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Case study: Glassbeam

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Case study: Glassbeam

  1. 1. Case Study Glassbeam Moves SaaS Application to the Cloud for Improved Flexibility and Lower CostCase Study Highlights “We are an applications software company. We don’t want to be in the business of hardware procurement and resource• Glassbeam provides a SaaS solution for product analytics management. Outsourcing that to a trusted partner, who is that helps equipment managing that operational complexity, is a huge advantage manufacturers understand for us. OpSource is helping us run our business.” log data that their products generate at customer sites. Puneet Pandit President and CEO This product intelligence provides a complete picture of Glassbeam Product Intelligence on Demand customer status, configuration, Glassbeam’s Product Analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and usage – and is the key provides manufacturers of storage, server, switch, medical equipment, to lowering support costs, and other devices with unprecedented value and information through increasing services revenue, and a specialized analytics approach on product operational data such as improving customer satisfaction. log files.• Challenge: Improve flexibility and lower cost of supporting The solution parses, builds a data warehouse, and analyzes streams on-demand, high-performance of incoming operational data from the installed base on a near computing (HPC) workloads. real-time basis. It visually displays a complete picture of customer status, configuration, and usage in views designed for the needs of service,• Solution: Migrate production support, engineering, sales, R&D and marketing organizations. Building SaaS application from hosted an equivalent solution in house could cost upwards of one or two million physical servers to virtual servers dollars and take many months to deploy. In contrast, the Glassbeam on the OpSource Cloud. solution can be deployed within four to six weeks and for an eighth of• Glassbeam chose to stay with the cost of building it in-house. OpSource based on a close working relationship and The solution is sold to product manufacturers on an annual subscription- years of excellent managed based pricing structure through a SaaS model. Using Glassbeam, a services support. manufacturer can: • Provide proactive and predictive resolution to customer issues, improving customer retention and lowering support delivery costs© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. GLASSBEAM MOVES SAAS APPLICATIOn TO THE CLOUD FOR IMPROVED FLExIBILITy AnD LOWER COST • Create new monetized the reload process, this data had professional services to advise to be reloaded in the background customers on audit and without impacting performance. optimization services • Aggregate product behavior To make this process transparent across the entire installed base to to users, Glassbeam created a enhance product quality and get parallel staging environment in market intelligence for sales and which the data could be reparsed marketing purposes on servers commissioned from OpSource. So CPU-intensive Challenge: Reduce Costs, was this process that it would Increase Flexibility require months to complete on“We are an applications The Glassbeam SaaS solution four or five servers so Glassbeamsoftware company. We don’t runs on a combination of web, typically commissioned as manywant to be in the business of parsing, and database servers. The as 20 servers to complete the jobhardware procurement and company’s strength and focus lies within a few days. Commissioningresource management. Out- in developing and continuously that many servers in a dedicatedsourcing to a trusted partner, improving its industry-leading Managed Hosting environmentOpSource, who is managing product analytics software. could take one week or more.operational complexity is a Managing an IT infrastructure is Glassbeam needed a hostinghuge advantage for us.” not one of its core capabilities. solution that would provide Several years ago Glassbeam greater flexibility at lower cost.Puneet Pandit decided to outsource its IT needs toPresident and CEO a managed hosting provider. After Solution an extensive evaluation, it chose In mid 2010, OpSource introduced OpSource Managed Hosting and Glassbeam’s President and Application Operations. CEO, Puneet Pandit, to the OpSource Cloud. OpSource is Glassbeam was very satisfied with the only enterprise-class cloud the level of service and support Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering that OpSource delivered over that includes hardware-based the years, but the ISV felt that security and scalability, complete running its application on physical customization and control, easy servers didn’t offer the degree integration, 24x7 live support, of flexibility needed to scale and 100-percent availability resources up and down quickly. guaranteed. “There were other Periodically, as often as every cloud hosting providers in the three months, Glassbeam clients market, but we already had a rolled out new software releases good relationship with OpSource and firmware updates for their and they had the cloud so it was a products. This typically changes natural fit for us to continue the the data log format, which meant partnership,” says Pandit.” that Glassbeam had to reload all the data – one, two, or even five Glassbeam moved all of its SaaS terabytes of it. Because clients infrastructure, its web, parsing, were still using the solution during and database servers, from© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. GLASSBEAM MOVES SAAS APPLICATIOn TO THE CLOUD FOR IMPROVED FLExIBILITy AnD LOWER COST OpSource’s Managed Hosting to Pandit sees one more advantage the OpSource Cloud seamlessly in working with OpSource – the and without incident. “The Cloud ability to easily migrate to a works well,” says Pandit. “We still Hybrid Cloud. Glassbeam’s SaaS get the support we need, but at application is database-intensive a much lower infrastructure cost with a lot of I/O between the with greater flexibility.” application and the user. To ensure the highest level of Impact: Lower TCO, Higher performance for the user, Flexibility Glassbeam has the flexibility to By moving to the Cloud, move to a Hybrid Cloud model Glassbeam has substituted where web and parsing servers physical servers for virtual would continue to reside on servers. “A virtual server costs less the OpSource Cloud, while than half that of an equivalent the database would be run on physical server,” says Pandit. managed physical servers in “Our infrastructure costs are OpSource’s Managed Hosting dramatically lower today.” environment. Within a Managed Hosting “We are an applications software environment it could take weeks company,” says Pandit. “We to commission new physical don’t want to be in the business servers, depending upon of hardware procurement manufacturer lead times. In a and resource management. Cloud environment it takes only Outsourcing to a trusted partner, minutes. “We can scale on the OpSource, who is managing fly,” says Pandit. Furthermore, operational complexity is a huge Glassbeam only has to pay for advantage for us.” resources when they are needed and only for as long as they are needed.© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. GLASSBEAM MOVES SAAS APPLICATIOn TO THE CLOUD FOR IMPROVED FLExIBILITy AnD LOWER COST About Glassbeam Glassbeam Inc. is the leading provider of Product Analytic Solutions. Fortune 500 companies including IBM and EMC utilize Glassbeam to translate “big data” into “critical operational and usage” information. The Glassbeam software assembles information from thousands of machines installed in these customers’ installed bases worldwide. Support, service, engineering, sales and marketing teams leverage the intelligence presented by Glassbeam’s software to gain insight into actual product and feature usage in the field, potential customer use problems, and increase the effectiveness of up-sell and cross-sell programs. Glassbeam is delivered as a cloud based SaaS solution, and can be offered on-site as a managed service. The company’s headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, CA, phone: 408-740-4600, web: www.glassbeam.com. About OpSource Founded in 2002, OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. Headquartered in Santa Clara, with operations in California, Virginia, the UK, Ireland, and India, more than 600 enterprises, service providers and Software-as-a-Service ISVs rely on OpSource’s expertise, experience and cloud automation technology to operate high-availability, business-critical hosting environments. OpSource is a Dimension Data company. www.opsource.net. Corporate Headquarters 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 120, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 1-800-664-9973 (USA) +353 1 661 9979 (EMEA), sales@opsource.net, www.opsource.net© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.