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ONAP integration with opnfv via opera

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Yingjun Li, Futurewei Technologies, Chengli Wang, China Mobile Research Institute

ONAP coming into OPNFV with the Danube release extends OPNFV up the stack into MANO. As the first MANO project integrated in to OPNFV, the Opera team will share their experiences and challenges overcome during the integration and release process. They will also present how ONAP (formerly OPEN-O) participates in the OPNFV CI process and deploys a vIMS use case with the FuncTest project.

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ONAP integration with opnfv via opera

  1. 1. ONAP Integration with OPNFV via OPERA Huawei Technologies: Yingjun Li, Harry Huang China Mobile: Chengli Wang
  2. 2. 1. What is OPERA 2. ONAP/OPEN-O Open Source for NFV MANO & Network Automation 3. How ONAP (OPEN-O) integrated with OPNFV via OPERA 4. Future plan for ONAP integration with OPNFV 5. How to contribute
  3. 3. 3 What is OPERA • Several Open Source MANO projects • Open-O • Open Source MANO (OSM) • OpenBaton • Tacker • Many differences • Scope, data models, interfaces, etc. • OPNFV as reference platform for NFV • OPERA Integration project • Open-O as NFVO • Juju as VNFM • OpenStack Newton as NFVI/VIM • vIMS as use case to be deployed via OPEN-O • Compass as Scenario installer • FuncTest as test framework OSM ONAP Open-O Tacker OpenBaton OPNFV
  4. 4. OPEN-O Introduction • Provides End-to-End Composite SDN/NFV service orchestration and management. • Flexible plugin/driver adaptation and integration mechanisms. • Modularity, Micro-service architecture, Restful API • Features with a model driven framework, including design time and run-time. • Compliant with ETSI/OASIS specs ETSI NFV MANO 1.0 OASIS NFV Profile 1.0 • Open and collaborating with Vendor provided/Upstream components • VIM/VNFM/EMS/SDN Controllers Portal Common Service Common TOSCA Service Orchestrator Global Service O NFV-OSDN-O Plugins/Drivers Network & NFV Infrastructure SDN C VNFM VIMSDN C VNFM VIM
  5. 5. Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP)
  6. 6. ONAP High Level Architecture Storage Compute VNFs / Applications Networking ONAP Portal Design Functions Operational Functions E – Services BSS / OSS Big Data External Data Movement & APIs Data Collection & Analytics Common Services, Data Movement, Access Control & APIs Controllers Engineering Rules & Inventory Service Orchestrator Active & Available Inventory Dashboard OA&M Operation Administration & Maintenance ONAP Controller Recipe/Engineering Rules & Policy Distribution Service Design & Creation Analytic Application Design Policy Creation
  7. 7. ONAP Members
  8. 8. • 30+ projects proposal • 24 projects approved by ONAP TSC • R1 will be released in Nov 2017 • vCPE/VoLTE(vIMS + vEPC) use cases will be tested via ONAP R1 ONAP Today
  9. 9. OPNFV NH Plugfest: OPEN-O (Sun) & Colorado OPEN-O Juju 2.0 Clearwater OPNFV C Release OpenStack Mitaka 1. Upload VNFD NSD to OPEN-O 2. Create vIMS (Clearwater) instance 5. Add SIP client phone number to Clearwater 6. Configure SIP client, register to Clearwater 7. Make call SIP Client1 SIP Client2 3. Find Clearwater Ellis IP from Juju client 4. Login clearwater OPNFV Lab Integration Configuration
  10. 10. OPERA Integration in Danube • Define Scenarios and Integrate OPEN-O M Release with OPNFV D Release (with OpenStack Newton) • Integrate OPEN-O to OPNFV CI Process • Integrate automated Open-O and Juju installation with COMPASS and Jenkins Jobs • Deploy Clearwater vIMS through OPEN-O via FuncTest • Test case to simulate SIP clients voice call • Integrate vIMS test scripts to FuncTest
