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Case study: Springbox

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Case study: Springbox

  1. 1. Case Study Springbox Takes Concerts to the CloudCase Study Highlights “We were definitely in crunch time. We had to get the project back on track quickly. OpSource didn’t just make up for lost time;• Springbox is an interactive services agency that helps they completed the project ahead of schedule.” brands build digital experiences Mike Nowlin to captivate customers and Director of Strategic Initiatives drive business. Combining strategic insights with big ideas, Springbox Full-service Interactive Marketing Springbox works to identify and Springbox is a full-service interactive marketing firm with offices in address the right opportunities Austin and Los Angeles. It produces best-in-class digital solutions for in the digital space. Representing some of the nation’s best known companies including Dell and Disney. high-caliber brands such as Springbox is not your typical agency. It was built from the ground up to Central Market, Dell, Disney, be interactive, going beyond simple micro websites and banner ads to HEB, LG, PayPal, and Sweet Leaf, focus on complex interactions with data, social media, and Springbox is an independent mobile applications. operating unit of DG, with offices in Austin, Texas, and Los For example, Springbox developed a microsite challenging high schools Angeles, California. to show Dell why they should win the ultimate prom, complete with celebrity DJ, ultra-chic décor and incredible edibles. Videos were• Challenge: Find a hosting made, viewed, and voted upon – a whopping 129,174 times. In all the provider that could deliver the excitement, Dell’s Facebook audience grew by more than 19,000 fans. right balance of cost, support, and technical skills needed to In another project, Springbox delivered an online configurator to help manage a complex environment. car maker Scion get customer-specified build sheets to dealerships.• Solution: OpSource Cloud With the configurator, users could choose colors, parts, accessories and plus App Ops™ for expanded performance options, and then view their customized Scion in true 3D. support. Users could save, print or send custom build sheets to a local Scion dealer to make that dream car a reality.• OpSource was selected as the cloud hosting provider based Challenge: Finding the Right Hosting Provider on pricing, support, and A Springbox client approached the agency to develop an application that technical expertise. would allow users to stream a series of live concerts via FaceBook as part© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. SPRINGBOX TAKES CONCERTS TO THE CLOUD of an overall advertising campaign. the support Springbox needed. Originally, the agency planned to “There was nobody we could host the application on FaceBook, call,” says Nowlin. After spending which would provide the delivery valuable time, Springbox finally mechanism. Just after the project determined that FaceBook began, however, FaceBook wouldn’t work with Amazon the changed its rules, no longer way they wanted it to. “We were allowing application content on its definitely in crunch time. We had site. Springbox would have to build to get the project back on track out a new site from the ground up. quickly.” With its tight schedule now in Prior to the concert project“We worked with some fairly jeopardy, the agency would need Nowlin had been considering to quickly find a hosting provider OpSource to host Springbox’s ownnew technologies in ways that that could host the application. To internal site. “We had looked athave never been done before, keep costs low to meet the client’s OnRamp, RackSpace, and severaland it was completely flawless budget, Springbox required a other providers, both managedfrom the technical side, thanks provider that could offer a small and cloud-based. OpSource wasto OpSource. The application footprint initially and grow not only the best option but alsogot hit pretty hard, but we rapidly if and when traffic the least expensive. There werenever saw any problems, increased dramatically. differentiators between OpSourcecapacity issues, or hiccups. and other providers, but the keyIt never went down.” Equally important was finding a for us was support. Unfortunately, provider who could offer a high the internal project got lost inMike Nowlin level of support. “Cost isn’t the the shuffle of client work, butDirector of Strategic Initiatives first thing I worry about,” says OpSource was at the top of Mike Nowlin, director of strategic our list.” initiatives with Springbox. “It’s much more important that we can Under the gun, Nowlin called his get people on the phone and fix a contact at OpSource. Within a day problem or be proactive enough so he received a quote and all the we don’t have to worry about the technical specifications necessary problem in the first place.” to implement the complex concert project. Springbox Solution chose the OpSource Cloud plus In the past, Springbox had relied OpSource App Ops™, which on traditional managed hosting provides outsourced application providers for the majority of their management services that help needs. But escalating pricing customers scale complex SaaS led them to seek a cloud-based and web-based applications. The solution. A constrained budget led project moved ahead quickly. Springbox to Amazon to host the “OpSource didn’t just make up for streaming concert application. lost time; they completed it ahead of schedule.” Amazon, however, didn’t provide© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. SPRINGBOX TAKES CONCERTS TO THE CLOUD Impact: Client Satisfaction The success of this project opens The project proved very successful, up opportunities for future both from a technical and user projects with this client. “We were standpoint. “We worked with able to prove to our client that some fairly new technologies in Springbox knows how to find the ways that have never been done right partners, like OpSource.” before, and it was completely flawless from the technical The client was very pleased with side, thanks to OpSource,” says the project; so much so that Nowlin. “The application got hit the scope was expanded. “We pretty hard, but we never saw initially intended to do three any problems, capacity issues, or concerts, but the success of hiccups. It never went down.” everything, including the hosting environment, led the client to ask for a fourth,” says Nowlin.”© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. SPRINGBOX TAKES CONCERTS TO THE CLOUD About Springbox Springbox is an interactive services agency that helps brands build digital experiences to captivate customers and drive business. Combining strategic insights with big ideas, Springbox works to identify and address the right opportunities in the digital space. A unique emphasis on responsible design, effective collaboration and exceptional results sets Springbox apart as a leader in the industry. Proudly representing high-caliber brands such as Central Market, Dell, Disney, HEB, LG, PayPal and Sweet Leaf, Springbox is an independent operating unit of DG, with offices in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. About OpSource OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. More than six hundred enterprises, service providers and Software-as-a-Service ISVs rely on OpSource’s expertise, experience and cloud automation technology to operate high-availability, business-critical hosting environments. OpSource’s Managed Services for the Cloud provide application monitoring, management and optimization across both public and private cloud environments. OpSource’s Software Stack powers the cloud with automated provisioning, billing, management and administration. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, OpSource is SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1 and European Safe Harbour certified and has operations in California, Virginia, UK, Ireland, and India. Corporate Headquarters 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 120, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 1-800-664-9973 (USA) +353 1 661 9979 (EMEA), sales@opsource.net, www.opsource.net© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.