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ORCID Member Site Integration: Using the API

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Are you using the API to integrate ORCID functionality into your own site? This webinar will review common workflows for linking your site, and will review some of the trickier aspects of the API. (ORCID Training Presentation - Aug 30, 2012)

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ORCID Member Site Integration: Using the API

  1. 1. iD ORCID Member SiteIntegration: Using the APIORCID Launch Partner WebinarAugust 30, 2012 ORCID.org
  2. 2. iD Housekeeping•  QUESTIONS? All participants are on mute •  Type question into the “question” pane, OR raise your virtual hand to be called on. •  Will answer questions periodically, and will unmute participants during these times.•  RECORDING: Today’s webinar will be recorded, and will be distributed on ORCID.org. •  If you don’t want to be recorded, use the “question” pane instead•  SUPPORT: having technical challenges? GoToWebinar can help •  Global Support: http://support.citrixonline.com/webinar •  OR… Tweet @gotowebinar ORCID.org
  3. 3. iD ORCID Member SiteIntegration: Using the APIORCID Launch Partner WebinarAugust 30, 2012 ORCID.org
  4. 4. iD Today’s Agenda•  About the ORCID Webinar Series•  Getting to know the ORCID API•  Common ways to use the API on your site •  About this Scholar: Display to-the-minute info on your site •  Keep us up-to-date: Get and store an ID to get regular updates •  Enhance my Record: Push updates to an ORCID Record•  Additional Resources•  Next steps ORCID.org
  5. 5. iD The ORCID Webinar Series•  ORCID Resources (Aug 16, 2012) Learn about the four components of the ORCID Registry: the Players, Account & Record, Privacy and Accessing Records. Discover what will be included in the October launch and helpful resources. •  View the recording: http://goo.gl/nLpVE •  See the slides: http://goo.gl/nuc1W•  Member Site Integration (Aug 30, 2012) Discover some common uses of the API, and learn how to incorporate them into your own sites and services.•  Loading Production Data (Sep 13, 2012) The production database will soon be live and you will be able to load live data. Learn about common challenges and how to overcome them. •  Pre-Register: http://goo.gl/CHwCw ORCID.org
  6. 6. iD ORCID Member Site IntegrationGETTING TO KNOW THE ORCID API ORCID.org
  7. 7. iD Includes future functionality…•  Some functionality describe is included in the October launch, though are not yet present on the Developer’s Sandbox •  API Scopes On Developer’s Sandbox by late Sept 2012 see release notes: http://dev.orcid.org/release-notes#APIV1.1.0 •  orcid-record (currently orcid-profile; backward compatible) •  orcid-activities (currently orcid-works; backward compatible) •  ORCID XML Message On Developer’s Sandbox by Sept 5, 2012 see release notes: http://dev.orcid.org/release-notes#XMLV1.0.3 •  Element: grants (not yet present) •  Element: patents (not yet present) •  Element: affiliations (not yet present) ORCID.org
  8. 8. iD ORCID Privacy •  Information in an ORCID Record has a privacy setting Accessible by anyone Accessible by Account Owner, Proxy(ies),Trusted Organization(s) Accessible by Account Owner, Proxy(ies) •  “Visibility” element in the message controls the privacy setting Ø Also see the first in this webinar series for more info: http://dev.orcid.org/getting-started#Aug16 ORCID.org
  9. 9. iD The APIs•  Public API •  No token or registration needed •  Can only access data marked as public •  Can only READ•  Member API •  Registration and token needed •  Can access data marked as public or limited •  Can READ, EDIT, APPEND; For institutions/employers, it is also possible to CREATE •  Specific permissions must be granted by the Scholar •  ORCID Profile Change Notification API (premier members only) ORCID.org
  10. 10. iD The Basic API Call•  The API is RESTful and URI-based, and each call has: •  Scope •  Permission level (public or limited data) •  Timeframe•  Information about the ORCID Record is passed in an ORCID Message•  OAuth 2.0 is used to allow the record holder to grant specific permissions to member sites •  Permissions are enforced through an OAuth Access Token•  Error messages provide feedback on failed requests ORCID.org
