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good resume5

  1. 1. Olga M. Jackson Olgaboo43@yahoo.com Mobile (773) 791.3949 Current Address 821 E. 81st st., 1D Chicago, Ill 60619 Professional Profile  Consistency– Consistently received high performance ratings on annual evaluations  Dependability– Consistently completes every assigned task; assumes extra duties  Motivation– Dedication to the mission of the agency-always enthusiastic and able to motivate staff  Organizational Skills – Managed casew orker with caseloads of mentally disabled persons  Interpersonal Skills – Promote and encourage an environment of teamw ork and support the educational needs of the individual w orker  Communication Skills – Excellent w ritten, verbaland computer abilities Experience Human Service TANFCaseworker 02/01/10 – 08/01/14 - Department of Human Services, Chicago, Il  Managed a public assistance caseload by performing professional casew orkduties and providing self-sufficiencyevaluation and coaching for Individuals and/or families receiving public assistance.  Determines applicant's initial eligibility for categories of public assistance.  Completed comprehensive assessments of individuals and/or families receiving public assistance; assisted clients in identification of skills, strengths, motivation, Human Service MANGCaseworker 03/03/08-02/01/10- Department of Human Service, Chicago, Il  Identified areas of potential risk  Focused on self-sufficiency including child safety, family violence, substance abuse, health issues, etc.  Provided case management to coordinate transitional, temporary or long-term services offered through the department Child Support Specialist 12/1997 – 11/07- Randstad, Chicago, Il  Review s and reconciles complex child support case records, including financial Information  Calculates proper child support balances; posts missing payments to system and corrects improper balances w ith adjustments;  Determines correct distribution of child support collected and properly issues retained payments to either the custodialparent or NCP
  2. 2. Education Program Director 01/1992 – 09/1997- CARC, Chicago, Il  ProfessionalProgram Director of six Cila programs that assisted disables persons  Supervised seven case workers handling day to day assistance for disabled persons.  Organized staffing, developed quantitative reports, and recommended effective coarse of actions needed for mentally disabled person  Worked w ith state-wide assistance programs to ensure affordable housing for the mentally disabled persons in our program. Keller Graduate School, Chicago, Il 01/2004-06/2009  Masters in Business Administration  Masters in Human Resource Management Chicago State University, Chicago, Il 09/1994-06/1998  Bachelor in Sociology, Minor: Criminal Justice