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Sell Direct English

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Sell more, Sell Direct

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Sell Direct English

  2. 2. Aboutus<br />BBGLOBALSOLUTIONS is a company specialized in the creation and development of new projects of direct selling and multilevel marketing.<br />Exclusive: we only have a client in each sector.<br />We offer a complete service.<br />The client should not worry at all until the time of the release.<br />Close collaboration with our customers.<br />
  3. 3. Wherewe are<br />We have developed consulting projects around the world.<br />We have offices in Spain.<br />Our corporate headquarter is in California, USA.<br />In the global center of direct sales and MLM.<br />19100 Von Karman Ave.<br />Irvine, California 92612<br />
  4. 4. Whatweoffer<br />In the current economic situation, some companies are questioning whether maintaining the commercial structure to sell their product will: higher costs of distribution, increasing debt, difficulty of finding new customers, very mature market niches, etc.; or find new ways of marketing of all or any of its product lines.<br />Other new companies arise new ways to launch its product to the market without major costs as well as coming directly to the customer.<br />How can you do this? Selling more and more…intelligently.<br />ELIMINATE MIDDLEMEN<br />
  5. 5. whatitmeanstoselldirect<br />Transform your existing business or launch your new company while forgetting all intermediaries.<br />Your product, good or service does not have to be sold in traditional stores or retail.<br />At the end, it means improving your communication with the consumer and customers whom take part in your product. An incredible source of direct information that will make you save money.<br />No more negotiating with managers or heads of purchases that do not understand the added value of your product or service.<br />Your future business depends not on where it let you position your product, nor how much advertising investment you can make.<br />YOU CAN PUT YOUR PRODUCT IN THE HANDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS DIRECTLY AND IN A SMALL PERIOD OF TIME.<br />
  6. 6. Sales system<br />At BBGLOBALSOLUTIONS we look at your product or service, review or carry out the business plan with you and work together to decide what is the best way to achieve the objectives.<br />Direct sales include various forms and within these forms, we find the best one that fits the needs of the company. These include: multilevel in any of its forms (breakaway, binary, trinary, matrix, forced matrix, unilevel, 2 steps, party plan, etc.); sale catalog, Direct Mailing, telephone sales, selling on TV, etc.<br />Internationalization is easier to get through these processes.<br />Direct sales moves us $30 billion in the USA through 15 million independent distributors. In Spain, more than 500 million euros per year. England & Italy exceed 2.5 billion euros per year.<br />A SYSTEM IN WHICH YOUR BEST SELLER IS YOUR CUSTOMER<br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Ourservices<br />1st Phase: Market analysis- study of the products and services to market and margins of profitability, elaboration or revision of the Business Plan, choice of channel sales, development of the compensation plan that best suits the product, customer and market needs to attack.<br />Manual: Developing manual business, rules and procedures, manual of initial training to distributors, forms for registration of the associated- independent distributors, preferred customers, etc.<br />Consultation: Usually employ two consultants and a senior project. In addition to external consultancy: legal in every country with lawyers of direct sales, computer sales, marketing, trade mae, etc.<br />Timing: This phase is concluded in approximately 6 months, depending on the size of the project.<br />Price: Very competitive. This varies depending on the project. The investment can be made in installments. 1st consultation is free.<br />A SYSTEM IN WHICH YOUR BEST SELLER IS YOUR CUSTOMER<br />
  9. 9. software<br />Multiple pay structures supported- Direct Sales, Party Plan, Binary, Unilevel, Forced-Matrix, Stairstep, and many others. <br />Concurrent pay structures supported <br />Full International Support - multiple languages, currency, timezones, shipping, fees, etc<br />Comprehensive members web back office - A complete suite of tools to help your leaders manage their business. <br />FAST commissioning engine - Firestorm's proprietary commissioning engine runs in minutes, not hours!. <br />User configurable payouts - Payouts can be product or volume based, configurable by you! <br />Integrated credit card processing- Extensive fraud control features included. <br />Communications and Marketing. - Integrated e-mail campaign manager, web messaging, automated email responses and more <br />Replicating Web Sites - Fully individualized replicating websites with personal photos and testimonial.<br />
