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The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

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From Content Marketing, to Social Media and PR, here is a scaled down version of the ultimate guide to startup Marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

  1. presents The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing Friday, December 20, 13
  2. Table of Contents Foundation Social Media Startup PR ● Choosing a market ● Choosing social media networks ● Craft meaningful position statements ● Defining success ● Defining the best times to post ● Define your startup sensitivities ● Defining keywords ● Using a keyword list ● Identifying writers for a media list ● Setting core metrics ● Creating & using an influencer list ● Creating a press kit ● Estimating a conversion rate ● Setting up a blog ● Reaching out to journalist Slides 17-19 Test and Iterate Slides 20-23 Best Practices ● Creating a topic list ● Setting up analytics tools ● Sell the solution ● Knowing what content to publish ● Measuring against benchmarks ● Have a compelling story ● Guest blogging ● Brainstorming creative new ideas ● Use all your resources Slides 1-6 Slides 7-11 Slides 12-16 ● Setting a budget Content creation ● Capturing emails Friday, December 20, 13 Slides 24-27
  3. Startup Marketing is a Whole Different Science “Build it and they will come” doesn’t work Those overnight success stories are often the result of years of hard work. Startup marketing is challenging because of limited resources (Time, money, or talent.) Every effort, no matter how small, must be flawlessly executed. Traditional strategies don’t always work. The secret is combining the right channels: Content marketing and PR. Friday, December 20, 13
  4. Foundation Before you start laying bricks you need a solid foundation. Learn how to choose a market, define keywords, define success and set a budget. Friday, December 20, 13
  5. Choosing a Market Only a small portion of the population is interested in your product. You