Office 365 pills premiere summary

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This is the summary of The Office 365 Pills Premiere of 22 October 2014 in Munich.

Diese Zusammenfassung der 1. Office365 Pills Veranstaltung ist 2 sprachig aufgesetzt, war aber eine in deutsch gesprochene Veranstaltung.

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  • 15.20 - 15.50: Planung und Ausführung von Projekten mit SharePoint und Yammer
    Toni Pohl
    Die Idee ist entstanden und die Entscheidung ist gefallen das Event durchzuführen. Nach dem Sammeln der Daten sollen Ideen diskutiert und weiterentwickelt werden. Mit Yammer kann die Kommunikation sowohl intern als auch mit externen Partnern in einer gemeinsamen Plattform erfolgen. Danach müssen Daten strukturiert und organisiert werden. Dazu wird eine SharePoint Online Site aufgebaut, benötigte Apps eingerichtet, Berechtigungen vergeben und Dokumente erstellt. Sie sehen, wie die Zusammenarbeit von verschiedenen Geräten mit Yammer und SharePoint Online funktioniert.
  • Menu button   The menu button is located on the right side of the title area of the contemporary view. It presents a user with several commands. This includes the following:
    Site contents allows the user to view all of the site content on the SharePoint site including lists and document libraries.
    Sign Out allows the user to log off from SharePoint. SharePoint information is now unavailable to the mobile device.
    Close closes the Command button menu and returns to the SharePoint site.
    Switch to PC View   This changes the display from mobile browser view to a full desktop view of a site. This command is available in both contemporary and classic views in SharePoint Server 2013. You can switch back to the mobile browser view in Site Settings. Under the Site Information section, click the URL under the Mobile Site URL heading.
    Navigation window   This is accessed by tapping the left side of the title area of the contemporary view. The navigation window presents a single menu with breadcrumbs, top navigation, and quick launch navigation from the full desktop view of the site. Also included is a link to All Site Content.
    Tap-to-open links   All hyperlinks are replaced with the new tap-to-open link feature. This feature displays text or icons on a wide strip that is easier for a user to tap.
    Pagination   Lists with more than 20 items are automatically paginated.
    New and edit functionality   You can create new list items and edit them in the contemporary view. For example, you can create a new task in a task list on your mobile device by tapping New. Alternatively, you could also edit the task in the list by tapping Edit.
  • Before looking into 2013, it’s good have look back on the history of the SharePoint to see how did we end up here and what were the options.

  • Full trust solutions
    You’re missing control, since we basically grant full access rights for the code cross our application and in servers. In previous versions you could have limited provide access, but that was difficult to do and was not used that often. In general deployment always causes service break on the servers, since there’s really no way to update server without at least recycling application pool.

    Our customization story basically grew up little bit or from Administrative perspective we gained some control. This was introduced in 2010… too strict from server side API level which developers have been used to use and client side APIs were also so limited that even though you could have implement some

    App model
    - Model is growing up with key objectives being on control, trust and management
  • Apps for SharePoint can be self-hosted by a developer, auto-provisioned by Azure, hosted by SharePoint, or a combination of these. All can leverage SharePoint components. Custom code can only be run in developer self-hosted or Azure auto-provisioned hosting options.

    The app is hosted in the cloud. Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure components are provisioned automatically when an app is installed. (Available for SharePoint Online Service only.)
  • 17.50 - 18.20: Einfaches und effizientes Reporting von SharePoint Inhalten mit Excel und PowerBI
    Martina Grom
    „Daten, die Sie nicht messen, können Sie nicht verwalten“. In dieser Session erfahren Sie, wie wir Daten vom durchgeführten Event erhalten und wie Sie mit Power BI Funktionen Reports erzeugen und abfragen können. Wie viel Feedback gab es auf Social Media Kanälen? Wie erhalten wir die Daten dafür? Wie erfolgreich war das Event? Sie sehen, welche Reporting-Funktionalitäten Yammer und SharePoint Online bieten und wie Daten für Präsentationen und Entscheidungen ansprechend visualisiert werden.
  • Data Collection
    Data Preparation
    Built-in Features
    Set-up PowerBI within O365
    Prepare your BI Portal
    Usage and Queries
  • Office 365 pills premiere summary

