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Writing Killer Email Copy

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Writing Killer Email Copy

  1. 1. 10 Best Practices: Writing Killer Email Copy Roberta Rosenberg The Copywriting Maven MGP Direct, Inc.
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda You’ll learn: • How to get your email opened • How to get your email read • How to get your email acted on • How to distill your message to its core essence
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda You’ll learn: • How to determine the right tone and voice for your emails • How to dig beyond the features to the core benefits of your products/services • When to use short copy vs. long
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda You’ll also learn: • How to use graphics to support your message, not overwhelm it • How to incorporate social media sharing • And more!
  5. 5. Move The Needle Even in the age of social media, traditional email marketing remains a key, if not THE core component of effective B2B lead generation and B2C sales promotion. 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  6. 6. Move The Needle But could you be doing it smarter for better results - higher open and click-through rates which ultimately lead to more quality leads and higher revenues? 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  7. 7. Move The Needle Yes, you can! 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  8. 8. Move The Needle Here are 10 best practice copywriting tips that will help you: • Get your email opened more • Get your email read more deeply • Get your email clicked! 10 Best Practices to Writing Killer Email Copy
  9. 9. Get Your Email Opened #1 – Keep subject lines short; personalize the “From” line • You don’t know where your reader is retrieving their email – desktop, cell, tablet. • Shorter lines produce higher opens, CTRs • If writing to customers, use brand identity in “from” … to prospects, consider name/title
  10. 10. Get Your Email Opened - Examples • Do THIS to unlock your man’s heart... • Famous Brands & Celebrity Designers... QVC Has It All • The dangers of Pinterest • Remarketing Is Now Simpler • The New SEO: Content Marketing Explained
  11. 11. Get Your Email Opened #2 – Tease; Match content and voice to brand and reader expectation • Don’t “give it all away” – entice reader interest to the actual open • Don’t “bait and switch” – it only confuses, disappoints your reader when they open • Be what your reader expects you to be
  12. 12. Get Your Email Opened - Examples • Quick tips to convert the toughest personality type • New Webinar: Landing Page Mastery - The Team, The Tech, The Tests & The Timing • Free Shipping on Jewish Art for the Most Beautiful Rosh Hashanah Ever
  13. 13. Get Your Email Opened #3 – Ask a question or add a sense of urgency to pop interest • “How-to” questions are a fave technique • Don’t ask Yes or No questions unless you want readers to self-select before open • Use specific rather than general deadlines
  14. 14. Get Your Email Opened – Examples • Email-aholic? This is how the pros cut down on their email time • Today Only! 30% Off + Free Shipping - Shop Now, Save More • Did Romney just give away the election? • $4,800 for a "long article"?
  15. 15. Get Your Email Opened – Bonus Tips • Offer a quick, easy way to do something • Use a strong benefit to talk to the reader’s self-interest • Share newsworthy, good news • Arouse curiosity, ideally related to the previous bullets
  16. 16. Get Your Email Read #4 – Write to the reader’s self-interest • Emphasize “you”, downplay “I” or “we” • Reader cares about you/your company in context of their needs/wants and desires • Be the “aspirin” to their “headache”
  17. 17. Get Your Email Read
  18. 18. Get Your Email Read #5 – Share a compelling, relevant story • Stories cut through reader apathy and mistrust, keep them engaged • Reader cares about you/your company in context of their needs/wants and desires
  19. 19. Get Your Email Read
  20. 20. Get Your Email Read
  21. 21. Get Your Email Read #6 – Features tell; Benefits sell • Features are the “physical” detail of your product/service – they are the “what” is • Benefits reflect the “how and why” of the reader’s mindset – product use, emotions engaged, desires met, fears diminished • We “buy” from the heart, rationalize the want from the head
  22. 22. Get Your Email Read #7 – Long vs. Short Copy • When writing to customers about familiar products/services, short is more effective. • When writing to customers about new products/services, test short and long • When writing to prospects, test long
  23. 23. Get Your Email Read
  24. 24. Get Your Email Read
  25. 25. Get Your Email Read
  26. 26. Get Your Email Read #8 – Design to enhance, not impede • Design and layout must enhance reader’s ability to engage with the message • Add social media icons/links at the bottom of the email – don’t give readers a reason to click away too early!
  27. 27. Get Your Email Read
  28. 28. Get Your Email Read
  29. 29. Get Your Email Read – Bonus Tip “So what?“ turns features into benefits: • Product: standard #2 pencil • Features: yellow, is lightweight, made of wood and graphite, includes a pink rubber eraser, and is cheap and low-tech. • Benefits: Wood is easy to hold, no fatigue, sustainable. Works anywhere. Eraser makes it easy for me to get a do-over.
  30. 30. Pencils are the key to POSSIBILITIES!
  31. 31. Get Your Email Acted On #9 - “Frontload” CTA with finesse • Cue your reader to what’s coming, but don’t try to close too early • Be clear over clever - always • Rephrase the CTA a few different ways
  32. 32. Get Your Email Acted On
  33. 33. Get Your Email Acted On #10 - Replace “Click here” with a richer, benefit-centric call to action: • Download your ebook now! • Learn more now … • Get the whole story >>> • Click to save 10% instantly!
  34. 34. More Bonus Tips • No “tricks” in the subject line • Test subject headlines, email headlines, and calls to action text and graphics • Think scannable, easy to read: shorter paragraphs, subheads, and bullets • Write with nouns and verbs, use adjectives and adverbs sparingly
  35. 35. 1. Choose clear over clever 2. Write to motivate, not entertain 3. Respect your reader and get to the point 4. Write to your reader’s self-interest 5. Design to enhance, not impede the message 6. Show and tell the reader what to do next 7. Test all assumptions 7 Key Killer Email Copy Takeaways
  36. 36. Roberta Rosenberg is Director of Marketing & E-Commerce for the American Council of Engineering Companies. She’s also Chief Strategist of MGP Direct, Inc., a direct marketing consultancy. She has 25+ years of B2B/B2C marketing expertise in publishing, IT, medical, association, professional services, and e-commerce. Roberta writes and speaks extensively about landing page copywriting and design. She developed the popular Landing Page Maven Makeover series at Copyblogger.com, and is a copywriting instructor for MarketingProfs, OMI, and AWAI. About Roberta
  37. 37. To reach Roberta Rosenberg: •Roberta.Rosenberg@gmail.com •@Copywritermaven •http://www.linkedin.com/in/RobertaRosenbergMaven www.onlinemarketinginstitute.org Thank You