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Hots v09(june)

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higher order thinking skills

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Hots v09(june)

  1. 1. EJUNE 135 I www. iihink. org. my I I L . * MI x . I é* I F r rima; LKK'. r r . T . T . '| . 'I . '| . 'I . T 7 . T . 'I * V _F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_T F F F F F F `_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_I ”r 5:: I I - I kq y. II. . . ..I. .. HFFF FFF . .I. . . IILl _ T T» 4 , II ` _F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_I" F F F F F F `_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_ z' E LAPORAN KHAs INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS THOUGHTS 13 MENJANA PEMIKIRAN KREATIF CONTEST MAIN 22 MIND
  2. 2. O2 Ol; O6 1O 12 16 18 1? 2O 21 22 Hot & Happening Peneka k kemahiglIImiIiIayIiIgl dan berfikir aras tinggi Orchestrating Change Intemaiional Baccalaureate in i Public Schools Galeri Menjana Pemikiran Kreatif Pe II U MaIRINIIIITUaIaIIIIIAIIIIrIIaINI Peraduan HUTS Jawa an Main inII Anda Main Mind 1 SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB RM? ?? BOLEII DIMENANGI lIlhlllllllif-. udll . mlm ”IH HOTS@innuvation. my "i , ”~`-”“°. *:'! 'f. . -L-u. ; . %-IJ. _5F'_ ; y I Z E 'I A llgzslalllslgzittlgit, PnSIiIiitihI m Apa khabar i-THlNkersi, capkan tahniah di atas penggabungan Pelaiaran dan Kementerian Pengaiian Tinggi laraskan dasar-dasar untuk meniadikan sistem pendidikan negara agar setanding dengan piawaian antarabangsa apabila Malaysia meniadi sebuah negara maiu pada tahun 2020, Pendidikan yang digabungkan akan meniadi terbesar dengan tenaga kena yang lebih g. komitmen dan mbantu dalam Pendidikan HOTS mengu kementerian yang bertuiuan un kementerian kementerian daripada setengah iuta oran usaha-usaha kakitangan akan me pelaksanaan Pelan Induk Pembangunan Malaysia 2013~2025 bahawa penyusunan semula kementerian h futuristik untuk memastikan embangunan pendidikan untuk didikan negara HoTs percaya tersebut adala kesinambungan p mencapai matlamat pen Pasukan I~THINK iuga berpeluang mengalami pelaksanaan International Baccalaureate di dua buah sekolah rintis dan telah ke singapura untuk mendalami latihan dalam talian untuk gulwguru kedua~dua perkara ini merupakan petanda yang baik bagi sistem pendidikan kebangsaan, ibu bapa dan pelaiar nan baru ini yang akan gara kita ke tahap yang para pendidik, alukan pembangu pendidikan ne kami berharap akan mengalu- membantu sistem baharu elaianpelaiar dan guru-guru akan dalam peraduan yang disiarkan tuk memenangi hadiah yang kami juga berharap p mengambil bahagian dalam isu HOTS ini un ditawarkan, HOTS iuga ingin mendengar pendapat pelaiar-pelaiar, guvwgum dan ibu bapa dan anda digalakkan untuk menghantar semua pertanyaan, video klip, testimoni atau pengalaman dan sumbangan lain kepada www tacepookcom/ ithinkschools atau www twitter com/ ithinkschools Terima kasihi V Happy i-THlNkingi HOTS MESSAGE Hello i-THlNkersl fthe Ministry of l-loTs congratulates the merger o her Education which Education and the Ministry of Hig is aimed at streamlinirig policies to make the national education system to be on par with international standards when Malaysia becomes a developed nation in 2020 will be the biggest e than half a million itmerit and efforts would help in f the Malaysia Education BIuepvln( The merged Education Ministry ministry with a wor people and its comm the implementation o 2013-2025. HoTs believes that the restructuring of the Ministry is futuristic in ensuring continuity of educational development and attaining the nation's education obiectives m also had the opportunity of mentation ot International ot schools and traveled to rience on online well for the The i-THlNk tea experiencing the imple Baccalaureate in two pil singapore to gain tirst~hand expe training for teachers, both of which augur national education system parents and students would eagerly e new development and embrace ew heights. We hope educators, look forward to thes them to spiral our nation to n we also hope students and teachers will participate in the cdmpetitions that are published in this issue of HOTS to win the prizes that are offered HDTS would also like to hear the opinion of students, ts so after reading this issue. please teachers and paren send all induiries, video clips, testimonials or experiences and other contributions to k com/ ithinkschools or www. faceboo www. twittencom/ lthinkschools.
