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Zeus Electronics mobile apps

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Zeus Electronics mobile apps

  2. 2. Zeus Electronics is a full-stack development studio providing innova- tive services. Starting from 2006 we create profitable and reliable solutions ,build- ing long-term win-win relations with partners from all around the world. Our passion is delivering pocket perfection and fully functional dy- namic apps/websites to help our clients achieve huge audienes, high stakes.
  4. 4. OS X APPS
  6. 6. All your Mac contacts cleaning in one place. There’s so much to clean on your contacts, and ContactCleaner takes care of all of it. Learn more about all the things it does below.
  7. 7. Your contacts deserves its own cleaning genius. ContactCleaner shows you what to clean, you just need to choose when. It scans everything in your “Contacts” app including your facebook friends and even more! You can merge and clean your contacts and be sure it’s that is absolutely safe. It knows exactly what can be safely cleaned from your contacts list and what can’t. It looks smarty and works excellent.
  8. 8. One-button cleaning. Macs are easy to use. Mac cleaners should be too. ContactCleaner cleanup relies on just one button to scan every inch of your Mac and then remove the junk it finds. And, it only selects twins that are 100% safe-to-delete, so you never have to worry about removing the wrong ones. It’s not just an automatic cleaning utility — it’s incredibly smart. Smart cleaners are safe cleaners. Our number one priority is keeping your contact list safe. We created our safe cleanup algorithm. This algorithm is a list of rules, items, and excep- tions that ContactCleaner refers during scaning your mac. With ContactCleaner, you can be abso- lutely sure that you’re cleaning up the only dupli- cates.
  9. 9. How does Manual Cleanup help me? Manual cleanup gives for you access to clean your contacts manually. We are carry about your com- fortable. The interface is user friendly, so you can get access to all features of program in one click or you can clean it easily automatically.
  10. 10. It's never been so easy to search Contact cleaner has powerful system search. In one tap you can find relevant results and immedi- ately fix all problems. Intelligent indexing system intuitively help you to solve your issue. Fixing con- tacts has never been so easy and functional. Just try it!
  11. 11. Do not be afraid Contact cleaner has built-in backup feature. It keeps a copy of all your changes and remembers default condition of your contacts. You can review and restore your past configuration. Cheacking up happens automatically when app is starting. Active history gives you amazing access to fix your mis- takes faster then light!
  12. 12. 4K Ready! And even more! We made the app very powerful and light to use, while maintaining the elements essential to Mac-platform. You will be surprised that the app can be beautiful, powerful and easy to use. We adhere to the latest guidlanes of Apple design. Just sit back, relax and enjoy smooth animations and high resolution design!
  14. 14. Complete control over the media you share
  15. 15. Make it safe Professional application which aims to secure video viewing. The encryption algorithm makes source files strong secured. It gives access to the file through a unique password only.
  16. 16. Pretty smart Plays most codecs without having to install addi- tional codecs packages: MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, W MV, MP3 ...
  17. 17. 4K Ready! We create handy products. It's important to create an environment that can be easy to use. UI is also a very important part. So try Yosemity styled appli- cation. Look forward, and enjoy for a nice blur, smooth animation and resources ready for 4K.
  18. 18. MY VPN
  19. 19. Connect with one Click
  20. 20. Safe and easy All products have their pros and cons. We took into account the needs of the middle market segment, their mistakes and failures of similar services. We do not use the standard library utility, which by default can be vulnerable.
  21. 21. Positioning Users of the service is able to use the Dutch, British and Ameri- can IP addresses. This means they will be able to use the bank- ing, corporate e-mail, call on Skype from anywhere in the world without fearing that their data would be stolen. Especially with open networks and WiFi.
  22. 22. A cross-platform app We create products that are easy to use. MyVpn available on MAC OS X, iOS, Windows, windows phone, linux, android, Kindle, blackberry and tv-box.
  23. 23. ANDROID APPS
  24. 24. VK MESSENGER
  25. 25. Conversations come to life with vk messenger. Hello :D
  26. 26. EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED Material Design is a specification for a unified system of visual, motion, and interaction design that adapts across different devices and different screen sizes. You need to feel 3 main principles of material: material is the metaphor; bold, graphic, intentional; motion provides meaning. Our team created amazing app, that helps other people for communication. Of course we adhere to the last guidlanes of Google material design. A quick re- sponse in combination with principle of this design creates an unforgettable experience of usability.
  27. 27. Material is metaphor The material theme provides a new style for your app. It’s unifying theory of rationalized space and a system motion. Material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by study of paper and ink, yet open of imagination and magic.
  28. 28. EXPLORING Let's explore our app and material a little bit more with us. In essence, material is the combination of your static design elements. Think of shapes, color, typography and the variety of tools you use to create designs. All of this together forms a material. Our app icon got all of this principles. Can you feel it?
  29. 29. IT’S EASY TO USE You have access to try new conversation style. With material all functionality became intuitive, fast and easy to use. The color, shadow, forms and anima- tions working for one: to give you the understanding of the main content. Today Yesterday FRIENDS MESSAGES SETTINGS Dialogs Alice Green I'll be in your neighborhood, do you want to meet for brunch around ... today at 12:46 Robert Patinson You - Aw dang. Wish I could make it, but I’ll be out of town today at 11:43 Abbie Markson You - Do you have Paris recommendations? I’ll be there in August ... today at 10:27 Iron Man Have any ideas about what we should get our mom for her birth ... yesterday at 20:41 Tanya Smith 11 12:30
  30. 30. Today Yesterday FRIENDS MESSAGES SETTINGS 1 online online Alice Green I'll be in your neighborhood, do you want to meet for brunch around ... today at 12:46 Robert Patinson Aw dang. Wish I could make it, but I’ll be out of town today at 11:43 Abbie Markson Do you have Paris recommendations? I’ll be there in August ... today at 10:27 Iron Man Have any ideas about what we should get our mom for her birth ... yesterday at 20:41 Tanya Smith 12:30 FRIENDS MESSAGES SETTINGS Friends 12:30 Popular People Abbey Christensen Mary Johnson Alex Nelson Friends Britta Holt Peter Carlsson Trevor Hansen FRIENDS MESSAGES SETTINGS Settings 12:30 General Appearance Customize your vk Notifications Notification settings About Vk Material version V. 0.01 Community Join Application community
  31. 31. All photos Add a photo 12:30 On the device My profile photos Check this out! Rostyslav Vasiukov Last activity: 6 min ago 12:30 Aa Write a message Just give me a sample For sure excellent Sure Try this Sheets.ai Document 1.1 Mb Videos 12:30 235 Top 10 Australian Beaches 1237 4:00 235 Top 10 Australian Beaches 1237 4:00
  32. 32. SQIWY
  33. 33. Stunning impression of interaction with restaurant services
  34. 34. We created an innovative product that can be injected at any restoraunt. We can show you the whole new world with a system based on an interactive multi-touch panel with a set of specialized applications.
  35. 35. You have access to all restaurant menu in one tap. We created something enjoyable. All parts are de- signed and you can enjoy high resolution photo of food or drink. Intelligent system and discounts gives you new restaurant opportunities. Come closer
  36. 36. With elaborated system of calculation you will be informed of your balance and your expenses. We think about you; we created distribution function of credit that allows you to share restaurant bill amount your friends. Simpleness
  37. 37. With all those functionality we created a communi- ty, that helps to communicate with your friends in real time. We love our technologies and inspired by digital world, however we want that truly magic communion was saved. So with our system you can touch to world of joyful emotions and some- thing new. Communication
  38. 38. IOS APPS
  40. 40. The Inspiration Inspired by electropower we decided to share our passionand bring the world of electronic music to people keeping them to date in the music scene.
  41. 41. Our lifestyle concept The lifestyle concept that helps you to be with music closer. Our team implemented huge media portfolio and live events across Europe. Through EB.TV and EB.Radio, which can be used online and via app, users discover the enjoyment of inter- views, recordings of concerts and livestreams as well as the 24/7-radio channel.
  42. 42. Stay in touch We deliver hundreds of features and interviews with artists from the music and other creative in- dustries. The aesthetic and central content of each issue draws on a topical theme: a stimulating idea, new opinion or quirky craze, and aims to provide inspired and original visual and written content covering the world of fashion and design, where to visit and, of course, the best quality events and music.
  43. 43. Breathing inspiration We created not only a single media application. We put our soul in every project. Therefore, it has become a movement that generates inspiration, good emotions and allows fully plunge into the world of music. Feel the passion of all of your fa- vorite artists. Try it!