  11. 11. iD Authenticate•  To receive privileges (trusted organization), member sites do an authentication dance •  Request access from the user (members only) è User grants access •  Exchange user permission to get an Access Token (using /oauth/authenticate) •  Exchange an Access Token for ORCID data using the API calls•  The Access Token •  Token Type & Access Token - used together to authorize access to ORCID data •  Expires In – describes how long the permission is granted •  Scope – the scope of the permission •  ORCID ID – the ID of the user who has granted permission ORCID.org
  12. 12. iD Public API: Read / Query•  No specific permission is needed; no access token required Name Param Request Description Bio orcid_id orcid-bio (or Given a contributor, give me name blank) and affiliation data. Activities orcid_id orcid-activities Given a contributor, tell me what research activities they have contributed to. Full orcid_id orcid-record Given a contributor, tell me his/her bio and research activities Search search [search terms] Given search criteria, give me a ranked list of contributor and their bios•  API URI: http://[API Host]/[Param]/[request] •  Developers Sandbox Public API Host: devsandbox.orcid.org ORCID.org
  13. 13. iD Public API: Query Examples•  Retrieve Bio for scholar with ORCID ID 0000-0003-2012-0010 •  GET http://devsandbox.orcid.org/0000-0003-2012-0010/orcid-bio •  -OR- GET http://devsandbox.orcid.org/0000-0003-2012-0010•  Retrieve a list of Research Activities for the scholar with ORCID ID 0000-0003-2012-0010 •  GET http://devsandbox.orcid.org/0000-0003-2012-0010/orcid- works•  Retrieve a list of IDs & bios for the contributors to the work with DOI=“10.1038/nbt1109-984b” •  GET http://devsandbox.orcid.org/search/orcid-bio?q=digital- object-ids:10.1038/nbt1109-984b ORCID.org
  14. 14. iD Member API: Read•  Member API Activity Method Request Scope Expires In Read Entire GET /[orcid_id]/ orcid-record/ When revoked Record orcid-record read-limited by user Read Bio GET /[orcid_id]/ /orcid-bio/read- When revoked orcid-bio limited by user Read Research GET /[orcid_id]/ /orcid-activities/ When revoked Activities orcid-activities read-limited by user Read Public GET /[orcid_id]/* /read-public When revoked Info by ORCID•  Member API URI: http://[API Host]/[Request] •  Developers Sandbox Member API Host: api.devsandbox.orcid.org •  Requires Access Token: Authenticate information sent in the HTTP header ORCID.org
  15. 15. iD Member API: Append•  All Members Activity Method Request Scope Expires In Add a Research POST /[orcid_id]/ /orcid-activities/ 1 hour Activity orcid-activities create Add an External POST /[orcid_id]/ /orcid-bio/ 1 hour Identifier orcid-bio/ external- external- identifiers/create identifiers•  For Institutions only Activity Method Request Scope Expires In Create a new POST /orcid-profile /orcid- When ORCID Record record/create revoked by ORCID ORCID.org
  16. 16. iD Member API: Update•  All Members Activity Method Request Scope Expires In Update Bio PUT /[orcid_id]/ /orcid-bio/update 5 min orcid-bio Update Research PUT /[orcid_id]/ /orcid-activities/ 5 min Activities orcid-activities update•  Should be used with caution•  Replaces ALL data formerly stored•  1-hour and 5-min timeframes are also single use ORCID.org
  17. 17. Member API: iD Anatomy of an HTTP Header •  Command Line Request: •  curl  -v -i -L  -H Accept: application/xml -H Authorization: Bearer 1641444e-c0cb-48b1-be47-534941db139f  http:// api.devsandbox.orcid.org/search/orcid-bio?q=thorisson’ The API •  Resulting HTTP Header: Request GET /search/orcid-bio?q=thorisson HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: curl/7.21.4 (universal-apple-darwin11.0) libcurl/7.21.4 OpenSSL/0.9.8r zlib/1.2.5 Made to the Host: api.devsandbox.orcid.org Member API Host Accept: application/xml Authorization: Bearer 1641444e-c0cb-48b1-be47-534941db139fPlease provide the Received from theResult in XML format Access Token ORCID.org
  18. 18. iD The API MessageØ  http://orcid.github.com/ORCID-Parent/schemas/orcid-message/1.0.3/•  Describe the XML message and its sections •  Biography – includes: ORCID Record •  Lists of External Identifiers Biography •  Lists of Affiliations Activities •  Research Activities •  Works •  Works •  Grants •  Technologies •  Grants •  Technologies (including patents)•  Message Data Return Formats ORCID.org
  19. 19. iD ORCID Member Site IntegrationCOMMON WAYS TO USE THE API ORCID.org