  3. 3. 2 HUT& HAPPENING 2 Singing in Space A video cf the canadian astronaut Chris liadfiald singing navid Eowie's . P "space oddity from the International space station (ISS) has zipped around the internet at light speed. Hadfield, the ñrst Canadian to walk in space, was described as "perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth" after building a oonsldelable audience on social media. including over a million Twitter followers and close to 300,000 followers on Facebook During his free time on the Iss, he recorded music for ari album with the first song recorded in space. Jewel in the Night, which was released via vounibe on christmas Eve 2012, on i2 Mary 2013, after handing over command of the lss. but before returning home. Hadfield released a music video recordm on the iss of a modified rendition of "Space Oddlty' by David Bowie. Th video has had over |5 m on views on vouTube. The five-minute clip features Hadñeld singing and strumming an acoustic guitar while floating in a space module. sookm above the Earth. Who is guarding the penguins A strugnling population nf Australia: little biu* panguins has gotten a break ve a thank to ilytra edduarrir s it is a bit of good n vr. in a vrerld that WE SPECIES [r: extlnctlnn . al a high rata The united Marinir» viarns that Earth`< environmental sy bushel: toi afd their hlol the dtmoauhellt ozone warming o eans and mass &AUHCIIO sat _n yaa 2 ago, the situation iiiias bIc k for lirtlc hiun DCVVEIllifiS. ivith Oniy four breeding pair; remaininri i a specific rnlony on Australia's Vrnllrljlmbooi s Middle ls in 2009 r searchars introduced tvio sp lly trained vlaren (Ilailan breedi nite dogs to Ihroteit( lha drvindling penguin: The guard tlegs have h Defcenf ff ctirre and recent rapi indic e there are now more than _oo breeding pairs cn the lcialid Because Hadñelds vocais and guitar ware recorded ori the space station (and mixed with supporting tracks by Emm oryrier, a cariadiari musiciari who once sang backup for Bovine). some observers are calling it the iirst music video made In space. lt was a true honour to play a part in our presentation and I will do everything l can as we head towards Buenos Aires to nelp our campaign, " she added. Nicol David's Olympic Dreams The hard work of Malaysian squash icon Datuk Nlcol David to get the game into the Olympic Games has paid off squash, together with baseball and wrestling, has been shortlisted to be included at the 2020 "I said to the (IOC) Executive Games Board that the one big regret in rny career is that l have A final decision on which sport WIII be never had the chance to awarded the one spot available will be compare in the OIymplc made when the international Olympic Games, but I would happily Commlttee`s full membership meets at trade all my seven world Buenos Aires on sept lo, this year ririae rm the chance or Olympic gold iong~held ambition to ioin the OIYVUDIC Game Malayslas SEVEUTIIWE wDfId Ehamulcn NlccI David said The sport has tried to make itself more attractive to the IOC, using ailrgiass courts, video review systems and a white oali to help make it more spectatorr friendly squash narrowly failed to make the olympic