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Pierard, Olivier
1. Family name: PIERARD
2. First names: Olivier, C. M.
3. Date of birth: September 9, 19...
PIERARD, Olivier
14. Professional experience (last to first)
Date from-to Location Company Position Description
Curriculum vitae
SE. Africa
& S. Asia
Foundation - IFAD
“Path ...
PIERARD, Olivier
15. Other relevant information
a) Publications
 Servicios Financieros para Jóvenes Rurales: Serie “Jóven...
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CV En Olivier Pierard 06-2016

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CV En Olivier Pierard 06-2016

  1. 1. Pierard, Olivier CURRICULUM VITAE 1. Family name: PIERARD 2. First names: Olivier, C. M. 3. Date of birth: September 9, 1958 4. Nationality: Belgian 5. Civil status: Married 6. Education: Institution [ Date from - Date to ] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: Université Catholique de Louvain, UCL, Louvain La Neuve,Belgium 1979 – 1984 INGÉNIEUR AGRONOME Master in Agricultural Bioengineer Special field : General Agronomy 7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic) Language Reading Speaking Writing FRENCH 1 1 1 SPANISH 1 1 1 ENGLISH 1 2 2 8. Membership of Professional bodies: Association des Bio-Ingénieurs de Louvain, (AUL - AIALv.) –Fédération Royale d’Associations Belges d’Ingénieurs Civils et de BioIngénieurs, (FABI) Red Latinoamericana de evaluación (RedLACME) 9. Other skills: Very good command, at user level, of computing tools; MS-Office, Internet based applications 10. Present position: Specialist in rural and agricultural development, Independent Consultant Provision of consultancy services in technical cooperation projects and programs: Project Formulation, Reviews, Monitoring & Evaluation; Management and Institutional diagnosis; Operational planning, LFW, ToC, Results oriented management (PM4R), HR management; Financial product development (credit and savings), Savings groups methodologies (ROSCA). 11. Years of experience: 30+ 12. Key qualifications: (Relevant to the project) Rural, local and agricultural development; livelihood development, Agricultural & Development finance, Inclusive value chain approach in agriculture and food production, Food security strategies, Sustainable agriculture, Climate change and risk management in development planning. Microfinance, Financial inclusion. Program and project management; (PCM), Monitoring & Evaluation. 13. Specific regional experience: (long term project) Country Date from - Date to years Ecuador Oct/2000 – Dic/2005, Dic/2011 - Jul/2015 9 Bolivia Oct/1994 - Aug/1998 4 Mexico Mar/1985 – Jun/1994 9 Dominican Rep. Jan/2010 – Feb/2011 1 Morocco Aug – Dec/2015 .3 Regional experience with short term assignments in: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Philippines, India and Bangladesh.
  2. 2. PIERARD, Olivier 14. Professional experience (last to first) Date from-to Location Company Position Description 08-12/2015 Morocco: Ouarzazate Belgian Development Agency (BTC-CTB) Int’l Technical Assistant Chief of Party,Coordinator of the 12 MM € project: Development of the value chain of dates and saffron in the Souss Massa Draa region in Morocco. 4 months interim focused on setting up the M&E system, assessment of the program management team and operational planning based on the result oriented management approach, theory of change and risk management. 12/2011 – 07/2015 Ecuador Belgian Development Agency (BTC-CTB) Int’l Technical Assistant Chief of Party,Program Director: Rural Development Program in the North of Ecuador (PdRN). This program covers 5 provinces and supports the local (provincial) governments in their local economic development politics and strategy. The program managed an investment fund (grant) which financed 88 projects with 15 MM USD granted. The program has a capacity building component aimed at strengthening the local government and a financial services component executed in alliance with CONAFIPS the second tier public bank of Ecuador 3-6/2011 Ecuador Consortium “HO- IGBC-FRMS” Consultant Transformation of the National Agricultural Development Bank of Ecuador (Banco Nacional de Fomento). Rural credit product design, commercial strategy, training of the credit officers 11-12/2010 Peru BTC – Certum Consultant Mid Term Review of the project Small and micro enterprises in rural highland of Peru based on value chain production and market linkage. 