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10 Challenges That Every First-Time Manager Will Face

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Being a manager is tough. Here are 10 challenges that every manager faces, with tips on how to improve them.
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10 Challenges That Every First-Time Manager Will Face

  2. 2. You recently got hired or promoted and you’re in 
 a new role. How exciting! It’s an exciting new challenge, but there will be struggles, whether you like it or not.
  3. 3. The key more than anything is to change your mindset and get into a new way of approaching work. Here are 10 challenges that every new manager (including you) will face.
  4. 4. 1 Failure To Set Clear Goals 
 And Expectations Lack of clarity on the job causes confusion between employees and their manager, leading to disappointment on both sides.
  5. 5. GET THE GUIDE Our Guide To Setting Goals 
 Can Help You With This: TIP 1
  6. 6. Poor Time Management In addition to managing your own tasks, you have to manage an entire team, putting out fires and dealing with their problems.
  7. 7. Block time off on your own calendar. Make it clear to employees that there are certain times that are only for you. TIP
  8. 8. Unclear Or Inconsistent Communication Employees need to know that they can trust what you’re saying to be true.
  9. 9. Work on your messaging, make it as crystal clear as possible. TIP
  10. 10. Pressure To Perform You were just given an incredible opportunity and now you want to show that you were worth it.
  11. 11. Just relax. Rome wasn’t built in a day. TIP
  12. 12. Shifting From Coworker To Boss Picture this – you’re close with your coworkers and suddenly you’re promoted to being their manager, you’re no longer “one of them.”
  13. 13. You need to learn how to separate work from friendship. There’s a time and place for both. TIP
  14. 14. Hiring Hiring is tough. Hiring is especially tough for new managers that have never done this before.
  15. 15. Use a structured interview, where candidates are asked the same set of questions with specific ways of evaluating the responses. TIP
  16. 16. Firing Firing is a tough thing to do for anyone. It’s a very sensitive issue that takes a lot of emotion.
  17. 17. Try your best to make it a team decision. If you meet with your team regularly one-on-one, you’ll be able to get a sense of who works well and who doesn’t. TIP
  18. 18. Solving Other People’s Problems You’re part manager, part psychologist. Inevitably, you’ll start receiving complaints from employees and start having to deal with their problems.
  19. 19. Attack any issue early on before it becomes a serious problem. Monthly one-on-ones can be a great way to make sure a problem doesn’t last for too long. TIP
  20. 20. Getting The Team To Be Productive Everyone is different, requires different levels of attention, and works in different ways.
  21. 21. Create an environment that’s good for everyone. Some people like working later, some earlier, some people like being told what to do, some people like being left alone. TIP
  22. 22. Not Asking For Help Many first-time managers will want to prove that they don’t need any help – big mistake.
  23. 23. Don’t be shy to ask around for help. Do whatever it takes to make you and your team the best! TIP
  24. 24. Most of these challenges are internal, 
 meaning only you can fix them.
  25. 25. ENGAGE YOUR TEAM View the State of Employee Engagement, a real-time report with tons of helpful tips for managers to engage their teams. See The Live Report
  27. 27. CHANGE YOUR FOCUS 1 In your old role as an employee, your number one focus was on accomplishing your tasks. Now, your number one focus is on helping others accomplish their tasks.
  28. 28. LEARN A LOT - Use monthly one-on-ones to learn more about your team - Go to networking events to learn more about your job and connect with others - Be active in Linkedin groups to learn more about your industry. 2
  29. 29. TAKE YOUR TIME Take the time to fully understand the dynamics of the team. Be patient, you’ll get there eventually. 3
  30. 30. FIND A MENTOR Find someone who’s been there before 
 and pick their brain. 4
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  32. 32. YOU’LL LOVE
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