Games in London (2012) and "Hopefuliy that showed Rio dc Janeiro (2016) what comoeting in the . Golf and rugby r: Games means to me sevens WIII make s their debut in Rio " “This is a great day for squash as it takes us one step closer to realising our Venue: waterfront Precinctz Putraiaya opening Ilours: Monday to Thursday Bem ro lopm Friday to sunday sam to midnight FLOPIA, Putfalayd FIowef e. Garden Festlvai is set to stir up a storm once again over e days from June 22 to June 30 The annual flower show is now an iconic event for Putraiaya a being its biggest event thus far with more than a million visitors recorded at last years event that featured is international oarticioants and more than 100,000 bougainviilea plants of varied species and cultivar showcased in 32 landscaped garden plots, This year, the ever popular orchid makes a comeback at FLORIA 2013 themed "Orchid e Tropical - Treasure"
  4. 4. Program IVTHINK telah mula diperkenalkan mulai Januari 2pl2 dan guru-guru lebih banyak berfungsi sebagai rasilitator dan pembeiaiaran kolaboratif sentiasa diialankan. Pihak sekolah turut memberikan taklimat kepada ibu bapa tentang konsep l-THINK dan mereka menunlukkan sokongan yang positif. satu aspek penting iaiah pembudayaan i-TpllNk di kalangan warga sekolah di dalam kelas dan luar kelas serta komuniti sekeliling. pembudayaan di dalam kelas dapat dicapai dengan menerapkan aktiyiti dalam kumnulani Derbiricangan, main peranan, pembentangan, pameran hasii keria murid dan sebagainya Manakala aklivltl dl luar kelas ialah meiaiui kuiz, pertandingan. aktiviti kokurikulum. pameran hasil kena dan sebagainya pagi komuniti sekeliling. ia dicapai melalui edaran risalah- risalan. kain rentang dan sebagainya sk kiaramas turut mengambil inisiatif mewuiudkan blog iaitu ii. HQIS yang memaparkan Delaksanaan ieTi-iiNK di sekolah ini. Namun apa yang paling penting ialah aplikasi i~THlNK dalam pengaiaran dan pembelaiaran di dalam kelas untuk itu pihak pentadbir sekolah dan Pasukan pemandu sentiasa bekerlasama dalam pemantauan pengalaran guru-guru di dalam kelas secara berkala. selain itu. bimbingan dalam bentuk kursus dalaman turut diadakan euruaguru luga boleh meruluk kepada pasukan pemandu apabila mereka mempunyai kemusykiian. 4 nun-«5:Es{i14?“R 7$-T*' Lawatan secara berkala turut diadakan oleh Agensi inovasi Malaysia (AIM) dan Kementerian pelajaran demi memantapkan pelaksanaannya pihak sekolah turut menerima lawatan daripada sekolah-sekolah berdekatan yang ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanlut pelaksanaan i-il-llNk dan mempelajari aiat berflkir yang digunakan, Kalian status Pencapaian i-Tl-llNk yang telah diiaiankan bleh para penyelidik dari institut pengalian sains sosial UpM pada ie Jun 2oi2 menunlukkan penemuan yang positif terutamanya kebaikannya dalarn meningkatkan kemahiran beriikir dan kreativiti murid. Namun ia masih memerlukan beberapa penambahbaikan seperti dalam aspek guru, kemudahan dan pasukan pemandu. ia amat berguna sebagai satu panduan ke arah i-THlNK yang lebih mantap dan efektif Dalam tempoh setahun pelaksanaannya, ia turut merubah persekitaran sekolah yang dihiasi dengan kain rentang, bunting, rnural dan