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Ebooks: New Products for Open Access Monographs

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This presentation discusses three new tools that we are developing as a result of the OAPEN, OAPEN-NL and OAPEN-UK projects: the Directory of OA Books, CrossMark for OA books and ONIX for OA Books. These new tools are critical resources in verifying the quality of an open access monograph and ensuring its discoverability.

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Ebooks: New Products for Open Access Monographs

  1. 1. Ebooks 2013: New Products Informed Decisions on the Future of OA Scholarly Monograph Publishing in HSS Caren Milloy, Head of Projects, JISC Collections @carenmilloy @oapenuk #oapenuk
  2. 2. OAPEN: Open Access Publishing in European Networks OAPEN-NL Pilot & Research Project OAPEN-UK Pilot & Research Project OAPEN Foundation & Library Free PDF OA Monographs Platfrom, Repository & Services Print version available to purchase DOAB (Directory of OA Books CrossMark for OA Books @oapenuk #oapenuk ONIX for OA Books: code list additions
  3. 3. http://www.doabooks.org • The primary aim of DOAB is to increase discoverability of Open Access books • Provide quality control – Peer reviewed – CC Licence • Provide MARC records for libraries • Harvestable metadata @oapenuk #oapenuk
  4. 4. How do you, as a reader, know that this book is available for free in OA? @oapenuk #oapenuk
  5. 5. The publisher’s online retail site PDF ebook…..first thing the user will see is a price but this book is available in OA @oapenuk #oapenuk
  6. 6. Clearly marked that the book is OA
  7. 7. Have had to insert a line into the ONIX feeds to say that it is available for free in OA as a temporary measure. Not ideal. No links. Still not as visible as would like.
  8. 8. ONIX for OA Books New working group to agree additions to the ONIX controlled vocabulary to support OA books EDItEUR with Palgrave, Springer, T&F, Liverpool University Press and Amsterdam University Press Release target: July 2013 @ OA Monographs Conference @oapenuk #oapenuk
  9. 9. CrossMark for OA Books: Pilot with OAPEN-UK and OAPEN-NL The aims of the project are: • To introduce CrossMark as a transparent system to improve quality assurance for OA books • To provide readers relevant information about the publications • To set up a service for quality assurance for OAPEN publishers based on CrossMark @oapenuk #oapenuk
  10. 10. Readers would be able to see if there have been any updates / corrections / translations etc to the ebook
  11. 11. Promoting transparency, useful data, audit trail, compliance & TRUST Use the record tab to provide useful metadata Including: • • • • • • • DOI ORCID ID Licence Publication history Peer Review Research Grant Links to futher research data • OA Fee
  12. 12. CrossMark for OA Books: Pilot with OAPEN-UK and OAPEN-NL • Pilot members: – OAPEN Foundation – JISC Collections – link to NISO & Jisc work on OA metdata – CrossRef – Palgrave Macmillan – Brill – Amsterdam University Press • Results of pilot @ OA Monographs conference in July @oapenuk #oapenuk
  13. 13. Open Access Monographs in HSS Conference http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/JISC-Collectionsevents/oabooksconf/
  14. 14. Thank you & Further Info OAPEN-UK website: http://oapenuk.jiscebooks.org/ Caren Milloy c.milloy@jisccollections.ac.uk Twitter: @oapenuk Twitter: @carenmilloy Diigo Group: OAPEN-UK @oapenuk #oapenuk