.
Phil Leahy, OpenAthens Service Relationship Manager.

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OpenAthens - Charleston Premiers

  1. 1. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org OpenAthens Wayfinder: helping users access your content Phil Leahy Service Relationship Manager phil.leahy@openathens.net
  2. 2. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org OpenAthens Wayfinder • Is this a product pitch? • Yes • Is this a sales pitch? • No • Why are you doing this? • OpenAthens is part of a not-for-profit organization • Wayfinder is free to use
  3. 3. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org What problem are we trying to solve? • Publisher login pages serve several audiences • Individual logins • Pay-per-view • Federated access • Federated access requires users to ‘find their way home’
  4. 4. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org Who ‘owns’ a publisher’s login page? • There are often multiple stakeholders: •Developers •Product managers •Marketing (branding) •The customer (organisation) •The user
  5. 5. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org Current experience • Each content platform has a unique login experience • Research offsite is difficult, confusing, and frustrating • Users abandon search and use unethical alternatives, e.g. SciHub “If I’m asked to log in, I don’t read the article.”
  6. 6. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org
  7. 7. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org
  8. 8. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org
  9. 9. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org Wayfinder features (1) • Location-aware • Typeahead search • Previous choice is remembered • and dismissible
  10. 10. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org Wayfinder features (2) • Leverages an organisation’s metadata • Display name(s) • Geolocation • Logos • Email domains
  11. 11. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org Embeddable Wayfinder Login to the virtual library of Georgia In the spotlight Login to the virtual library of Georgia
  12. 12. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org OpenAthens Wayfinder • Leverages organizational metadata • Simple to implement • Intuitive & responsive user interface • Zero cost – OpenAthens fees not required
  13. 13. www.openathens.orgwww.openathens.org OpenAthens Wayfinder http://bit.ly/wayfinderdocs Phil Leahy Service Relationship Manager phil.leahy@openathens.net +44 (0)117 313 8312