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Effects of ai on job market

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Effects of ai on job market

  1. 1. Effects Of AI on Job Market By Omar Ahmed
  2. 2. Impact of Losing Jobs ● Industrial revolution ● Youngstown, Ohio population of 170,000 in 1930 ● 50,000 jobs and $1.3 billion ● Regional depression, spousal abuse, and suicide tripled within a decade ● The city built four prisons in the mid- 1990s
  3. 3. Technology Adding or Creating Jobs ● 19th Century ● Weave a yard of cloth was automated and increased by factor of 50 ● Labor required per yard of cloth went down 98% ● Cloths became cheaper and demand went up ● The number of weaving jobs actually increased
  4. 4. Technology Adding or Creating Jobs ● Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on bank tellers ● ATM took over some of the routine tasks from tellers ● By 2004 number tellers fell down from 20 to 13 per branch ● Reduce the cost of running a branch ● Customers demand went up ● Urban bank branches went up 43%
  5. 5. Technology Adding or Creating Jobs ● Introduction of automobile ● Decline in horses related jobs ● New industry resulting in new jobs ● Automobile Workers, Mechanics, Auto Dealers ● Cab drivers, Truck drivers ● Hotels, Fast food restaurants
  6. 6. Technology Adding or Creating Jobs ● Software capable analysis ● Reduce the cost of search especially in legal documents ● Legal clerk had to search manually ● Needed more time and manpower ● Legal clerk demand went up by 1.1% instead of decreasing due to displacement effect
  7. 7. Is This Time Different Disruption of society is happening 10 times faster 300 times the scale 3000 times the impact Remember Youngstown, Ohio Is this time different?
  8. 8. Self driving Cars 4 M jobs are on the line
  9. 9. Drones Delivering Pizza
  10. 10. Drones will Impact $127 Billions Worth Human Labor
  11. 11. Amazon Go Store Could Affect 3.5 M. Workers
  12. 12. Factory Worker • Apple & Samsung supplier Faxconn replaced 60,000 employee with robots. • Each robot per 1000 workers afect the employment ratio and wages.
  13. 13. Telephone Salesperson • Sales calls are already made by automated voicebot. • Look at Siri and Alexa how much they have improved. • It is just matter of time when all telemarketing will go to robots.
  14. 14. Soldiers • Weaponized drones took place of hundreds of soldiers. • 25% of US soldiers will be replace by 2030.
  15. 15. Pharmacist • Electronic prescription transfer a robotic prescription disperser can fill up a prescription automatically. • 300,000 pharmacist will lose jobs.
  16. 16. Surgeon • Surgical robot have already taken over the operating theater. • They have performed million procedure since 2000. • Robots will certainly take over all type surgery independently.
  17. 17. Food Delivery Driver • Food delivery company “Just Eat” will start delivering food in London. • This cart is fitted with gps and cameras, so if someone try to steal it or damage it a signal will be sent to the control and a photo of the thief will be taken. Device will be tracked remotely.
  18. 18. Construction Worker • Mega size 3D printer is able to construct building with minimal human labor. • Chinese real estate company Huashang Tengda built a two story building in 45 days using this 3D printer. • Workers simply had to instal frame, wiring and plumbing and printer took care of the rest.
  19. 19. Mixologist • The star attraction of The Royal Caribbean the Bionic Bar. • This mixologist can make any of 300 cocktails to the perfection.
  20. 20. Barman • Meet Carl, the robot bartender. He works at the Robots Bar and Lounge in Ilmenau, east Germany. • Carl not only can serve drinks, he can also engage in small talks with the customers.
  21. 21. Hospital Administrator • MIT CS and AI laboratory have already trailed a robot that can organize nurse’s schedule and source beds for patience.
  22. 22. Retail Sales Associate • Nestle uses Pepper robots to sell Dolce Gusto coffee pods and machines in department store in Japan. • Pepper also answer customer’s questions. • This robot has been rolled out to 1000 store country wide.
  23. 23. Receptionist • They may not provide a warm welcome as humans, but robots are checking in guests at Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan. • Multilingual robot greet customers at the flagship branch of the Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi in downtown Tokyo.