  11. 11. Open-O Scenario Definition  Compass4NFV to deploy Open-O NFV Scenario • Scenario Name:os-nosdn-openo-ha • What to deploy:OpenStack + call OPERA to deploy Open-O + JuJu • Environment:Virtual Deployment(one physical Jump Server + ubuntu OS) Physical Deployment (one physical Jump Server,ubuntu OS + 5 physical Host Server)  Open-O Scenario Structure Compass-core VM Open-O VM Open-O Dockers Jumper Server Opera Project JuJu VMOpenStack vIMS  A Open-O VM will be launched on jump server just like compass-core VM  Open-O dockers will run on Open-O VM  JuJu VM will be launched on OpenStack  All thing will be happen automatically right after compass finish deploy OpenStack
  12. 12. OPNFV Lab Setup for OPERA  Deployment Steps  Version to deploy • Open-O:Default SUN release, can be specific to any version • JuJu:2.0  部署方式 • 与Compass4NFV联合部署(使用Open-O Scenario) • 独立部署(需要预先部署OpenStack)  网络 • 使用Compass4NFV组网方式 • 41个外部IP(Open-O虚拟机 x 1,Open-O Dockers x 40) OpenStack Open-O JuJu Open-O + JuJu vIMS onboard  Huawei vPOD 57 – 位置:廊坊 – 角色:Opera测试 – 类型:虚拟POD – CPU:Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2658A V3 @ 2.20GHz – 内存:188G – 磁盘:1.7T  Huawei-Virtual7 – 位置:廊坊 – 角色:Opera CI (每日部署) – 类型:虚拟POD – CPU:Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2658A V3 @ 2.20GHz – 内存:188G – 磁盘:1.7T
  13. 13. OPNFV CI Process for OPERA • All steps are linked to OPNFV CI Process • Jenkins jobs remotely access OPEN-O NEXUS repository to fetch binaries • COMPASS is to deploy scenario based on OpenStack Newton release. • OPEN-O installation scripts will be triggered as Jenkins job by Compass • Juju installation scripts will be triggered as Jenkins job by COMPASS • Clearwater vIMS deploy scripts will be integrated into FuncTest • Clearwater vIMS test scripts will be integrated into FuncTest OPEN-O Repository Compass Installer integration FuncTest integration Open-O test scripts vIMS test scripts
  14. 14. Jumphost for Docker image, OpenStack, ODL, and FuncTest SUT (System Under Test) server for deploying features. OPEN-O goes here with its own Docker image (??) Opera (OPEN-O) OPNFV CI Process for OPERA Opera Scenario: os-nosdn-openo-ha  No SDN controller needed, use OpenStack Neutron  OpenStack Newton release  Docker Image  FuncTest Framework  No High Availability needed FuncTest run over Docker installed in Jumphost.
  15. 15. Tasks for OPEN-O Integration OPERA Deployment Key idea: Keep OPEN-O deployment agnostic from an installer perspective (Apex, Compass, Fuel, Joid) Breakdown deployments in single scripts (isolation) Have OPNFV CI Process (Jenkins) control and monitor the execution Tasks need to be done for OPNFV CI/CD process 1) Compass to deploy scenario of os-nosdn-openo-ha 2) Automate OPEN-O installation (deployment) process 3) Automate JuJu installation process 4) Create vIMS TOSCA blueprint (for vIMS deployment) 5) Automate vIMS package deployment a) Jenkins to invoke OPEN-O Restful API to import & deploy vIMS ackage 6) Integrate scripts of step 2,3,4,5 with OPNFV CD Jenkins Job FUNCTEST 1) vIMS voice call test case automation a) create 2 users in vIMS service b) Simulate SIP clients to make voice call by using created users phone numbers 2) Integrate test scripts with FuncTest a) trigger these test scripts b) record test result to DB
  16. 16. Integration of • Tested ONAP integration with NEC server during Danube Plugfest • OpenStack Newton is installed by FUEL installer • Successfully deployed ONAP HEAT template • Successfully logged in ONAP Portal What have been done during OPNFV Plugfest in Orange, Paris Future Plan
  17. 17. Challenges and Issues • ONAP needs a lot of memory resource (130GB) to deploy • Using Ubuntu standard image, only the first network interface is configured. Manual step is needed to bring up other network interfaces • ONAP DCAE controller doesn’t bring up other 5 DCAE VMs. JIRA ticker created in ONAP. • ONAP script failed to deploy ONAP demo app. JIRA ticket created in ONAP
  18. 18. Call for Volunteers We are seeking talents for ONAP Integration for OPNFV OPERA Timeline June 30/2017 CI Build skills/ Jenkins Deployment Testing Skills Compass/JuJu/Charm Bash/python/Ansible ONAP/ECOMP/OpenStack OPNFV FPlan for Contact: Helen.Chen@huawei.com yingjun.li@huawei.com Q&A