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OpSource Takecharge

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OpSource Takecharge

  1. 1. Case Study: TakeCharge TakeCharge Chooses OpSource to Deliver 100% Uptime Guarantee for Spend Management Solution On-Demand Company TakeCharge Technologies is the value leader in spend management business service solutions focusing on “We didn’t want a company that just provided servers. We procure-to-pay compliance and information management. wanted a company that understands partnership, market Spend management is the way in which companies control needs, and the challenge of constant change.” and optimize the money they spend. TakeCharge helps - Debbie Hamel its customers gain control of spend, delivering financial President and CEO savings and allowing them to leverage the wealth of TakeCharge Technologies information throughout the procure-to-pay process. Customers are empowered to “own”, control and manage Customer Profile: their spend information and processes. This leads to TakeCharge Technologies financial benefit, increased rebates and card program cost 11417 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 215 savings. With the TakeCharge ProCharge™ solution, users Reston, VA 20190 gain procure-to-pay compliance for expenditure account www.takechargetech.com reconciliation, controls for eliminating duplicate payments, and detection and prevention of misuse, which satisfies Industry: internal and external regulations. Spend management solutions TakeCharge Requirement OpSource Solution: For its ProCharge solution, which enables both public OpSource Managed Hosting and private sector organizations to streamline processes OpSource Application Operations™ and simplify management, TakeCharge wanted a reliable on-demand delivery platform that included full protection Key Benefits: for client data and privacy of communication. TakeCharge • 100% up time guarantee also wanted a partner who understood its growth needs, • Elimination of large up-front capital expense for would help it meet new challenges as they evolved, and on-demand infrastructure provide a pricing model consistent with its own • Expert 24X7X365 monitoring and customer support revenue expectations. • Constantly updated security Complete Solution OpSource provided TakeCharge with a complete ProCharge enables its customers to monitor all purchase on-demand infrastructure, including application and payment activities and comply with all corporate management, constantly updated security, and high quality and regulatory requirements. In delivering this solution 24x7 customer support. In addition, OpSource’s success- through a user-friendly interface across all accounting, based pricing gives TakeCharge a comprehensive SaaS purchasing, and financial environments, TakeCharge knew vehicle without the substantial startup expenses it would that performance and availability were critical. It was otherwise have faced. reassured by OpSource’s guaranteed 100% uptime and© 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. YOU BUIlD IT. WE DElIVER IT. by knowing that OpSource constantly monitors network Scalability was another key issue. OpSource enabled the performance and performs regular security audits to company to be fully operational, with optimal performance ensure continuously-updated best practices and firewalls. and support in place, and still be able to expand virtually without limit. In addition, by having OpSource take full “We were impressed by the business model, the people, responsibility for its SaaS delivery, TakeCharge retained and the support that OpSource could provide,” notes the flexibility to respond more easily to innovations in Hamel. The company was looking for a SaaS provider to SaaS technology in the future. The company can now “evolve with us as TakeCharge and our clients evolve.” focus exclusively on product development and marketing, Takecharge knew that change would be an ongoing without having to absorb new staff or be distracted by challenge, and it wanted a partner who understood this performance and customer support issues. and showed itself ready to respond to challenges as they arose. “OpSource has been extremely responsive Why OpSource? in helping us roll out our solution and connecting us With OpSource’s complete SaaS solution, TakeCharge knew with a community of like-minded companies in which we that it could expect optimal performance, security, and can work together to build a network of solutions that superior customer service. TakeCharge also saw in OpSource complement each other and build mutual success.” a true partner, who could not only structure its own services to help the company break into a new market but OpSource also proved its ability to help to respond to respond to new needs as it grew. OpSource’s success-based the challenges TakeCharge faced by offering pricing made on-demand delivery economically feasible, success-based pricing, which removed cost barriers and OpSource provided the scalability and flexibility that by offering a pay-as-you-go pricing structure similar to TakeCharge needed to handle growth and inevitable the one TakeCharge employs with its on-demand clients. technological changes as they occur. TakeCharge was free to Costs increase only as TakeCharge’s on-demand concentrate on its core competencies to maintain leadership revenues increase. in the marketplace. Company Corporate Headquarters OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to accelerate 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 120 growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. More than Santa Clara, CA 95054 500 SaaS ISVs, cloud platform providers, carriers and enterprises rely on OpSource’s expertise, experience and 408-567-2000 agility to operate high-availability, business-critical hosting environments. sales@opsource.net www.opsource.net© 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 2 of 2