contoh- contoh peta pemikiran yang dihasilkan oieh murid sebagai tanda penghargaan. pasukan pemandu dari beberapa guru sk kiaramas turut terlibat sebagai panel dalam pembinaan modul ? THINK di bawah kelolaan aahagian pembangunan kurikulum. ia telah berlangsung beberapa peringkat dalam bulan Mei, Jun dan kemuncaknya ialah pada A hingga 7 September 20|2 Modul lnl Ialah sebagai panduan bagi guru-guru seluruh Malaysia tentang program l-THINK dari pelaksanaannya. Manakala di peringkat sekolah, para Quru telah bekeriasama menghasilkan rnodui leTHiNK bagi mata peialaran
  5. 5. Mund- murid berpeluang menjawab soalan kuiz Soalan Aras Tinggi dan mengemukakan soalan di papan kenyataan l wonder atau saya ingin Tahu sekolah turut menerima lawatan dari Pengasas Peta Pemikiran iaitu Dr David Hyerle pada 4 Februari 2013. Kedatangan beliau telan memberikan suntikan inspirasi bagi warga sekolan untuk meningkatkan minat belajar murid dan menjana pemikiran aras tinggi. Lanjutan dari lawatan ini, SK kiaramas dan kesemua sekolah rintis yang lain telah dikenali sebagai sekolah Showcase iaTi-ilNk. selain itu. sekolah turut menerima beberapa siri lawatan oleh sekolah-sekolah lain. teras termasuk Pendidikan Agama islam Modul ini adalah sebagai Panduan bagi guru untuk digunakan dalam proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran dalam sesi 2013. la turut menerapkan kemahiran penyoalan aras tinggi bagi setiap topik sk kiaramas juga telan terlibat dalam rakaman video pembelajaran Bahasa lnggeris berasaskan iaTi-iiNk bagi murid tahun 2 pada 3a Oktober 2ol2 pada bulan Nauember 2pl2, Pasukan Pemandu 5k kiaramas turut terlibat , ` emi. .. "W di dalam Kursus Pasukan Pemandu : g_-_ ' l-THINK bagi |7 buan sekolah-sekolah M, ... .T“. _,_MA_V_ di kuala Lumpur Pelaksanaan j-THINK di SK kiaramas mengcrak langkah memasuki tanun kedua pada tanun 2013. Pelan tindakan pelaksanaan i-THlNk dijalankan dengan meningkatkan potensi zolz dan mengatasi kelemahan lalu. Pelaksanaan pada tanun 2013 iuaa memberikan Denekanan kepada kemahiran menyoal dan berrikir aras tinggi di kalangan guru dan murid 3975 Pada bulan Mac. Pasukan Pemandu l telah diberikan pendedahan kepada satu lagi program iaitu Habits of Mind. la adalah fasa kedua dalam pelaksanaan program i~THlNk seterusnya para guru sk kiaramas keseluruhannya telah mengikuti kursus dalaman Habits of Mind. Mereka pula ki: akan menerapkan amalan berfikir ini ` di kalangan murid. f l Pada tahun InI, Pasukan Pemandu sentiasa terlibat dalam memberikan kursus dalaman Peta Pemikiran dan konsep l-THINK kepada . ..'fz beberapa buan sekolah di kuala Lumpur. * Mereka juga terlibat dalam Mesyuarat Penambahbalkan Bahan kursus Pasukan Pemandu l-THlNK. Dari semasa ke semasa, pemantauan pengajaran guru berasaskan i~THINK turut dijalankan untuk memastikan kelestarian program ini. Kelasrkelas yang memaparkan hasil kerja murid yang kreatii turut diberikan Genshargaan. kesimpulannya, walaupun ia telan dijalankan hampir dua tahun, pelbagai lagi Inisiatif perlu dilaksanakan untuk memastikan keberkesanan dan kesinambungan program l-THINK ini la iuga memerlukan komitmen yang tinggi daripada kesemua warga sekolan demi kebaikan anak-anak didik.