    1. 1. Mobility mit Office365 und SharePoint 2013 PILL1 -Munich, 22nd October 2014
    2. 2. Thanks to our sponsor Premium Anbieter von Services und Solutions für IT und kaufmännische Prozesse Kooperation als Leitlinie 180 Experten und starkes Netzwerk Spezialisierte Einheiten für Infrastruktur, Security, Apps, Web
    3. 3. SharePoint – blu Focus Themen 3 Migration SharePoint 2013 Smarter Umstieg von SP 2010 auf SP 2013 über 20 erfolgreiche Projekte Mobile Security Sicherer Datenaustausch mit Mobile Devices Bordmittel vs. Standard Apps SharePoint Operations Kosteneffizienz im Mischbetrieb on Premise und Cloud Infrastruktur und Application SharePoint 2013 App Model Leichtgewichtige Web Apps als Zukunftsmodell Enterprise App Store Individuelle Business Solutions Business Logik und Integration Backend Process Solutions
    4. 4. Services from Microsoft’s cloud Available in your country and your language
    5. 5. PILL1 -Munich, 22nd October 2014
    6. 6. OneNote Keep tabs on your life
    7. 7. Capture Keep all your ideas—to-dos, lecture and meeting notes, vacation plans, and more— in one spot. When you have all the related information you need right there, knowing your next step is a cinch.
    8. 8. Click on the image above to play the video Send to OneNote OneNote makes it easy to collect and keep all kinds of information in one place. In addition to your own notes, you can insert pertinent information from other sources and annotate it as a great way to save time.
    9. 9. Click on the image above to play the video Attach files with updating file views Insert files right into your notes so you have them when you need them. When you insert Excel and Visio files, you'll be able to see content previews from with your notebook that automatically update as you make changes.
    10. 10. Click on the image above to play the video Tables OneNote now has key table features built-in: sorting, moving rows and columns, sharing, and headers. Looking to do more advanced data crunching? With one click, you can convert tables in your notes into attached Excel spreadsheets.
    11. 11. Click on the image above to play the video Inking OneNote’s improved inking allows you to draw, erase and edit seamlessly, whether using your finger, stylus or mouse. Like writing instead of typing? OneNote also converts handwriting into text.
    12. 12. Click on the image above to play the video Screen Clipping/ Snip Photos Quickly add cropped screenshot images from any program to your notes.
    13. 13. Click on the image above to play the video Linked Notes Take notes side-by-side other Office programs or your web browser and make doing research easy on your computer. OneNote stores links to the documents or Web pages you viewed while taking your notes, and with one click you return to the content again later on.
    14. 14. Find In OneNote, your notes are automatically saved and searchable. You can even find the words you’re looking for in pictures. You don’t have to remember where you put anything—OneNote’s got it.
    15. 15. Click on the image above to play the video Search You can search the notes and files you’ve added to find anything you’ve captured– a particular page in a presentation, text in a picture, or a comment in an audio clip–just type in a key word or phrase.
    16. 16. Click on the image above to play the video Simplified sharing When your notebook is stored on SkyDrive or SharePoint, you can choose to share it with whomever you choose. Don’t want to share? OneNote notebooks are private by default unless you choose to invite others to work with you.* *Online connectivity, as well as sign-in with a Microsoft account or an Office 365 account, are required
    17. 17. Click on the image above to play the video Tagging Flag your notes with tags and make it easy to organize and find what's important. OneNote provides several predefined note tags, such as Important and To Do, that you can associate with your notes. You can also create your own custom note tags and search for tagged items.
    18. 18. 19 &
    19. 19. private data
    20. 20. business-data
    21. 21. business-data
    22. 22. business-data • 1 TB
    23. 23. Upload Center
    24. 24. Desktop Apps Third Party Apps Cloud Browser Apps Services …… Mobile Apps
    25. 25. OneNote? OneDrive? OneDrive for Business?
    26. 26. PILL1 -Munich, 22nd October 2014
    27. 27. Wir wollen Meinungen und Daten austauschen und zusammenarbeiten (ohne dass wir gegenseitig Daten überschreiben oder Dokumente nicht finden). Wie?
    28. 28. • User Management mit Office 365 • Verwenden von SharePoint Online • Yammer
    29. 29. Office 365 Azure Active Directory LAN AD ERP … DirSync oder ADFS
    30. 30. 33
    31. 31. Dream… #worklikeanetwork
    32. 32. Reality
    33. 33. 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Gartner 2012 DE AT CH US E-Mail Intranets, Teamsites Video Conferencing Instant Messaging Social Networks, Microblogging
    34. 34. • Office 365 User Management • SharePoint Online einrichten (Berechtigungen, Struktur, Dokumenbibliotheken,) • Verwenden von SharePoint Online (Handling, Versionierung, Teilen) • Yammer für Ideen und Diskussion
    35. 35. PILL1 -Munich, 22nd October 2014
    37. 37. 48
    38. 38. library/fp161351(v=office.15).aspx) library/fp161353(v=office.15).aspx) library/jj673030(v=office.15).aspx)
    39. 39. PILL1 -Munich, 22nd October 2014 … and Patrick
    40. 40. Full Trust Solutions No real control SP Code More custom code: aspx, dlls, web services, GAC Support is a nightmare Upgrade is quite a challenge Securing code to run in hosted environments is effectively impossible Sandbox Partial control App Model Control, Trust, Manage SP Code Sandboxed Custom Code Way too strict for developers Hard to maintain and expand Managed by your self App code (client or server) SP Code Isolated App client side code Host/language independent Management and update easily doable per app Emprases reusability No server side sandbox, improved CSOM
    41. 41. SharePoint The app and all resources are hosted by the provider in any environment suitable for the app. The app is hosted in the cloud. Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure components are provisioned automatically when an app is installed. (Available for SharePoint Online only) Existing sites and services App web (optional) Existing sites and services App web The app and all resources are hosted in your organization’s SharePoint farm. Relies on client side technologies. Your IT organization supports the app. Existing sites and services App web (optional) Oauth + REST or client object models Oauth + REST or client object models
    42. 42. 55
    43. 43. hive/2014/04/09/yammer-analytics-with-excel-and-power- bi.aspx
    44. 44. PILL1 -Munich, 22nd October 2014
    45. 45. Daten, die Sie nicht messen, können Sie nicht verwalten.
    46. 46. • Daten sammeln • Eingebaute Features • Setup PowerBI in Office 365 • PowerBI und Abfragen
    47. 47. 62
    48. 48. download/details.aspx?id=30716
    49. 49. hive/2014/04/09/yammer-analytics-with-excel-and-power- bi.aspx