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Case Study                                             Compuware Gomez Leverages                                          ...
COMPUWARE GOMEZ LEVERAGES THE CLOUD FOR WEB LOAD TESTING                                             •	 Launching marketin...
COMPUWARE GOMEZ LEVERAGES THE CLOUD FOR WEB LOAD TESTING                                             During the implementa...
COMPUWARE GOMEZ LEVERAGES THE CLOUD FOR WEB LOAD TESTING                                             About Compuware Gomez...
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Case Study: Compuware Gomez

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Case Study: Compuware Gomez

  1. 1. Case Study Compuware Gomez Leverages the Cloud for Web Load TestingCase Study Highlights “What we get from OpSource is infrastructure on demand, where we simply pay for what we need. OpSource was very good at• Gomez Web Load Testing service gives organizations the ability helping us get started. They provided knowledgeable support to proactively find and resolve and good documentation; and whenever there were hurdles, they web and mobile application bent over backwards to help us through it.” performance, availability and quality problems quickly, Colin Mason Web Load Testing Product Manager, and accurately. Compuware APM• Challenge: Expand load testing capacity to meet client demand Compuware Gomez On-demand Web Load and for increasingly larger load Performance Testing volumes and diversity of cloud Compuware Corporation, the technology performance company, providers and datacenter provides software, experts, and best practices to make the world’s most locations. important technologies perform at their best for leading organizations worldwide, including 46 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and 12 of• Solution: Gomez leveraged the the top 20 most visited U.S. websites. OpSource Cloud to generate large volumes of load testing Among Compuware’s application performance management (APM) traffic and provide an alternate offerings is Gomez Web Load Testing, an easy-to-use, on-demand choice of cloud provider to performance testing solution built to ensure the success of critical web their clients. and mobile business initiatives. Unlike other website monitoring and• OpSource was selected as testing solutions that don’t realistically simulate load from the end users’ a cloud hosting provider perspective, Gomez Web Load Testing generates scalable, high-volume, based on pricing, scalability, data center-based and real-world load from thousands of Gomez responsiveness and technical Last Mile desktops around the globe. The result is the most accurate expertise. measurement of response times and end-user experience under load. Gomez Web Load Testing enables organizations to deploy new web and mobile initiatives with confidence, and identify and resolve issues before end-users do. Gomez clients use Web Load Testing when:© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. COMPUWARE GOMEZ LEVERAGES THE CLOUD FOR WEB LOAD TESTING • Launching marketing and sales As Gomez’s business grew, so campaigns did the demand for load volume. • Rolling out new web and mobile “We test some of the biggest sites, applications and features web applications on the planet,” • Planning for seasonal and says Mason. “No single cloud holiday spikes in web traffic vendor has enough volume and • Upgrading or implementing diversity to do the big load tests.” virtual infrastructures At the same time, Gomez clients • Deploying new mobile initiatives began requesting more choices in datacenters from which to Challenge: Meeting the launch tests to reflect regional Growing Needs of Clients differences. To conduct a load test, Gomez clients go to a portal and select Solution“OpSource’s infrastructure is the number of virtual users, In 2008, Gomez began to searchthere when we need it. It’s a the duration of the test in for a second cloud providercost-effective solution, and our hours, and the cloud provider’s that could supply the additionalclients appreciate the diversity datacenter(s) from which the volume and diversity Gomezthat having OpSource in the test will be launched. A single required to satisfy client demand.network gives us.” load test can simulate hundreds Elastic capacity was important, of thousands of concurrent but so was elastic pricing. “SomeColin Mason users and up to tens of millions of the other cloud vendors billedWeb Load Testing Product Manager,Compuware APM page views per hour. Clients are by the month. Once you turned it charged based on the total virtual on you paid for the month, even user hours. When scheduled, an if you only needed it for an hour. application programming interface OpSource addressed the need for (API) automatically loads the competitive hourly billing,” appropriate number of agents recalls Mason. (i.e., browsers) on a cloud provider’s servers. Equally important for Mason was the ability to spin the cloud The advantage of using a provider’s machines up and down cloud provider is that Gomez quickly through an API. “APIs are only pays for servers that are critical to us. Without them we’d “spun up” during the load test. need a human sitting around “Infrastructure on demand is far waiting for a client to schedule a more economical than building load test.” out and managing our own infrastructure,” says Colin Mason, After investigating nearly a web load testing product manager dozen cloud providers, Gomez for Compuware’s APM business. chose OpSource’s Cloud Hosting “Amazon was the first cloud platform. OpSource had the provider we worked with because cloud infrastructure pricing they were the first to market with model Mason was looking for. a viable cloud.” “What we get from OpSource is infrastructure on demand, where we simply pay for what we need.”© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. COMPUWARE GOMEZ LEVERAGES THE CLOUD FOR WEB LOAD TESTING During the implementation stage of tests are scheduled each day. OpSource exceeded Mason’s “Within a month of implementing expectations. “They were very OpSource, nearly half the tests run good at helping us get started. over our entire network were run They provided knowledgeable using OpSource,” says Mason. support and good documentation; and whenever there were hurdles, OpSource has given Gomez plenty they bent over backwards to help of room to grow. “We’ve spun us through it. In short, they did up some pretty big capacity with what they said they could do.” OpSource, as many as 200 virtual machines in one datacenter with OpSource has enabled Gomez 800 CPUs and 800 gigabytes of to spin up and then spin down RAM,” says Mason. “OpSource servers quickly on demand, has given us the ability to drive ensuring that each client’s bigger load tests from more data schedule request is met. “The centers, which directly impacts our infrastructure is there when we bottom line.” want it,” says Mason. The scalability of OpSource’s Impact: Scalability, Flexibility infrastructure has helped Gomez Gomez’s business has soared in to gain new clients as well. the past two years, due in part “OpSource has directly impacted to the popularity of OpSource- our ability to close some very driven load tests. Today, dozens large deals,” says Mason.© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. COMPUWARE GOMEZ LEVERAGES THE CLOUD FOR WEB LOAD TESTING About Compuware Gomez The Gomez platform is the industry’s leading solution for optimizing the performance, availability and quality of web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Driven by end-user experience, Gomez provides a unified view across the entire application delivery chain, from a user’s browser or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, in the cloud, to inside the data center, eliminating blind spots from the First Mile to the Last Mile. About OpSource Founded in 2002, OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. Headquartered in Santa Clara, with operations in California, Virginia, the UK, Ireland, and India, more than 600 enterprises, service providers and Software-as-a-Service ISVs rely on OpSource’s expertise, experience and cloud automation technology to operate high-availability, business-critical hosting environments. OpSource is a Dimension Data company. www.opsource.net. Corporate Headquarters 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 120, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 1-800-664-9973 (USA) +353 1 661 9979 (EMEA), sales@opsource.net, www.opsource.net© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.