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Green Growth and Climate Financing in Georgia

Nino Lazashvili
Tamar Aladashvili

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Green Growth and Climate Financing in Georgia

  1. 1. Green Growth and Climate Financing in Georgia Expert Workshop on International Climate Finance for the Countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia 11 July, 2016
  2. 2. Goal of the Government Modernize economy of Georgia and achieve sustainable development of the country by elaboration and realization of Green Economy/Green Growth Strategy and Action Plan
  3. 3. Specific Objectives  Engineering a structural basis for the green economy  “Greening” of existing industries and promotion of green industries  Promotion of green technologies  Promotion of economic tools for resource efficiency  Building the green transportation infrastructure and promotion of green transport  Promotion of green construction materials and green building certification  Creation and advancement of new, green jobs  Strengthening the capacity to adapt to climate change, etc.  Become a role-model for the ECA region as a green growth leader
  4. 4. Green Growth Policy Paper elaborated Proposed Arrangements for Drafting Green Growth Strategy prepared Progress towards Green Growth Steps made towards OECD Green Growth Declaration
  5. 5. Response to Economic Development in Georgia Determinant for Sustainability New Business Opportunities and Initiatives International Responsibility Instrument to Achieve SDGs Why Green Growth?
  6. 6. Further Actions  Finalization of Green Economy Policy Paper and approval by the Government  Elaboration of Green Economy Strategy 2030  Preparation of Green Economy Action Plan for 2017-2022  Implementation of Green Economy Action Plan  Creation of enabling conditions for transition to green economy, including institutional framework, regulations, incentives, legal infrastructure, carbon trading  Promotion of Green procurement  Public awareness on Green Economy
  7. 7. Socio-economic Development Strategy of Georgia “Georgia 2020” “Georgia 2020” aims to create foundations for long-term inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. Integration of Climate Aspects in other Policy Areas Strategy or Agricultural Development in Georgia 2015-2020 Strategic Direction 3.7: Climate Change, Environment and Biodiversity Regional Development Program and Action Plan 2015-2017 • Ambient Air protection; • Developing water supply and drainage system; • Waste management; • Implementation of new mechanisms to reduce natural and anthropogenic hazards;
  8. 8. Climate Change Policy NAP EC-LEDSINDC NAMA
  9. 9. INDC • Submitted in 2015 • Preparation process to adapt to NDC • Planned to ratify LEDS • 8 SEAPS • 8 Project Proposals • Capacity building & technical assistance • MARKAL update • Planned to be finalized at the end 2016 NAMA • on Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings • on Energy Efficient Stoves and Solar Collectors • on Biomass • Concept for V-NAMA on transport NAP • In Cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture • Design Stage
  10. 10. Transfer Environmentall y Sound Technologies LOW CARBON ECONOMIC GROWTH Low Emission Development Strategy of Georgia (LEDS) Development Eco-friendly Innovations inside the country Promoting Energy Saving Measures Development of Alternative Energy Sources Access of SMEs to Global Environmental Funds Goal: Georgian GHG Emission Reduction Target by 15% (2021 – 2030) Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)
  11. 11. Readiness to Climate Finance  Prepared draft proposal with support of GIZ  Initial screening of sectoral priorities for country programme  2 key areas: - Strengthening DNAs - Preparation of country program  Planned to develop project pipeline for GCF with support of GIZ
  12. 12. Thank you Tamar Aladashvili Deputy Head of Environmental Policy and International Relations Department Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia E: s.kartsivadze@moe.gov.ge W: www.moe.gov.ge Nino Lazashvili Head of Sustainable Development Department Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia E: nlazashvili@economy.ge W: www.economy.ge