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Designing for Good - Ruby Steel | Interact London 2017

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As designers we have the opportunity to make experiences better for people and personally I find there is no greater reward than using these skills to make better experiences for those who’s circumstance denies them things most take for granted.

I would like to tell you the story of the Mycarematters Design Collective and what can be achieved when passionate, like-minded designers come together. Mycarematters, founded by Zoe Harris, is a free online service where you can upload info healthcare professionals need to provide person-centred care.

The Design Collective was founded earlier this year, we are a group of designers that work along side this wonderful enterprise to support with design experience.


As Senior Design Strategist at Smart Design, Ruby is committed to making people’s lives better through the power of design. She works across a variety of industries, with an emphasis on healthcare.

At 17 Ruby met someone living with HIV and was deeply affected by the lack of empathy they received from others. That day Ruby decided she would help people isolated by circumstance. Ruby later graduated from Kingston University and then went on to gain a Master’s degree in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London. Today, with more than eight years experience of designing products, services and experiences, she has remained true to her 17-year-old self.

Ruby has been awarded two Helen Hamlyn Design Awards for Creativity and Inclusive Design, and received honourable mentions from Core77 and the RSA for design solutions combating issues such as social isolation in older people.

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Designing for Good - Ruby Steel | Interact London 2017

  1. 1. Proprietary andconfidential 1 Designing for Good Interact London
  2. 2. Who is Smart Design?
  3. 3. Powered by passion and purpose. We are a strategic design company that helps people live better and work smarter.
  4. 4. Designing for Humans 4SmartDesign
  5. 5. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential
  6. 6. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential Who am I?
  7. 7. Document title 11
  8. 8. I want to talk about designing for good
  9. 9. SimPrints
  10. 10. people in the developing world lack formal I.D. to access healthcare 2bn Challenge Simprints have developed a biometric scanner that empowers community healthcare workers. We helped to design a seamless experience that ensures every medical interaction is a meaningful one.
  11. 11. Solution By identifying a variety of “hero moments” in the patient journey, we designed the ideal experience around an I.D. scanner and mobile app.
  12. 12. We utilized the power of design to ultimately help save lives
  13. 13. Collaboration and leveraging knowledge was key to ensure the best possible experience
  14. 14. Our working prototypes consider the needs of both medics andpatients
  15. 15. Additional experiences 50k Will impact Ambition of scaling to people in healthcare alone people Currently piloting 22.6m “ Smart has been absolutely fundamental in not only improving our users' experience, but also in completely changing our mindset as a company. Alexandra Grigore, Simprints Founder Results Through the power of design Simprints can now extend their reach beyond healthcare
  16. 16. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential Mycarematters
  17. 17. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential
  18. 18. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential
  19. 19. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential
  20. 20. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential The Design Collective
  21. 21. United by purpose. We are a group of volunteer designers that meet to offer design services to worthy partners.
  22. 22. Claire Langer Strategy Designer. Service Designer.
  23. 23. Liam Dargan Designer, with a focus on social impact and community.
  24. 24. Stacie Woolsey Interaction designer with a focus on science and technology
  25. 25. Daisy Handley Visual Designer. Conceptual thinker. Story-teller.
  26. 26. Charley Pothecary Service Designer with Graphic Design background.
  27. 27. Advisors Alex Bone Creative Director at Mettle Studio Pete Trainor Founder of US AI
  28. 28. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential What are we trying to do?
  29. 29. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential We want more people to have a mycarematters record when they enter a hospital
  30. 30. SmartDesign Proprietary andconfidential
  31. 31. Document title 4 0 Tapping into a negative mindset is difficult “You don’t want to think about that eventuality…it’s kind of like not thinking about being hit by a bus…you know it COULD happen but you have to imagine your life assuming you won’t or else what’s the point?” Eilis, 98, London Denial of diagnosis prevents action “Noel would not like this at all, he doesn’t even like me mentioning that he has dementia to my friends” Shelia Distance from health issues “ I would never have thought of doing it in my 30s or 40s or 50s, because I think when you’re 20, 50 seems a lifetime away… I think [something bad] has to happen to you personally before you think about it” Ann, 71 Key blocks to action
  32. 32. Document title 4 1 There’s more motivation to create a record for someone else “It would be big benefit for her (mother) to have a record because I would be so anxious if she did go in – I could easily forget the small yet crucially important details” Gillian, 61, London People are more likely to create a record when they react to a personal situation “I could see my husband doing this now that he’s been in hospital himself because he’s experienced it. You’d want to encourage him soon after” Patricia, 68, Sussex Personal appearance can be a driver when people imagine needing the help ‘I have facial hair and i go once a month to a beauty place and have it remove. So when i grow old and if i have to go to a home and would still like it done, that’s the one thing i would like to know.’ Pauline Potential motivators
  33. 33. Moments likely to create a record
  34. 34. Aware Before illness Aware Point of diagnosis Aware Living with illness Create Profile at home Aware Crisis Create Profile In hospital in pen or on a tablet Online Profile created Digitise Wait Ask or advise Access Mycarematters Use Mycarematters Profile A healthcare professional will scan in a handwritten profile using tablet to create a digital version. Awareness stage Create Mycarematters profile Mycarematters in use As part of admissions procedure: do you have a Mycarematters profile? Healthcare professionals access profile online All people interacting with the patient to use the information to provide holistic and personalised care Awareness is the point at which the user is first made aware of the Mycarematters service. Update Profile Patient / family to update as required. HCPs to submit comments for approval / incorporation by patient / family.
  35. 35. Awareness
  36. 36. Creating a record
  37. 37. 56
  38. 38. 57
  39. 39. Mycarematters in use
  40. 40. How do we think it’s going?
  41. 41. What next?
  42. 42. 9 million people live with dementiain Europe today
  43. 43. Thank you November 9, 2017 6 7 @smartdesign @mycarematters #MycaremattersDesignCollective