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Energy Savings Insurance implementation in Mongolia, Daniel Magallon, BASE.pdf

  1. Context, opportunities, strenghts and challenges 0
  2. Key local stakeholders 1 ü All the elements of the model finalised Jan 2023 ü ESI product presented in Feb 2023 ü Currently identifying potential pilots (Solar PV houses complex, supermarket, hotel) ü Official launch is expected in 3Q 2023 Implementation status
  3. Lighting Motors Air Compressors Boilers Refrigeration HVAC Co-generation Photovoltaic Panels Solar water heaters 2 Combination of technologies
  4. 3 ü There is no regulation for surety bonds in Mongolia. Work has been done with the regulator to establish ESI under liability insurance. ü Small market of technology providers. ü Limited insurance culture ü Market disarticulation
  5. 4 ü XacBank is incorporating ESI as credit requirement w/ differentiating financial conditions ü ESI model aims to help mobilise existing USD 60mn credit line from XacBank and co-funded by GCF – already provided credit to 240 SMEs ü Initial efforts to incorporate ESI into public procurement of equipment assets. Tendering process includes: • Evaluation of CAPEX + OPEX • Energy savings insurance as part of the guarantees • Validation entity supports public authorities in the installation and arbitration • Online MIS for MRV.
  6. 5 Thank you for your Attention Daniel Magallón Managing Director daniel.magallon@energy-base,org