1/2010 – 2/2011 Dominican Republic ICON INSTITUTE Private Sector Consultant Rural and agricultural credit product development expert in the European Investment Bank funded project “Capacity Building in the Financial Sector” in Dominican Republic. 4-6/2010 Honduras ICCO-CDR Consultant Systematization of 14 experiences in rural savings product in SACCO, MFI, Banks and ROSCA 10/2009 Burkina Faso MicroService Consult Consultant Part of an ex-post evaluation of the GTZ technical assistance program with the African Rural Bankers Association, AFRACA: assessment of the BACB Banking Linkage Program. 9/2009 – 3/2010 Mexico & Ecuador FOROLAC-FR Consultant Research,systematization and dissemination of success factors in implementing rural savings products. Included a two day workshop with 35 MFI staff members. 8/2009 – 2/2010 Peru, Colombia PROCASUR Consultant Research & systematization of successfulexperiences of financial services for rural youth and young micro entrepreneurs. 06–09/2009 Mexico AMUCSS-IADB Consultant Rural savings product design for the “Sistema Microbancos”, network of rural SACCO with 20.000 clients. Included a diagnosis and a review of the current products, 09-11/2008 Chile, Colombia IFAD Consultant Final evaluation of the regional program “Rutas de Aprendizajes”. Educational program in support to IFAD’s operation in Latin America. 07-09/2008 Argentina IFAD (Office of Evaluation) Consultant Final evaluation of the “Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural del Nordeste Argentino” covering 4 of the poorest provinces of this country. In charge of the agricultural credit component. 05/2006 – 10/2008 Ecuador Agriculture Ministry (MAGAP) Technical Assistant Set up of the Fideicomiso (Trust) Servicios Financieros Rurales with the USD1.5 million credit fund of the BTC project; design, with the Trustee, of the operational instruments. The Trust provides funding as well as capacity building and training to rural MFI.
  3. 3. Curriculum vitae 04–06/2008 02–05/2009 SE. Africa & S. Asia PROCASUR – Ford Foundation - IFAD Technical Coordinator “Path to Learning: SuccessfulInnovations in Rural Microfinance: Africa: South Africa, Malawi & Uganda; Asia: India & Bangladesh”; Identification of innovative products and services for rural poor population, systematization of the cases to be studied in a field visit by 2 groups of rural microfinance practitioners from 18 countries in 3 continents. 08/08–02/09 AR &SC Ford Foundation Consultant Midterm Evaluation of the FF’s Development Finance portfolio in the Andean Region & Southern Cone. The evaluation covered more than 40 projects in 4 countries. 04 – 06/07 Brazil IFAD (Office of Evaluation) Consultant IFAD Country Program Evaluation. Review of all the IFAD’s operation in Brazil during the past 5 years, specifically in charge of the evaluation the rural finance components and formulation of recommendation for the IFAD’s strategy of intervention in the next period. 11-12/06 Senegal Belgian Development Agency, (BTC-CTB) Consultant Formulation of the Project “Appui au Réseau de Mutuelles d’épargne et de crédits des Niayes”. Small and rural SACCO network to be strengthened with a capacity building strategy, improvement of credit and savings products and design of new services. 08-09/06 Colombia IFAD (Office of Evaluation) Consultant Final evaluation of the “Programa de Desarrollo de la Microempresa Rural” (PADEMER); in charge of the rural finance component’s review, evaluation of the rural credit fund managed by FINAGRO and operated by 10 microfinance institutions. 03-07/06 Ecuador Belgian Development Agency, BTC Consultant Demand study prior to the decision-making process of deploying a credit fund for micro entrepreneurs focused in rural and eco tourism in the Ibarra County. 10/2000 – 12/2005 Ecuador Belgian Development Agency, (BTC-CTB) Technical Assistant In charge of the Rural Financial Services Program in the Northern Sierra of Ecuador (PSFRSN). Five years project financed by the Belgian Government and executed by BTC in partnership with Banco Solidario - Fundación Alternativa (first level microfinance bank) and Financoop (second level credit cooperative). Banco Solidario developed and introduced three rural credit and one rural savings products. After two years the credit products reached 10.000 clients in rural areas. 