  24. 24. Tour guide Japan National Museum • A robot Kodomoroid lets visitors know the new stories relevant to exhibits. • Science communicator bot Otonaroid chat with visitors and answers their science related questions.
  25. 25. Security Guard • Knightscope’s K5 robot constantly monitoring its surrounding. • Can detect potentially criminal “audio events” such as glass breaking or people screaming. • An impressive 24 of the robots patrol shopping malls and offices in Silicon Valley, California.
  26. 26. Journalist • A US company Narrative Science created a software called Quill which can write intelligible reports and articles if we enter raw data. • Forbes has already adopted this technology for its years earning report, and Associated Press for financial and sports reports.
  27. 27. Shepherd • The Australian Center for Field Robotic build this robot which can tend to cattle, sheeps and every other animal. • It is able to corral the animal and analyze their health with sensors.
  28. 28. Chef • A start-up called Moley Robotics invented a 100% automated robot chef. • Can learn new recipes and techniques, cook gourmet meal. • Clean up after itself. • It can follow any recipe to the letter.
  29. 29. Accountant • Humanoid robot accountants might be little distance future. • Some companies has already fully automated their accounts and therefore they do not need full time accountants.
  30. 30. Farmer • World’s first robot farm is launching soon in Japan. • An indoor farm factory which is producing thousands of lettuces a day with minimum cost and human input require. • Robots will water, feed, harvest, and transplant the corps.
  31. 31. Librarian • Researchers and Singapore developed a robotic librarian. • Can laser scan the bookshelves and identify missing or misplaced books. • Organize the shelves.
  32. 32. Guess which one is the teacher? • An educational robot will be UK’s first automated teacher. • This was introduced in September 2016 in UK. • It has microphone, HD cameras, and 3D sensors to interact with student and detect their emotions. • Japan already using this technology to teach.
  33. 33. Losing Jobs ● Google and Webmd already answering questions which were reserved for professionals whom we have to pay ● Airbnb threatening hotels jobs within one decade ● Computer can draw and compose music ● In 1900, 41 percent of Americans worked in agriculture; by 2000, it was only 2 percent
  34. 34. Does Technology Adds Jobs Fast Enough ● Nine out of 10 workers today are in occupations that existed 100 years ago. ● Only 5 percent of the jobs generated between 1993 and 2013 came from “high tech” sectors like computing, software, and telecommunications.
  35. 35. Does Technology Adds Jobs Fast Enough ● In 1964, AT&T, was worth $267 billion in today’s dollars and employed 758,611 people. ● Today’s telecommunications giant, Google, is worth $370 billion but has only about 55,000 employees. ● less than a tenth of the size of AT&T’s workforce in its heyday.
  36. 36. Solutions to Save Our Jobs & Human Race ● Merging with machines ○ Create devices that can be implanted in the human brain to improve memory ○ This will allow for more direct interfacing with computing devices ○ Such technology can accomplish the direct uploading or downloading of thoughts and knowledge to and from the brain.
  37. 37. Solutions to Save Our Jobs & Human Race ● Artificial intelligence, use it to our advantages ○ Collect and Analyze information about the learner’s interaction with the course ○ Personalized the course to meet the learning curve ○ Using AI algorithm to break down the complex task for new workers to perform which required years of experience ● Using AR glasses or headsets, engineers, healthcare workers, industry workers, and professionals in many other fields will be able to see real-time information and instructions about the task they’re performing while keeping their hands free to do the job
  38. 38. Solutions to Save Our Jobs & Human Race ● Do not confuse productivity with growth in jobs. ● Is the unemployment number accurate? ● Economic theory and government policy will have to be rethought ● Universal income. ● 15 to 20 hour work week
  39. 39. Listen to Your Conscious In 1962, President John F. Kennedy said, “If men have the talent to invent new machines that put men out of work, they have the talent to put those men back to work.”
  40. 40. Listen to Your Conscious ● Whether you choose to believe in ethiopian world ● Problem is not robots ● Before a robot comes in and take a job away from anyone of us or from our loved ones ● “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt