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  1. Ivo Besselink Sector Senior Specialist – Energy and Industries Division of Portfolio Management Green Climate Fund 14 March 2023 Energy Savings Insurance: International Focus Group Discussion
  2. 01 The world’s largest climate fund 02 Set up by the UNFCCC, and serving the Paris Agreement 03 Supporting developing countries to transition to low-emission, climate- resilient societies
  3. 03 De-risk and mobilise finance at-scale 04 Strengthen national financial institutions to drive adoption of novel climate solutions 02 Catalyse innovation 01 Establish enabling environment for novel climate solutions How we drive change
  4. Projects in GCF Portfolio with ESI components FP009: Energy Savings Insurance for private energy efficiency investments by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, El Salvador FP028: Business loan programme for GHG emissions reduction in Mongolia Promoting private sector investments in energy efficiency in the industrial sector in Paraguay FP064: Promoting risk mitigation instruments and finance for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in Argentina • AE: IDB, EE: Bandesal • Work with LFIs, SMEs • Total $: USD 51m • GCF: USD 20m loan + USD 1.7m grant • AE: IDB, EE:AFD • Work with LFIs, SMEs • Total $: USD 43m • GCF: USD 20m loan + USD 3m grant • AE: Xacbank • Work with MSMEs • Total $: USD 60m • GCF: USD 20m senior loan • AE: IDB, EE: BICE • Work with LFIs, SMEs,TSP • Total $: USD 163m • GCF: USD 100m loan + USD 3m grant
  5. BALANCEDALLOCATION o targeting 50:50 allocation between mitigation & adaptation RISK-TAKING, PATIENT CAPITAL o accept higher risks to support early-stage project development & innovations to catalyse climate finance COUNTRY-DRIVEN o Readiness programme supports country planning o GCF programming is aligned with country priorities AN OPEN, PARTNERSHIP ORGANISATION o over 200 Accredited Entities and delivery partners A RANGE OF FINANCING INSTRUMENTS o leverage blended finance o Piloting support for new financial structures Elements to consider for future financing opportunities: Partners with projects in India and Indonesia: * Accredited Entities: PTSMI,WB, FMO, UNDP, IUCN, PCA, UNDP, KDB, MUFG_Bank,AFD, NABARD, MAAML, Kemitraan, IDFCBank, SIDBI,YesBank, IEISL,etc
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  7. Where to find more information? Guidance documents and Investment Criteria: - Funding proposals and annual performance reports for the projects/programmes discussed: -
  8. Scan this QR code to download the report @GCFOfficial greenclimatefund green-climate-fund @theGCF 2021 Annual results report