10/98–09/00 Mexico Self employed Consultant Short term assignments: Honduras for Carana Corp. – USAID,2 weeks; Guatemala for DISOP, Belgium, 3 months; Chile for ADRAI,Belgium, Mexico for DEPAC, FOMMUR. 10/94–08/98 Bolivia TRACTEBEL Development (SunRock Ltd) Expert in Rural Credit In the frame of the European Union project “Prodizavat” in Tarija, responsible for the project administration and the credit component aimed to agricultural production. The program supported ANED and FADES (rural MFI) with the design of agricultural credit products 07/91–09/94 Mexico ADRAI NGO Co- operant, In charge of a credit program financed by the CE in the rural areas of the Puebla State in partnership with DEPAC-FMDR (Mexico) and ADRAI (Belgium). The project supported the transformation of a development NGO into a saving and credit cooperative. 03/85–06/91 Mexico/ Belgium UCL / ADRAI Volunteer / Employee In charge of a development project in the swampy region of Chontales in Tabasco; Part of an interdisciplinary research team working on simulation of production systems. Several ST assignments in Belgium, Bolivia and Mexico
  4. 4. PIERARD, Olivier 15. Other relevant information a) Publications  Servicios Financieros para Jóvenes Rurales: Serie “Jóvenes Emprendedores Rurales”, PROCASUR-FIDA-MADR, Colombia. 2010  Tipos de servicios financieros requeridos por los productores y familias rurales en México, 2009, La Jornada del Campo, No 19  El Lado Humano de las Microfinanzas, 2008, Fideicomiso SFR ed., Quito, Ecuador 134pp  Experiencias y Desafíos en Microfinanzas y Desarrollo Rural, 2004, PSFRSN ed.,Quito, Ecuador, 221pp.  DEGAND,J., VANDERCAM,F.,PIERARD,O. & INSTALLE,M., 1994. Analyse du risque lié à l’adoption de systèmes intensifs de production : le cas des Camellones Chontales, Tabasco, Mexico. Cahiers Agricultures; 3 : 31-38. b) Training Courses & Seminars. (Most recent and relevant)  Introduction to Sustainability by Illinois University at Urbana Champaign. MOOC on COURSERA; 8 weeks,01-02/2016 Verified certificate.  Introducción a la Gestión para Resultados en el Desarrollo, IADB, July 2015 via EDX.org  Gestión del Conocimiento y Evaluación. realizado en el marco de la IV Conferencia de la Red Latinoamericana de Sistematización, Seguimiento y Evaluación “El futuro de la evaluación en América Latina: Desarrollo, equidad y cultura”. Lima, March 2015  The Age of Sustainable Development: mooc by Jeffrey Sachs, The Earth Institute, Columbia University; May 2014  Ressourcesnaturelles et développement durable. mooc by the Université Catholique de Louvain via EDX.org April 2014  Turn down the heat: why a 4o C warmer world must be avoided. Mooc by The World Bank; February 2014  Climate Change: an 11 weeks mooc by the University of Melbourne, Sep - Dec 2013; Verified Certificate  Trainer training course: Human Resources Management in MicroFinance, MicroSave’s ToolBox - MEDA, Faceta Central - Fundamicro, El Salvador, June 22 to 25, 2010  Seminario InternacionalAgricultura Familiar, SoberaníaAlimentaria y SistemasFinancieros Rurales;Desafíosyoportunidades frente alacrisis.,FOROLACFR,Fortaleza,Brazil: December 7 to 9, 2009: Innovación en la Movilización del Ahorro Rural.  Cumbre Regional de Microcrédito para América Latina y el Caribe, Santiago de Chile, April 19 to 22, 2005: Sesión conexa: “Profundización de servicios financieros en el sector rural: un enfoque sistémico”.  CGAP / UNCDF – Taller de capacitación. La creación de sistemas financieros para los pobres: cómo las agencias de cooperación pueden marcar una diferencia. Antigua, May 31 to June 6, 2004  Simposio InternacionalMicrofinanzas y Desarrollo Rural,Quito,Ecuador. October 1 to 3,2003. Organization team & conclusion relator.  USAID – WOCCU: Paving the way forward for rural finance: an international conference on best practices, June 2 to 4, 2003 Washington DC.  Fourth seminar on new development finance, Ohio State University, Frankfurt University, September 3 to 7, 2001, Frankfurt, Germany. 16. Contact Information Home & Office address Calle Río Bravo 5522, Col. San Manuel Puebla, Pue. 72570 México Phone : +522228883716 Mobile phone: +5212221437007 E-mail: pierardo@gmail.com Skype: Detailed Résumé on LinkedIn: opierard https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierardolivier