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How to Build an HR Team People Actually Want to Come to

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How to Build an HR Team People Actually Want to Come to, by Julie Jeanotte, Engagement Specialist at Officevibe.

Some key takeaways :
- The importance of spending time in the field
- Seeing humans, not workers
- Take the 'resources' out of human resources

This presentation has been done at the HR Virtual Summit, by Bamboo HR in November 2018.

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How to Build an HR Team People Actually Want to Come to

  1. 1. How to Build an HR TeamPeople Actually Want to Come to.
  2. 2. I’m Julie.
  3. 3. I get up every dayto…
  4. 4. Story time.
  5. 5. HR.
  6. 6. Most HR professionals enterin to theHumanResources arena because they feel they have somethingto offer. They enjoy dealingwith people, and like whatthe field has to offer. This is of interestto themand decide to pursue a career in it.
  7. 7. Policies Recruiting Payroll💰 📈 🗄
  8. 8. Different roles of HR Advisor – to the line/organization Representative– employee’s views Leader– in creating change Guardian – of policies & practices Partner – helping develop strategic solutions 👮🗄♀️ 💪🗄 📢 🎯 📔
  9. 9. Mydefinition of HR’s role: Gather winning conditions for the organization to be able to attractandretain toptalent.
  10. 10. How?
  11. 11. Create clarity and purpose To love the workplace, employees need to know what they’re doing is important. For this to occur, there must be clarity in direction, goals, and even purpose. It feels good to contribute to something important. Clarity is a key ingredient. Organizational, team, and individual purpose are key to attract and retain employees. We all want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Purpose paves the way for this to happen.
  12. 12. Know, showand live your values What do you stand for? Most of us don’t know what our personal values are beyond intuition. Know, define, and show your values through your leadership style.
  13. 13. Spend time in the “field” Letting meetings dominate your schedule is killing you and weakening your relationship with employees. Block time and fiercely defend time you spend walking the floor, learning what’s going on in employees lives and in their projects. Explore human dynamics and any behaviors that are disconnected to your company’s values.
  14. 14. Our values
  15. 15. What kind of HR areyou? And what kind of HR do you want to be?
  16. 16. If you only rememberone thing fromall I’ve said today…
  17. 17. Spend time in the field. See humans, not workers. Take the resources out of human resources. 🗄 🔎 💡
  18. 18. Thank You.