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Abuse of Dominance in Digital Markets – Chinese Taipei – December 2020 OECD discussion

This presentation by Chinese Taipei was prepared for the discussion on “Abuse of Dominance in Digital Markets” held at the 19th OECD Global Forum on Competition on 8 December 2020. More papers and presentations on the topic can be found at http://oe.cd/dmkt.

This presentation was uploaded with the author’s consent.

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Abuse of Dominance in Digital Markets – Chinese Taipei – December 2020 OECD discussion

  1. 1. Abuse of Dominance in Digital Markets Dr. Wen-Jen Tsay, Commissioner Chinese Taipei Fair Trade Commission 8th December, 2020 Global Forum on Competition
  2. 2. Theories of Harm • Abuse of monopolistic power:  Abuse by obstruction:eliminate horizontal competitors or potential competitors or block them from maintaining or expanding their market power  Abuse by exploitation:take advantage of its market power to obtain profits beyond the level of competition • mobile device app download platform case :  Google LLC removed the informer’s apps available on Google Play without warning and the reason.  The conduct is NOT abuse by obstruction:  Google LLC and the informer were not horizontal competitors.  The conduct is NOT abuse by exploitation:  Removing apps could not increase the revenue of Google Play.  Quantity and types of apps was the key to the success of a mobile operating system.  The record of correspondence between Google LLC and the informer :  The informer had violated the policy of Google Play on a number of occasions prior to the removal of its apps or termination of its account.  Google LLC did give the informer an opportunity to make corrections before removing the apps of the informer.  After the app removal, Google LLC also accepted the appeal from the informer and notified the informer of the handling result. 1
  3. 3. Digital Economy Competition Policy Team • Created in April 2017 • Competition issues of digital markets: definition of relevant market evaluation of market power resale price maintenance most favored nation clauses predatory pricing territory restrictions false on-line advertisements • Seminars related to digital markets: sharing economy e-commerce big data platform economy • Focus on the competition issues of technology giants GAFA in 2020 2