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SHRM Conference 2016: 7 Key Insights

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The SHRM conference features presentations from experts about what is in store for the HR world. Here are our top 7 key insights from the conference.

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SHRM Conference 2016: 7 Key Insights

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  4. 4. SHRM 2016 was packed with engaging conversations, plenty of laughs, and invaluable insights from some of the top experts in the world of HR. The topics ranged from benefits to brand management, from politics to being present, and everything in between. Read on to discover our favorite tidbits of inspiration— and learn how to apply them to empower and motivate your own workforce. TWEET
  5. 5. START RECOGNIZING THE GREATNESS OF INVISIBLE EMPLOYEES According to “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe, in our country, we’re not valuing work equally. Using a San Francisco city employee as an example, he spoke of “unseen” employees who perform undesirable, but essential, tasks that too often go unseen and unrewarded. 1 TWEET
  6. 6. SOURCE We need to start appreciating the great work of people who perform seemingly thankless jobs that are critical to the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans. TWEET
  7. 7. A TRANSPARENT ENVIRONMENT IS KEY TO SUCCESS. Former CEO of Ford Motor Co., Alan Mulally, has a set of principles for creating more motivated and skilled teams, all based around one idea: create a transparent environment where everyone is included and information is shared freely. 2 TWEET
  8. 8. You’ll find your organization is stronger, with the ability to better face reality, and tackle even difficult situations head on. TWEET
  9. 9. THE SOLUTION TO FEELING POWERLESS IS BEING PRESENT When people feel powerless they shut down. They are not creative. They are risk averse. They are not engaged. 3 TWEET
  10. 10. SOURCE According to Amy Cuddy, being present gives you the ability to represent yourself in challenging moments in your life. Presence means you believe what you are saying, you convey confidence without arrogance, and you communicate harmoniously. TWEET
  11. 11. PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PAPERWORK Kevin Ames of the O.C. Tanner Institute pointed out that, “Onboarding lasts until the new employee makes a decision to engage with your purpose and passion, or they decide not to stay.” 4 TWEET
  12. 12. To help employees discover their own greatness, it’s imperative that we connect new employees to our organization’s purpose, beginning from day one. Kevin counseled, “Worry less about having new employees fill out forms and check boxes, and spend more time engaging them in your vision.” TWEET
  13. 13. EMPOWER A FEW PEOPLE TO REACH THE POTENTIAL OF MANY Imagine how much potential there is in the world if we just allow people to tap into it pursue individual greatness. Motivate employees by giving them challenging work and a mission they can believe in. According to Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, even non-profits can be competitive in recruitment if you have a strong mission and engaging work. 5 TWEET
  14. 14. By empowering even just a few people to achieve something important, you can start a chain reaction where people motivate and influence greatness in others. TWEET
  15. 15. MANAGER ONBOARDING IS NOT THE SAME AS MANAGER DEVELOPMENT When someone becomes a manager, they have new responsibilities. Usually beyond what’s been provided in a management or leadership development program. 6 TWEET
  16. 16. SOURCE The goal of a manager onboarding program is to give new managers the tools they need to be successful. Create a manager onboarding program that provides the information they need to know on day one, in the first month, and during the first quarter. TWEET
  17. 17. WELLBEING MEANS MORE THAN WELLNESS One of the biggest mistakes today’s wellness initiatives make is defining employee wellness simply as physical health. Several fundamental dimensions of wellness impact overall employee wellbeing, including physical, social, mental, and financial. 7 TWEET
  18. 18. According to Bruce Sherman, we need to stop seeing health as a cost and start seeing it as an investment in workplace performance. TWEET
  19. 19. When the top minds of HR and leadership meet, innovation happens. Take these insights from the biggest HR conference in the world and make a positive change in your workplace. And for more great insights from SHRM 2016 and beyond, visit octanner.com/blog. TWEET
  20. 20. O.C. TANNER AND THE O.C. TANNER INSTITUTE O.C. Tanner, on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list for the second year in a row in 2016, helps organizations create great work environments by inspiring and appreciating great work. Thousands of clients globally use the company’s cloud-based technology, tools, awards, and education services to engage talent, increase performance, drive goals, and create experiences that fuel the human spirit. Learn more at octanner.com. The O.C. Tanner Institute regularly commissions research and provides a global forum for exchanging ideas about recognition, engagement, leadership, culture, human values, and sound business principles. TWEET