  10. 10. Ourservices<br />2nd Phase: Some companies want to hire only the services described in the first phase and continue with their own resources toward the launch. Or hire just any of the services offered. <br />Software: Software technical support and compensation plan realization. Adaptable model is easy during international expansion.<br />Duplication of Web Page: System of replica stores online for independent distributors. It gives feeling of belonging to the company and is an additional source of income.<br />Positioning and optimization on search engines and social networks.<br />Establishment of means of payment: We offer easy-to-systems of payment of commissions, even internationally, in countries where the company is not yet established. For this we use VISA or MASTERCARD cards with the logo of the company for all retailers. Easy to recharge online and can be used in any country, electronic cash or trade.<br />Price: We are the most competitive in the market.<br />A SYSTEM IN WHICH YOUR BEST SELLER IS YOUR CUSTOMER<br />
  11. 11. Ourservices<br />3rd Phase: Some companies want to hire only the services described in the first and/or second phase to make them his own release. <br />RELEASE: Search for leaders and launch of the company.<br />Investors: Search for people or companies with a profile investor wishing to make one greater contribution to ensure better positions or preferred geographic locations.<br />Initial training product and compensation system. Initial training to early leaders with a proven and duplicable system.<br />Audiovisual: Conceptualization, creation, filming and editing of DVD presentation or training. With exceptionally high quality, this work is conducted in the Hollywood studios, even with a reduced budget.<br />Incentives. Establishment of recognition programs and incentives for business networks. Based on our experience of nearly two decades- we know what your distributors want.<br />Price: We are the most competitive in the market.<br />A SYSTEM IN WHICH YOUR BEST SELLER IS YOUR CUSTOMER<br />
  12. 12. Customerhighlights<br />Forever Living Products Intl. is the leading company in MLM sales of nutritional Aloe Vera products. We carried out the opening in Argentina, and the expansion to Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. In 2000-2001, we forwarded their project in Spain and Portugal. This company now sells more than $2 billion.<br />www.foreverliving.com<br />
  13. 13. Customerhighlights<br />NUCORPO. Leading nutritional consulting and aesthetic equipment in Spain. We provide start up from scratch. We have created manuals, company image, plans of compensation, etc. We deal exclusively in the business and product training.<br />www.nucorpo.net<br />
  14. 14. Customerhighlights<br />GATES PLATFORM. The company manages investment funds of professional soccer players and wanted to be the first to offer these financial products to thousands of people that are not fortunate enough to have access to investments-which are usually reserved for the wealthy. We did the total project consultancy and start up. And now we're doing the project launch in USA and Mexico.<br />www.gatesplatform .com<br />
  15. 15. Customerhighlights<br />ARGANIA GOLD. This Moroccan company produces very fine Argan oil. We were hired to carry out a line of high quality products that could be sold in direct sales and MLM throughout the world. We offered them and accepted a synergy with Gates. In addition, we did the plan compensation, manuals, and policies.<br />www.argania.com<br />
  16. 16. Customerhighlights<br />Zytech. This multinational company of renewable energy and electric cars has just hired us to create its Division of direct sales in the USA, where they hope to introduce two revolutionary products: a self-installing solar energy kit and some LED bulbs that consume100 times less energy.<br />
  17. 17. Customerhighlights<br />SOUTHBAT. This company manufactures with an excellent and highly prized wood baseball bats: the GUAYABÏ, which grows in the North of Argentina. After a year of failed attempts to sell their product in the closed and very competitive US market, we have created a division of direct sales that will allow them to sell 1,000,000 bats in the third year. Our task include the adoption by the MLB (Major League Baseball) for the wood in question as well as the bats themselves, so that professional players can use and advertise them.<br />
  18. 18. Contactus<br />Request a free consultation<br />Provide us with your needs and we will offer solutions.<br />Our Local Advisor in your area is:<br />