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UX and Social Media - The Crossover Between the Two

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During Social Media week in Bristol our Social Media Strategist held a workshop that explored how social and UX research used together provides powerful insight.

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UX and Social Media - The Crossover Between the Two

  1. 1. This deck was presented at the Nomensa #SMWiBristol workshop. These post it notes are here to give context to the discussions that took place.
  2. 2. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Social & UX Why you need to understand the crossover
  3. 3. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Introductions Innovation Influence & motivation Customer lifecycle framework Customer journey mapping Pizza & beer What we’re going to talk about today Hello Peter Kay
 Social Media Strategist
  4. 4. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Introductions
  5. 5. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. @NotFromBolton With a name like Peter Kay, claiming your identity on the social web can be a little tricky. So I got creative
  6. 6. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Before getting into business I was an ITU nurse for 10 years. There are many parallels between that world and this. Both deal with people and both environments produce data.
  7. 7. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Douglas Adams Douglas Adams is famously quoted as saying “anything invented between when you’re 15-35 is new and exciting and you can probably get a career in it..
  8. 8. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Who are you? Let’s be social
  9. 9. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Let’s begin
  10. 10. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Society has been around for a long time. It has grown out of our need to work together to survive.
  11. 11. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Social growth has seen the development of economies that drive innovation.
  12. 12. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pebble-third-wave-digital-revolution-peter-fisk Kondratiev waves Innovation happens in waves that are referred to as Kondratiev waves.
  13. 13. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Innovation 1875 1845 1900 1990 20201950 1st wave 2nd wave 3rd wave 4th wave 5th wave We are currently in what is considered the 5th wave of innovation.
  14. 14. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. In groups arrange the cards in chronological order. Breakout To break the ice and get everyone to begin working together, we spent time looking at a range of digital technologies and arranged them in chronological order.
  15. 15. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Digital is everywhere Digital is everywhere, which is creating and exponential growth in the amount of interfaces that are out there. UX is everywhere.
  16. 16. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. With an exponential growth of devices we are all making digital footprints in the sand.
  17. 17. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. We are making a digital mirror the world around us. (this is what 0.5B checkins look like on foursquare)
  18. 18. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Value Competitive Position The experience economy We live in an experience economy. The better the experience the greater the value. Good UX design builds commercial value into digital experiences.
  19. 19. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Customer lifecycle framework Acquisition Onboarding Retention At Nomensa we consider the customer lifecycle in these three interrelated phases.
  20. 20. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Listen - Learn - Respond This is our social media monitoring model that supports the discovery of insights.
  21. 21. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Influence & Motivation
  22. 22. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Experience UX and Social are both focused on delivering exceptional experiences, although we are coming at it from different perspectives. UX SOCIAL
  23. 23. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Experience Bringing these two perspectives together provides better insights, insights that support better design. SOCIAL influence UX motivation
  24. 24. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. I want to… In social, fundamentally we are really interested in what influences you when you are sat in front of this screen.
  25. 25. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Who Influences you? Consider the people in and around your life and the types of relationships you have with them. Note them down on a post-it note and rank 1-5 them on how influential they are to you. 1 is not very influential, 5 is very influential. Breakout
  26. 26. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Paul Adams writes a great book about social media influence called Grouped. It describes influence as being relative to the strength of tie you have with the other party. The stronger it is the more the influence is exerted.
  27. 27. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. What motivates you? Consider walking to work every day. How does that differ to going for a walk in Leigh Woods at the weekend? What is different? Breakout
  28. 28. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Goal Activity Activity ActivityActivity Activity Goal Goal Goal Goal TELIC PARATELICWalking to work = Telic Walking for pleasure = Paratelic
  29. 29. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. https://youtu.be/SByymar3bds escalator= Telic steps = Paratelic
  30. 30. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Ability Motivation Hard to do Easy to do High
 motivation Low
 motivation Shopping Online Amazon one click Fixing a router Paying bill online This is the BJ Fogg B=MAT behavioural model.
  31. 31. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Customer Lifecycle Framework
  32. 32. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Customer lifecycle framework Acquisition Onboarding Retention
  33. 33. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Journey mapping This is a technique used to understand the multiple contacts users have with a brands digital estate as they traverse an interaction.
  34. 34. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd.
  35. 35. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Build a journey map that considers the customer lifecycle framework. Choose one of the following scenarios and create a journey map that considers both influence and motivation and how that changes along the way. Give some thought to the observations customers would create and distribute through the social web. Digital comments and behavioural tells that can support the development of a better experience. Breakout
  36. 36. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. •Enrolling for a university degree course •Switching broadband provider •Buying pair of trainers or shoes •Booking a holiday •Buying a washing machine Breakout This was all about looking for the many points UX and social meet in customer journeys.
  37. 37. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. Just to finish… Summarising the session, social data is everywhere. UX is everywhere. They cross over at many points. Understanding where and how supports the delivery of better designs.
  38. 38. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd. @NotFromBolton social@nomensa.com www.nomensa.com @we_are_Nomensa We are always happy to help with UX design or social media strategy Thanks Peter Kay
 Social Media Strategist
  39. 39. © Copyright 2016 Nomensa Ltd.