  20. 20. Using the API: iD About this Scholar A website displays info from the ORCID Record of scholar who has an ID1 2 3User is on a site Site performs a search based Site parses theand wants more on known information. returned ORCIDinfo about a scholar Message & displays public data to user What to Query? Public API Search Display Data http://devsandbox.orcid.org/search/ orcid-bio/?q=[search terms] ORCID.org
  21. 21. Other Uses: iD About this Scholar This process can be used in several situations: •  Filling a form about the user by pulling from their ORCID Record •  Filling a form about collaborators when the researcher knows their ORCID IDs •  Displaying “works by this scholar” by receiving a current list from the scholar’s ORCID Record •  Use information in an ORCID Record to help identify conflict-of- interest challenges for peer reviews ORCID.org
  22. 22. Using the API: iD Keep Us Up-to-date A Scholar establishes a trust relationship while at a member site1 2 3 ? READ READ READMember site asks Scholar reviews the Member site becomesfor ongoing READ request and establishes trusted; may receivepermissions from a trust relationships record updatesScholar OAuth Dance OAuth/authenticate API GET read-limited Get & store “until revoked” read- api.devsandbox.orcid.org/ limited access token [orcid_id]/orcid-record ORCID.org
  23. 23. Other Uses: iD Keep Us Up-to-date This process can be used in several situations: •  Updating your records for a researcher •  Trigger an activity when certain items change for a researcher •  NOTE: Callback API can be used to automatically be notified when things change on the scholar’s record. ORCID.org
  24. 24. Using the API: iD Enhance My Record A Scholar establishes a trust relationship with member site to add to their Record1 2 3 ADD TO READ APPEND READ APPEND ? READMember site asks Scholar reviews the Member site becomesfor one-time request and establishes trusted; may addAPPEND trust relationships activities one timepermission OAuth Dance OAuth authenticate API POST Get ONE TIME access token api.devsandbox.orcid.org/ /orcid-activities/create [orcid_id]/orcid-activities ORCID.org
  25. 25. Other Uses: iD Enhance My Record This process can be used in several situations: •  Encouraging a researcher to add their ORCID ID by offering to add the manuscript to their record. •  Offer to add a list of research activities to a researcher’s record in exchange for reviewing the data that your site has stored for him/her. ORCID.org
  26. 26. iD ORCID Member Site IntegrationADDITIONAL RESOURCES ORCID.org
  27. 27. iD Key Resources•  Developer Technical Documentation http://dev.orcid.org/resources •  Structure of the ORCID ID http://dev.orcid.org/structure-orcid-identifier •  Read / Query API http://dev.orcid.org/docs/query-api •  Update / Append API http://dev.orcid.org/docs/deposit-update-api •  The ORCID API Message http://orcid.github.com/ORCID-Parent/schemas/orcid-message/1.0.3/ •  UML Flow Diagram http://goo.gl/I9wIB•  Technical Support (Available after launch) ORCID.org
  28. 28. iD To Be Released in OctoberFor Individuals•  Public Registry – Anyone can create an ORCID ID and search the Registry•  ORCID Record •  Link ID to other identifier schemes, synch data •  Enhance ID with information on research activities, including biography, works, grants and technology/productsFor Member Organizations•  Updated APIs / XML•  Create IDs for employees and students (institutions only)•  Trusted relationship management to share information ORCID.org
  29. 29. iD Resource: News/Documentation•  Developers Portal (dev.orcid.org) •  Latest about the Launch (dev.orcid.org/launch) •  Documentation, code samples (dev.orcid.org/resources) •  Blog with the latest updates (dev.orcid.org/blog) •  Links to support (available in Oct) ORCID.org
  30. 30. iD Resource: Sandbox-Try the API•  Sandbox Site (devsandbox.orcid.org) •  Fully functioning API •  Tokens available at dev.orcid.org/create-client-app •  Limited web interface •  In synch with the production server and Registry •  Non-persistent. Data is refreshed periodically ORCID.org
  31. 31. iD Next Stepsq Get a token to use the Sandbox (dev.orcid.org/create-client-app)q Review documentation (dev.orcid.org/resources)q Signup for the next webinar (/goo.gl/dGrRe) •  Sep 16—Loading Production Dataq Subscribe to the blog for the latest updates (RSS: dev.orcid.org/blog/51/feed) ORCID.org
  32. 32. iD Laura PaglioneTechnical DirectorORCIDl.paglione@orcid.orgTHANK YOU! ORCID.org