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Source Presentation to AIIB

OECD High-level Seminar on Quality Infrastructure Investment
Session 2-source-pierre-sarrat

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Source Presentation to AIIB

  1. 1. Presentation to AIIB October 2020 SOURCE
  2. 2. Support governments digitalization agenda Support the development of well- prepared projects to bridge the infrastructure gap Why SOURCE 2
  3. 3. 3 SOURCE Governance Executing Agency (SIF). Not-for-profit Swiss foundation headquartered in Geneva. Coordinates the provision of SOURCE. SOURCE Council. Composed of representatives of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and Chief Information Officers.
  4. 4. Early contacts Integration under preparation Integration on-going 3220 SOURCE Users 324 Projects under preparation 59 User countries 5 Languages available 28 Published projects Mauritius OECS Outreach status Peru Ecuador Paraguay Ukraine Uzbekistan Indonesia Philippines
  5. 5. Walkthrough 5
  6. 6. 6 SOURCE Integration Policy level • Regulatory due diligence • Needs assessment • Definition of internal guidelines/procedures Process Level • Identification of user organizations • Project cycle definition to be embedded in timelines • Definition of administration rights IT tools • Platform customization • Training of users • Interoperability with other platforms and tools
  7. 7. Project Management Market Place Capacity Building 2010 2018 • Centralized access to international best practices and guidance • Sector-specific templates • Collaborative workspace • Public pipeline of projects • Standardized project database 2019 • Collaborative process management • Sector-specific Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) interface • Collaborative document management • Project Preparation Finder • Lessons learned management 2020 • Project Assessment • Revised templates • Improvements based on integrations • Connections between systems (interoperability) Launch of country integration strategy SOURCE development since 2010
  8. 8. Setting up a virtuous feedback loop for quality infrastructure Sectorial templates in line with international standards Structured database of primary infrastructure data Integrated countries using SOURCE Information support decision making, supports evidence-based policy making Dedicated dashboards at project and portfolio levels QII principles and Compendium of Good Practices for Quality Infrastructure Investment
  9. 9. SIF works with 9 International organisations Private Sector ILN
  10. 10. Project preparation management system 10 Case study: Philippines • Country Needs: • Solution for the central PPP Agency (PPP Center) to monitor the progress of projects, and responsibilities for bottlenecking/delays • Tool to manage lessons learned • Solution: • Integration of customized timelines into SOURCE and implementation of platform across implementing agencies and oversight agencies Enhancing Coordination Standardizing practices and processes Bringing accountability and transparency Reporting tool
  11. 11. Information management 11 Case study: Indonesia • Country Needs: • “One-stop-shop” for information on PPPs • Efficient process for implementing agencies to report to the 8 agencies of the PPP Joint Office about their operations • Solution: • Customization and integration of SOURCE • Connection of SOURCE with existing databases of each PPP JO member Project data hub for all agencies Structured project database Interoperability with other IT tools Document management
  12. 12. Project quality/readiness assessment 12 Case study: Peru • Country Needs: • Standardized process to assess PPP against internal regulation and international standards (IPA 5 case model, G20 QII Principles) • Solution: • Customization and integration of SOURCE • Use of Risk Allocation Tool (powered by GIH) • Development of a “Project Assessment” module to score project based on responses Standardized templates for project preparation Decision making support tools Access to international best practices and guidance
  13. 13. Promotion and procurement management 13 Case study: Ukraine • Country Needs: • As part of government digitalization agenda, there was a “missing link” for the preparation phase • E-procurement platform is operational, based on OCDS standards • Solution: • Alignment of SOURCE with OCDS standards, customization and integration of SOURCE • Connection of SOURCE with e- procurement platform “Common language” between public and private sector Strong support from investors Connection with e- procurement platforms Market place
  14. 14. CONTACT 14 14 https://sif-source.org https://public.sif-source.org Pierre Sarrat psarrat@sif-source.org 13 ch. des Serves 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
  15. 15. General Approach to country integration Policy workstream Process workstream IT Tools worksteam Piloting • Deployment of tailored SOURCE on testing environment • Test of tailored SOURCE with pilot projects • Pre-commissioning Roll-out • Move to production environment • Full training program • Establishment of local administration interface • Enforcement of Service Guide by SIF Development • Customization of platform as per identified requirements • Connection with existing platforms • Drafting of policies and processes Needs assessment • Review of existing legal framework, processes and existing IT tools • Identification of needs for customization • Identification of preferred solution • Launch of pilot projects
  16. 16. SOURCE templates Battery Storage Biomass Dam Geothermal High Temp Geothermal Low Temp Geothermal Medium Temp Transmission Line Hydro Run-of-River Solar Array Wind Farm Offshore Wind Farm Airport Bridge Bus Rapid Transit Car Park Dry Port E-bus Highway Intercity Rail Light Rail Transit Mass Rapid Transit Metro River Ferry Road Seaport Tunnel Hospital Housing Prison School Tourist Facility District cooling/heating network Energy Efficiency in Buildings Urban Retrofitting Street Lighting Desalination Irrigation Solid Waste Facility Waste-Water Treatment Water Supply Infrastructure
  17. 17. Data security and sovereignty • SOURCE is under the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR) • Servers are located within the premises of the United Nations • All SOURCE data is the sole property of its user and SIF does not own and cannot sell any data to the private sector. • The UNICC is ISO-27001:2015 certified and ISAE 3402 audited (SOC). • SOURCE is only available on https protocol and all requests are encrypted by SSL certificate.