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Esp.language descriptions

  1. Language Descriptions
  2. Structural Linguistics Was founded in 1930 th By Leonardo Bloomfield
  3. In the language there must be two levels of meaning: A deep level A surface level
  4. The Type of ESP The Concept of Language Variation Register Analysis
  5. Functions Notions Concerned with social behaviour and represent the intention of the speaker or writer. Reflect the way in which the other man thinks Functional/Notional Grammar
  6. The student of German The gender/case endings of articles, nouns and adjectives. The learner of English The spelling, the simple/continious tense distinction or the countable/uncountable distinction.
  7. Text-diagramming type of exercise Example: Generalizing and Exemplifying
  8. properties … against the material properties Figure 8: Text-diagramming When suitable Materials are available… Complete the following table to summarize the paragraph
  9. The approach establishes patterns, but does not account for how these patterns create meaning