  6. 6. i " l, Overseas Operations ofT HlIlHI? l w Nick Symes is a musician who enjoys playing the piano. From a very young a e his amhitlon was to become a teacher. and ln the mi st of Introducing music to young people and organising orchestras, he pursuecl his aliihition and eventuall spent2 years in the teachlngrrofesslon ln- ` cluding 1 years as on _Heaêdtloaciieyht he Dtiirectfrulg ln ln c oo s ema ona, spoke to HUTS about the neeg to revolutionise teaching. necessary knowledge to the students effectively Unlike most other subiects A( the age of is when working on a Arter nearly three decades of music proiect with fellow students and teachlnêi Symes voice uses several teachers, Nick syrries made up his notches and he speaks animatedly when teaching music, you can detect mind that he wanted to become a about the topic of teaching - an immediately ir the students are teacher. Formal music lessons and indication of the passion he feels for absorbing it because it emerges from going to Music college only made him his vocatiori. their response. so from the outset I more determined to pursue his worked with a large group of teachers ambltion. "When l started teaching, I found that iri the arts, drama and music l had to improvise my methods to departments to establish the right ensure that l transferred the pedagogyi" he said M hers He said the rigorous demands of schools to produce achievers has been made more systematic with the introduction of the Thinking schools concept and added that he was proud to be part of the change "With the Thinking Schools concept and in the case of Malaysia - the l-THiNK programme - there is a change in the culture of teaching. which has shown remarkable lmpwvements, " he said symes visited Malaysia in September 20|O, as part of a team from the uk, to undertake a needs analysis of public schools and visited is schools around the country. He observed that classroom activities were teacherrcentric, with passive students and very little group~work among them He said in his subseouent visits to Malaysia. he discovered that the lo pilot schools under the programme have "each taken their own journey" and there is a much more "thinking classroom" approach among them "Although the process of change is rather new. the effectiveness is rather remarkable. There is a lot of enthusiasm and passion among the Malaysian teachers and trieY seemed to be committed to doing it right from the very start, " he said He said pedagogy is an evolving one with Thinking Maps and Habits of Mind being tools that help in building blocks to bring about "thinking schools" He said as educationists become more adept at change they would seek more ways to improve teaching methods and the sky is the limit when it comes to producing all rounded students who will achieve more in schools and universities and become the nations future leaders
  7. 7. International Baccalaureote in it? ? Public schools The Ministry oi Education and Agensi inovasi Malaysia are collaporating on a pilot proiect to implement the international Batcalaureate Middle years Programme (lB MVP) in io schools The lO schools are - sMK Sg Tapang, Kuching. sarawak - sMK Pantai. Labuan, sabah - Kolel Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Perak - Kolei Tunku Kurshiah, Negeri Sembilan ~ SMK Putraiaya Prcsint 9 (2), Putraiaya ~ sMK sultanah Bahiyah. Alor setar, Kedah ~ SM sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, Kota sharu, Kelantan ~ SMK seri Tualang, Temerloh, Pahano ~ sMK Datu' sheikh Ahmad, Arau, Perlis « sMKA sheikh Abd Malek, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu The international Baccalauieaie is a conceutsbased method of teaching and learning established since lgas and is a compilation of bcst practice and research over the last 44 years The lB is designed tor students aged three to l9 