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Beaver camp 2018

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Baltic Blues' sustainability project continues.
Since 2016 tour operator Baltic Blues Travel has been organizing the charity project - ecological summer camps for disadvantaged children in the Curonian Spit National Park. It is a report from these summer camps in 2018.

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Beaver camp 2018

  1. 1. Beaver Ben CAMP 2018 Ecological Summer Camps for Socially Disadvantaged Children in the Curonian Spit National Park Baltic Blues’ Annual Charity Project
  2. 2. What? Since 2016 Baltic Blues has organized 5 charity summer camps for 87 children. In 2018 we had 2 camps: June 9-19 – 17 children 8-14 y. o. June 19-29 – 17 children 7-15 y. o. For whom? For orphans and children living in poverty in Lithuania. In 2018 we invited children from 2 Help Centers for social risk groups living in Lithuanian provincial town Birzai
  3. 3. Where? The Curonian Spit National Park – UNESCO World Heritage site and a live natural museum where white sand dunes and forest are home for rare animals. Why? The daily impact of tourism is negatively challenging this unique place. Baltic Blues feels responsibility to protect it`s fragile nature.
  4. 4. How? 10 days program focused on Environmental education Introduction to ecology, workshops “Animal’s habitat in the Curonian Spit”, “Protection of trees”, discussions about animals living in zoos, global danger of plastic, etc. Cleaning the shores of the Baltic Sea Children spent 40 hours of cleaning the beach and dunes and collected 8500 liters of garbage. Entertainment Trekking in the dunes, boat trip, excursions to the sea museum, sea lions show, visits of the Dead Dunes, etc. Recreation Sport games, team building, hand-craft classes, huge soap bubbles, swimming, relaxing on the beach, etc.
  5. 5. Facilities Accomodation in a school located 50 m from the bay, 1.5 km from the sea Meals 4 times per day Active program every day Support of 2 outsourced youth trainers and 2 social workers from the Help Centers
  6. 6. Every year Baltic Blues’ staff volunteers to spend one weekend cleaning the sea shores together with the children
  7. 7. Children and Baltic Blues House would like to say BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors:
  8. 8. See You Next Year!!!