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Technology, pornography and visual taste

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Technology, pornography and visual taste

  2. 2. PORNOGRAPHY Pornography, according to Collins Dictionary, refers to writings, pictures, films etc., designed to stimulate sexual excitement and the production of such materials (2017)
  3. 3. IN  2016 Streamed  99GB  per  second  ,  6TB  per  minute  
  4. 4. IN  2016 Number  of  videos  viewed:  91,980,225,000
  5. 5. IN  2016 • Hours  of  porn  watched:  4,599,000,000  Hours • 191,625,000  Days • 27,375,000  Weeks • 524,641  Years • 5,246  Centuries  
  6. 6. IN  2016  TOP  10  COUNTRIES  WITH  PER  CAPITA  PAGE   VIEWS • 1ST USA  221 • 2ND ICELAND  202 • 3RD UNITED  KINGDOM  189 • 4TH CANADA  186 • 5TH NEW  ZEALAND  173 • 6TH IRELAND  171 • 7TH NORWAY  158 • 8TH AUSTRALIA  154 • 9TH SWEDEN  152 • 10TH NETHERLAND  144
  7. 7. pornography,  originally  ‘writing  about'  (and  later  representing)  the   activities  of  prostitutes,  is  clearly  a  negative,  derogatory  term   (Crocker  1998)
  8. 8. TYPE?  GENRE? • Different  types • Video  pornography   • Erotic  literature   • Photo  porn   • Etc...
  9. 9. TYPE?  GENRE? • Genres  (according  to  PornHub 2016  year  review) • Step  mom • Lesbian   • Gay • Step  sister   • Cartoon   • Etc…
  10. 10. YES  TO  SEX Currently  in  North  America,  due  to  immigrants  bring  their  own   religions,  sex  is  no  longer  a  topic  people  are  forbidden  to  talk  about.
  11. 11. The  definition  of  pornography   varies  from  people  to  people.   Some  people  think  pornography   involves  shown  genital.  On  the   other  hand,  some  people  think   any  content  with  strong  sexual   implication  can  be  called  as   pornography  
  12. 12. • Ways  to  access  pornography  through  time   • Erotic  literature • Pornography  magazine   • Pornography  videos  DVD  from  studios   • Purchasing  online  membership  of  pornography  studios   • Online  streaming   • Illegally  download  
  13. 13. Before  the  emergence  of  the   internet,  people  can  only   purchase  pornography  magazines   in  order  to  satisfy  their  sexual   desires.  Nevertheless,  the  process   of  purchasing  pornography   magazine  is  not  easy,  and  it  is  like   purchasing  alcohol  in  Ontario— you  have  to  show  your   government  issued  ID  to  prove   you  are  an  adult.
  14. 14. With  the  help  of  the  development  of  technology,  people  started  to   use  camera  to  capture  the  real  human  body  and  the  real  sexual   activities.
  15. 15. Later,  when  the  internet  becomes  the  necessity  for  everyone,  people   started  to  browsing  pornography  online  
  16. 16. NOWADAYS? • As  the  development  of   technology,  people  can  access   pornogrpahy videos  through  their   virtual  reality  (VR)  headset.  It  gives   people  the  feeling  that  the  plot  in   porn  videos  actually  happens  in   front  of  the  viewers.
  17. 17. Pornography  may  have   various  types  and   genres,  and  each   individual’s  definition  of   pornography  may  vary.   However,  as  the   technology  develops,   people’s  taste  was   reshaped  in  the  process   of  alternation  in   sociality  of  sex  and   pornography.  
  18. 18. WORK  CITED • Crocker,  Robert.  1998.  "Visual  culture,  pornography  and  censorship."  Artlink  Magazine.  Retrieved  March   2,  2016  (https://www.artlink.com.au/articles/8/visual-­‐culture-­‐pornography-­‐and-­‐censorship/) • Collins  Dictionary.  N.d. "Pornography."  Retrieved   (https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/pornography) • 2017.  "Pornhub’s 2016  year  in  review."  Google+.  Retrieved  March  2,  2017   (http://www.pornhub.com/insights/2016-­‐year-­‐in-­‐review).