rocusing on the total growth or the developing child, touching hearts as weii as minds and encomuasslng social, physical ernotionai and cultural needs in addition to academic development 12 The lB draws on research and best practices irom a range oi national systems, developed by teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools to create a relevant, engaging challenging and significant educational framework for all children The lB MVP is specially designed for children in their secondary schooling a at a time when they need to develop exceptional learning habits. selrconiidence and a thorough understanding or their academic subiects students follow courses in the eight sublecc groups of Language A (English or mother tongue), Language B (a learnt language or English as an Additional Language) Mathematics, sciences: Humanities (History, Geographyi Economics, Global issues): Technology (information, Design), the Arts (visual Art, Music and Drama) and Physical Education, These subiects are then organised in the curriculum through five areas oi interaction, (l) Approach» to Learning: ATL `ls concerned with “learning how to learn. " developing good study habits as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills Students learn how to identity and best use their own learning styles lt is designed to give students the tools and conridence they need to he life-long iearners, Features of ATL include the use oi a homework agenda, developing a learning disnosition, rerlecting and completing selt-evaluations. (ii) Health and social Education: HSE concentrates on respect for body and mind and helps students learn to make informed choices about their own lives (iii) community and Suvica: All students in Grades s to lo are required to participate in cs. which helps students develop a sense of belonging and responsibility to their community. (iv) Human lngenulty: Hl focuses on the changes human creative genius has brought to SoclelYt Learning by example. students are encourage: : to aDDreciale the creative drive to transiorm and improve life. Kuching where there are 2,000 students and 120 Environment: : teachers, was divided into Environrnents develops a sense of three groups or 40 responsibility for creating a world teachers each. fit for present and iuture generations and is closely related to the community service programme. (V) Another workshop was held rrom May ii to is at Koiei Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Perak which is a rully residential Workshops for the pilot schools will school, with so teachers and h run until February zoia. A workshop 557 students, The school from May 'lO to 16 at sMK sg Tepang, was awarded as the High Performing school in zoio al Developmtêntgfor v ci to ea in change is lkene takes new/ Strange f°°du One hing - a little of every! V . . ning with attackmg every( - stions curiosity and asking que ' neself to change 5 key progressing- The workshops are divided into "domains" and these are iormaliseci as the zlst century learner and zlst century teaching, approaches to teaching and learning in the 2ist century, planning effective teaching, assessing student learning and developing teaching Professla" 13
  8. 8. LAPORAN KHAS Feedback from the two workshops have shown that teachers showed a positive approach to the workshop and there was a good level of participation. They were engaged and willing to learn Teachers who are proficient in English find it easier to grasp the core concepts of the module delivered There is insufficient “wait time" as the workshop is intensive ih nature with lots of thinking and activity to meet the learning oblecllves. However, participants assisted each other, which was helpful Since IB is a mindset shirt, it requires longer period of time and genuine acceptance of the framework and with constant discussions with the