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Session 4 pre-incubation and incubation - itu cekirdek

Day 1, session 2, 29 November 2017, itu cekirdek early stage incubation center, pre-incubation and incubation presentation.

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Session 4 pre-incubation and incubation - itu cekirdek

  1. 1. İTÜ ÇEKİRDEK İyi Girişimler İTÜ Çekirdek’ten Yetişir!OECD – ITU Cekirdek
  2. 2. ITU ARI Teknokent Entreprenurship Ecosystem Idea Stage Pre-Incubation Incubation Scale-Up Globalization ITU CEKIRDEK Pre-incubation&Acceleration ITU MAGNET Scale-Up Incubation INNOGATE International Acceleration ITU CEKIRDEK Incubation BIG BANG Start-up Challenge
  3. 3. ITU Cekirdek - Stages • CXO Özel Eğitim • Koçluk • Aylık Girişimci Buluşmaları • 3 Aylık Değerlendirme Buluşmaları • Workshoplar • Seminerler Pre-Incubation • Business Model Training • Ad-Hoc Mentorship • Workshops • Seminars Incubation • CXO Special Training • Ongoing Mentorship • Montly Enrepreneur Gathering • Quarterly Assessment Gathering • Special Events • Workshops • Seminars 478 Startups 33 Startups
  4. 4. Co-founders Financial Statements Excel Trainings Marketing Strategy KPIs, Metrics& Traction Company Establishment CFO Income Statement and Taxations Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Financial Strategy Startup Valuation CSO Sales Process&CRM Delivering Sales Creating a Sales Force Sales Simulation CMO Website Development&SEO Social Media Marketing E-mail&Mobile Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Digital Marketing Strategy ITU Cekirdek Trainings
  5. 5. Ongoing Mentorship Marketing Sales Operations Finance
  6. 6. ITU Cekirdek Gatherings Monthly&Quarterly Gatherings • 3-minutes progress pitch by each startup • Definition of «big thing» to move forward for next month • Areas where startup may need help from peers Micro Demo Days • Have the opportunity to network with investors and make connections with them
  7. 7. Seminars & Workshops • Elevator Pitch • Hardware Development • Funding Strategy & Startup Valuations • Introduction to Invesment • B2B Sales Pipeline Development and CRM • Startup IP protection • Startup HR, compensation, option plans and vesting • Internationalization strategies and business growth
  8. 8. Special Events – Right of Participation
  9. 9. In 6 years 12 M USD Revenue 4 M USD Investment 55 M USD Valution 270 Employment ITU Cekirdek Incubation Stage Startups, until now…
  10. 10. Success Stories Pubinno invented a smart beer tap and an AI powered platform to be able to serve 21st century beer to the 21st century consumer. ACROME is a company that offers robotics-mechatronics systems design and control solutions for industrial and educational use. Orthero provides orthodontic solutions by 3D printed unvisible materials. 60+ Cities 600+ Dentist 4000+ Patient 0.7 M USD+ Revenue 0.25 M USD Invesment 42+ Countries 2 M USD+ Revenue
  11. 11. İTÜ ÇEKİRDEK İyi Girişimler İTÜ Çekirdek’ten Yetişir!Thank you!