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Future of EUWI in Eastern Partnership countries

Angela Bularga

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Future of EUWI in Eastern Partnership countries

  1. 1. Future of EUWI in Eastern Partnership countries EUWI EECCA WG Meeting, 13 May 2016 Directorate General Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations 1 Angela Bularga, Programme Manager
  2. 2. New Strategic Regional Approach  Address joint challenges in priority areas  Move from multiple projects to strategic sector approach  Place ownership at the core of every action, with countries steering actions and driving change  Demonstrate concrete benefits to the citizens  Increase coordination of regional and bilateral support, and support from other donors  Allow for differentiation of national-level activities 2
  3. 3. Role of Partner Countries • Identify needs, priorities, and areas where the country itself invests • Provide contributions – e.g. project focal points, other staff, office space, meeting space • Actively participate, guide and steer the implementation • Share experience with other countries • Bring lessons learnt into EaP Panels and Platforms 3
  4. 4. Environment and Climate Change Panel • Chaired by DG ENV and DG CLIMA with inputs from DG NEAR • An Informal Eastern Partnership Ministerial meeting on environment took place in Minsk in June 2015 • A formal Eastern Partnership Ministerial is planned for 18 October 2016 in Luxembourg, back-to-back with the EU Environmental Council • Panel members met in February 2016 and will convene on 26-27 May 2016 to discuss a draft Ministerial Declaration 4
  5. 5. The “Water Cluster”: On-going Regional Projects Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea - EMBLAS II (EUR 2.8 M) implementation period until 31 May 2018 Environmental Protection of International River Basins (EUR 7.56 M) extended until 29 October 2016 Support to the EU Water Initiative (EUWI) in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EUR 3.2 M) extended until 31 May 2016 5
  6. 6. EUWI+ East : Key information • DG NEAR budget allocation of EUR 23.5 M (plus contributions from implementing agencies) – some 4 years of implementation • Objectives: • Facilitate the approximation of, and compliance with, the EU Water Framework Directive • Further improve trans-boundary river basins management • Implementation by the OECD, UNECE, and a consortium of EU Member States – on-going discussions 6
  7. 7. Planning for 2016 • Side event during the Batumi Ministerial Conference (8 Огту 2016) • Finalisation of administrative arrangements • Inception phase to be launched in September 2016 7
  8. 8. Questions for discussion: Shaping up the EUWI+ East Вопросы для обсуждения • What practices, which showed to be effective in the past, should be maintained in the new phase? • What capacity building tools and approaches have proven to be most effective? • How do you see the programme’s governance arrangements? • What “tangible results” do you expect to be achieved? • What input could partner countries provide? • Какие методы работы, показавшие свою эффективность в прошлом, следует сохранить в новой фазе? Какие инструменты и подходы наращивания потенциала наиболее действенны? Как вы видите механизмы и структуру управления в рамках новой программы? Как "ощутимые результаты" вы ожидаете вследствии новой программы? • Какой вклад могут обеспечить страны-партнеры? 8
  9. 9. You are most welcome to provide written input 9 Angela Bularga Angela.bularga@ec.europa.eu