management of schools, the understanding of the scope of the protect will be further improved within each domain are the core Conceptual understanding that explore predicted changes needed in education and teaching to meet them; these will ultirnately lead the teachers to the outcomes which are the guiding duestions for rerleotion The training heoins by getting suggestions from the teachers on how they would like the sessions to be run. lt involves active participation and cooperation/ cellaboration among participants, knowing when to take notes and when to listen, keeping a workshop lournal active until 2015. keeping dlscipline and having open minds and to ask e if they have doubts Finally there needs to be more assistance for some teachers to become familiar with the online Learnlng Environment since they are required to further enhance their understanding of the modules delivered at the workshop via an online learning platform steps are oeing taken to offer this assistance since la provides a framework of learning which encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers with ernphasis ori intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional sublects and to the * real world, it is bound to be a oooh for Malaysian students during their formative years
  9. 9. E Wilmar I nie II amien steering s - Group Maafin& _ ; a a , m. r in. , M M _ - (to . ..ggzrmna-a caramel? , "r" m' di Komnhks sanga, .. snkan Paron m Seremndnr "E93" sembw" _ luhlsll Trivadi, Nov, .Inner 'Qi mm leh: Aim Zayyanl, Llnnal Jackson, Mark laxurla, story Mooney, nr union Mohd Garcia, lsvwxhana Ismail a. Jacalyn Tan. T; '
  10. 10. KeuDayaan berflklr yang dapat meiahlrkan Keuuayaan berflklr secara krltlkai dan mem mengemukakan cadangan uenveiesêla" Keupayaan berflklr secara knttkal yang da para pendldlk berpendauat bahawa kreatlvltl dan lncvasl tldak boleh drarar tetapr ia boleh dlterap secara ndak langsung meiaiul aktlvltl pengajaran clan pernbelararan yang dllakukan secara terancang Program r-THlNk adalan salan satu cara untuk menetap kreatlvltl dan lnovasl dl kalangan murld-murld meiaiul Dendekatan penqalaran yang berpusat kepada murld (student centrlc) Guruguru dlkehendakl sentlasa mencabar keupayaan berrrkrr murld dengan menggunakan Delbagal tekmk mengajar dan alat bantu mengelar yang menank mlnat muna usaha untuk mempelbagatkan aktlvltl pembelararan sepertl kulz, forum, syarahan, bahas, membuat protek, kena berkumpulan dan tugasan luar brlrk aanan sangat dlgalakkan Aktlvltl tersebut akan menggalakkan murld berfikir, berbincang membuat rulukan, menyedlakan nata dan mengnasrlkan tugasan tersebut lm akan menggalakkan percambanan ldea dan aapatan baharu yang meilbatkan unsur-unsur kreatlvltl dan lncva<l ar kalangan murld Ahh Falsafah Perancls Rene Descartes menyatakan, "Aku berflklr, maka aku wulud" (I thlnk, therefore l am) yang menunlukkan manusla aan bemrkrran tldak boleh drplsahkan Pemlklran lalan proses menggunakan mlnda untuk mencari makna dan bemanarnan terhadap sesuatu. menerokal pelbagar kemungklnan ldea atau ciptaan dan membuat bertrmbanaan yang warar, bagi membuat keputusan dan menyeiesalkan masalah dan seterusnya membuat reneksr dan rnetakoanrsr terhadap brases yang dlaiaml. ldea baru yang untk dan menank buat penrlatan secara analrtrkal ternadaD ldea d an seterusnya t k l kasl pat mentenemahkan idea dan tecrl kepada ben u apl sesungguhnya murld yang kreatrr dan lnoyatrf akan rnenrach seorang yang sentlasa bernkrr, mgln menCiDtEr bercltaeclta besar. berani dan Yakln kepada dln sendlrl lnrlan clrrctrl murld yang perlu klta lahrrkan bagr mengnadapl cabaran masa depan terutama dalam memasukl era 2020 Gurlkêum memalnkan peranan Dentlng sebagal penyampar pimu. Mereka perlulan memlllkl kemahlran tlnggl baa. melakukan transformasl dalam mamana mlnda murld agar memaar lebrh drnamlk keupayaan memperblem