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Towards omnichannel maturity

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UK retailers strive to meet customer demand for omnichannel services that enable them to shop wherever, whenever and however they want. How ready are those retailers yet for omnichannel? Find out the full results here: http://www.osf-commerce.com/towards-omnichannel-maturity

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Towards omnichannel maturity

  1. 1. TOWARDS ’g; ;WN§§; ;dr OMNICHANNE Retailers MATURITY / éi: $;i? :imi Global view of inventory 27.6% of UK reta e-'s nave no single WOW of stock. Cross-channel order management 25.96% of UK retailers have "-0! -uegiuatec with cider SOl. 'C '1gtechnology, o' online ordering wilii QICKUD in store Mobile point-of-sale While one in ill of respondents said they offeieo mobile P09 in their stores, 38.5% said they nan made no progress In GO rig so ”For those who have implemented omnichannel, most are limited to the _ fundamentals — inventory, order management, and CRM. _ Thus, ’ even those with mature omnichannel strategies have room for additional innovation. ” Just as CUSTOMERS INCREASINGLY EXPECT THE CONVENIENCE OF CROSS-CHANNEL ORDERING, so too do they want the flexibility of Managing returns 63.5% of UK reta eis progress towarcs ofie-irig returning a product they bought online to the store, sending it by post or dropping it off at a collection point. Uoss (nan-we '£‘[Lll'l7S. [I70ugl1i‘“iany are still some ways off tron‘ fl. y nitrocmt ng (in s 56.3% 22% 13.2% oiieta leis 'iaveiin(lvI§ utieta P'Si'—1lPIl()Ililllb’a aie't>ti. siigtalr(-Witei system in p ate (RM system II. 'I(Il()'lB ties in IU Marketing across channels helps drive online trafiic to stores, and vice versa: 51.5% are still in the very early stages offully adopting this approach. Gy waxing re ex/ ant offers to shoppei s baset) on the i L)’Iyt; lLdl upatioii, UK 'C| dl L-is Lieu oy the power oithe i otal oianch iii. -zwoik. A SIZEABLE 39.8% HAVE YET TO EMBARK ON A PROGRAM, si. ;;gestIr1_iJ, this is still an enierging tethnology that is <ely to gain grotxit: in (()l'lIi| g yeais BEACONS tnatsenilpioniotiorlalrressagestotniisn'a'tt1ho'it—~s as we wa « by. aim UK ieca le's max enenle WINDOW SHOPPING Oi cvc-ii PAYMENT IN STORE USING A MOBILE POINT OF SALE are S! ll soire ways off {III} Ecommerce pre—ordering Pop-up retail Store as showroom 33.7% 48.9% 72.6% are not ll'slIIg<-’(()l'll'llb'l((-‘ in of UK ielaileis are . soiii<-what ml UK '(-‘IEllP'. ‘- are not using ()l(Il-’l to do pieoi<1eiiiigle. g. (JlIP'l'lg t'1i. s (apauty, but the digital devites for s'1<): ):)i-vs *aI()t king h/ (| l'sI(>lY‘P’ l'll(-‘it-"st malt)’ ty have not estan ishi-id t(10'0'Nse and trier: ()llI(-‘I on ins) i: o:: —iip stores ()i‘lll'Ie', Window shopping 94.85% OI UK ’E! lallEfS don't offer Interactive windows tnat enable Shoppers to Stan bal[OEIES and plate online orders, even when a stove IS closed. Ask customers p| an how What ‘hell to use data want Assess Be starting Take small repared point and steps 0, Plan h°W constant to move on change o5|: Q Internet (bdemandvvare e—Spirit Reta i I move faster, growfaster OSF Global Services 2016 This Infographic analyses the findings of a study by Internet Retailing in www. osf—g| obal, com partnership with OSF Global Services. Demandware and e-Spirit into omnichannel maturity. DOWNLOAD THIS WHITE PAPER AT: Connectwith us: @ 0 7 “ ‘ ii: i iii wi iii_ 'i, _i l iiii iii, i’