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Astoria case study

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Astoria case study

  1. 1. Case Study Astoria Chooses OpSource for Reliable Managed ServicesCase Study Highlights “OpSource is enabling our premier solution, Astoria-On-Demand, which has been the most successful enterprise-wide XML content• Astoria On-Demand streamlines and speeds management system in the market. Without OpSource we don’t publishing of XML-based have a SaaS business.” product content – from operation manuals to Michael Rosinski President and CEO, maintenance and service Astoria Software documentation – and enables fast, cost-effective translation Astoria-On-Demand Dynamic Product Documentation and publishing. Manufacturers of complex, technology-dependent products are challenged with correspondingly complex product documentation.• Challenge: Find a managed Astoria Software delivers a best-in-class solution to globally dispersed hosting services provider technical documentation teams for authoring, reviewing, managing, that offered reliable SaaS and publishing XML-based technical publications using the leading support capabilities. information standard, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture• Solution: OpSource Managed (DITA). Astoria allows organizations to: Hosting. • Manage individual XML content as elements – not whole documents • Re-use content – for improved efficiency and accuracy• Astoria Software chose • Manage content versions and version roll-back OpSource to host and manage • Automate workflow and review/approval cycles with reporting that its SaaS infrastructure based on includes a complete historical audit trail its flexibility and proven ability • Publish customized documents to multiple formats including PDF, to scale the operations of a HTML, and more SaaS business. • Automate multi-language translation for faster time-to-publish at a lower cost Challenge: Deliver Highly Reliable 24/7 SaaS Service to Clients From its founding in 1994 until 2006, Astoria sold its solution exclusively as a licensed software package installed on its customers’ hardware. By 2006, however, the company had become frustrated with long sales cycles that could last up to 18 months. New customers were finding it difficult to get CapEx funding for the large servers and related hardware© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. ASTORIA CHOOSES OPSOURCE FOR RELIABLE MANAgED SERvICES needed to support an enterprise- Solution wide XML content management Astoria evaluated a number of system. Even when funded, it was Managed Services providers. “We hard to obtain the needed level found that many of the managed of attention and support from IT service providers out there in the groups, who tended to be more market were just pure hosting,” focused on ERP systems and other says Michael Rosinski, President high-profile corporate applications. and CEO of Astoria Software. “They wanted to charge us for Fortuitously, 2006 was the year rack and power but they didn’t that the Software-as-a-Service offer any of the value-added (SaaS) model began to gain services that differentiate increased attention in multiple software-as-a-service from simple market segments. Astoria hosting. OpSource was different. surveyed its customers. “We asked They had a global footprint and them, ‘What if we provided the global support, and a flexible application and customer pricing model for SaaS companies support, the platforms, and all the like ours the others lacked.” IT-related services, and all you had to do was point a browser to a OpSource’s Managed Hosting“One thing that really stood URL and download a single piece platform provides Astoriaout with OpSource was the of software to your desktop with a complete on-demandflexibility to work with us.” to access the solution?’” says infrastructure that includes the Eric Kuhnen, director of global flexibility, advanced applicationEric Kuhnen operations at Astoria. “They loved support, and technical expertiseDirector of global Operations the concept of SaaS.” required for mission-critical hosted applications. OpSource Astoria was convinced that a oversees everything from migration to the SaaS model provisioning the physical server to would be beneficial for both securely enabling the on-demand Astoria and its customers. “We application to conducting testing made a strategic decision early and validation. Because Astoria on that, rather than manage it On-Demand’s user community is ourselves, we would go with a worldwide, OpSource provides tier-one provider with staff who 24/7 support to minimize service are professionals at managing the disruption and ensure that Astoria infrastructure and making SaaS delivers a highly-available service companies effective,” says Kuhnen. to its customers.© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. ASTORIA CHOOSES OPSOURCE FOR RELIABLE MANAgED SERvICES “Over the course of the last and many customers run 24/7. five years, OpSource has become Since 2002, OpSource has been an integral part of Astoria’s providing reliable, highly available operations and a key component Managed Services to meet the of Astoria On-Demand’s success,” needs of demanding customers. continued Rosinski. “OpSource One statistic demonstrates provides the flexibility, global OpSource’s effectiveness. “Since footprint, and support we 2006 we’ve never lost a SaaS need to make our premier customer,” proclaims Kuhnen. solution the most successful enterprise-wide XML content OpSource’s flexible platform management system in the is able to support Astoria market. Without OpSource we On-Demand’s customer base as wouldn’t have a SaaS business.” the company begins to move This flexibility was reaffirmed to a virtual model over the next after five years of exceptional two years. Astoria Software’s support and service. As Astoria’s vision is to leverage the public business and infrastructure needs cloud to expand into the Small have changed, OpSource has been and Medium-sized Business accommodating at every turn. (SMB) and consumer consultant markets. “OpSource has a high- Impact: Reliable, Available performance cloud offering. Astoria’s systems must be up and When we’re ready we’ll have running around the clock because the right partner to do that,” its user community is global says Kuhnen.© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. ASTORIA CHOOSES OPSOURCE FOR RELIABLE MANAgED SERvICES About Astoria Software Astoria Software is the world’s most successful Enterprise solution for XML Component Content Management and the first to deliver both an Enterprise-wide SaaS/On-Demand and an On-Premise approach to structured content management. Cisco Systems, Teradata, ITT Fluid Technology, Siemens Healthcare, Northrop grumman, Avaya, Citrix, and other Forbes global 2000 manufacturers rely on Astoria to meet increasingly competitive demands for product documentation – high volume, accelerated time-to-market, and globalized output. Astoria Component Content Management, whether On-Demand or On-Premise, is an enterprise-wide solution for Translation-Enabled Content Management, reducing documentation costs up to 90%, compressing product launch times from months to weeks, and generating productivity and management benefits with its flexible delivery model. Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, Inc., is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.astoriasoftware.com. About OpSource Founded in 2002, OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. Headquartered in Santa Clara, with operations in California, virginia, the UK, Ireland, and India, more than 600 enterprises, service providers and Software-as-a-Service ISvs rely on OpSource’s expertise, experience and cloud automation technology to operate high-availability, business-critical hosting environments. OpSource is a Dimension Data company. www.opsource.net. Corporate Headquarters 5201 great America Parkway, Suite 120, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 1-800-664-9973 (USA) +353 1 661 9979 (EMEA), sales@opsource.net, www.opsource.net© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.