kemanrran sedemlklan akan m menladlkan guru berada ( _. c ursanlung oleh murldnya. ' Kualltl guru seaemrkran akan membolehkan muridnya lam sepertl bernkrr aras ( tlnggl, menyelesarkan ( masalan, berkomunlkasl dan l ar tanap tertlnggl dan akan A menguasal peibagal kemahlran I berkalabarasr dengan balk Dalam ISU HOTS Jllld 9 lnl. kami menjemput guru-guru untuk menghantar satu artikel tidak meleblhi 500 patah perkataaan mengenai satu projek sekolah yang boleh memberi manfaat kepada masyarakat. Artlkel lni perintah mellbatkan butiran projek, kos dan bagaimana ia akan memberl manfaat kepada masyarakat. Guru yang menyumbangkan Idea projek terbalk berpeluang untuk memenangi lpad Mlni. Semua penyertaan boleh dihantar ke HOTS@innovation. my dan dan sila sertakan nama penuh. nombor kad pengenalan, V nama sekolah dan nama guru besar/ pengetua (untuk pengesahan). Hikmal lfltllu Iillllflñelllllzgt m. . urdilmalhrdkn' ll sumatra-alternate Lee Vui i'm& Yusni Noi, Meet Mieza Petronella Albeg Ham lsaag Maznl shsrirl Nik Var Zuryn Ali Emi Amira liked thls DOWN» I seuatdbggum zmrl. .p. tt~»-t'ku| iñ 'AVH/ .EQZQJLP - -Jw-, IE-akrtlnnr-*IKVQIE* r “W15- r -arul-'r' han! ” wr h, ” ara. 'mr . mr gamma? . . apa makam/ m , sabun Ianne U
  11. 11. 4 llllllllv-"ll l Murid~murid berpeluang untuk memenangl sebuah Samsung Galaxy Tab dalam peraduan lnl. Hantarkan jawapan dan maklumbalas ke HOTS@innol/ ation. my Slla lengkapkan Peta Allr yang membawa kepada jawapan . c soalan-soalan yang dlberlkan dl bawah, Pelelar alkenendakl menghantar _ _Than jawapan yang betul bagi Soalan l dan 2 ke HOTSlfwli/ lnovatlorlmy bagl mendapatkan *kami Soalan 3 setlap lawapan yang betul akan dlbalas dengan soalan susulan senlngga Peta Allr selesal. Pelajar yang melengkapkan Peta Alir perlu menulls slogan tidak melebihl 30 patah perkataan mengenal pendapat anda tentang program l~TH| NK. Soalan l Kaml adalah adlk-beradlk kembav yang tunggal dl Kampung Durlan Rumah? slapakah kamP Soalan 2 slrl televlsyen kaml mendapac hadlah Anlmasl lerbalk dalam tahun 2007 SLOGAN mlls slogan ndak meleblnl 30 pelan Devkataan mengenal l l pendanat anda tentang program THINK 1 `| l|| l|{l| l[Ill'll: ll* I Sila berikan butiran lengkap pelajar seperti nama panah. nama sekolah dan &ll v kelas/ tingkatan ke alamat email yang tertera seperti d! alas- llhn : lu lmnlnnnl mn
  12. 12. MAIN MIND Illl-. lillnlle! iinllnltlwllllllvilnlille: :lullllllllqlillillm* tlIE-'t'l'l= ll"1l| .i! lll= l~*lñllllt= UII]llHIiliiHlIliilIllilflnlhlil'iii-titilili: lliihllllitllli'l'lllllnlljhlimiillllllllllillllla. HIhlEll~ eiltcllzllIlllllllIIlulllilllllellglenlllihll, .ikliml: dzliltlhlllllllnlxlilzllllllllll= lllliluffblllhllhlll 'nllulilallllavlñllllllallrllil lhllnlllihlilalllallhlluIllllilitanlalllallnlluruellllnlllrmllnlrlllltlhltiltlt; O $oalen 2: sgala” 'I g Dinosaur apakah yang terbesar pernah hidup °""#= '~=3'= '«“3i= ==? "° MW* I °"' °°°m° I Do diumonds shine by ZCSZTIIWnW. .. .$13 treatments: * themselves orrefrodlishi? the three pairs of letters to muke a six-IMMI' Pleqsg explain your qnswgr, word which means u long essay involving ; corsonql research, written by a candidate r a university degree? @y: Rust: meet 'NNER Jika seseorang memiliki CAPE; SAYS; 0K sebidang tonoh, berupa iouh LAND; SUED; MAIL di bawah tanah adalah hak &Galah 5 2 miliknya? Bagaimana pulo pangsa dan kondominium, °h"dh°°d memwy? EQQQQQl "'°'°"°'°"°"`°"'"“"'”"'°" w"? ""°""'°"i°“ adakah mereka hanya memiliki WM" "mka i' s° simda? ruang di udara? sila ieloskun. Sila llantarkan sebarang komen dan jawapan anda ke HOTS@innovation. my. rlellleliiorti: :: lol sa: ;Lela. HIInl-xvnleflnhlhvpfhnletlñh Billllcfllllgl lg, ,lali-jill Iñltelolltnlt 'uj GKIOICHQuToxqm-_utp-A, nelmnpron r Perle: v-raoxugxilsl mmm Qurani' HI: llñllmlnlntnmtltomnnw *r to) r's; :ancur Lsxvxsll a, el-, nll Hlallr-tl-n-*HmnlllunMle 131' *HHCXK4K1HJ 31