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Be a Superhero

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A Big Idea for 2014 from the LinkedIn Influencer series. Read the original article here: goo.gl/9xyv33

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Be a Superhero

  1. 1. be a Watch as Blue Beetle shows you how to save a woman (or anyone else) in trouble... Listen harder than normal people do. Help people even if you do not know them. Focus more on the needs of others than on your own needs. Be highly creative in your efforts to save the day. Be relentlessly optimistic. Maintain a great sense of urgency. Never tolerate bullies. Don’t stop trying until the job is done. Take no pleasure in the misfortune of others (even if they sorta deserve it.) To be a superhero, you do not need superpwers. You simply need to focus on the needs of others... relentlessly. CREATED BY BRUCE KASANOFF KASANOFF.COM ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BLUE BEETLE BY CHARLES NICHOLAS